Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- I bounced around a little this weekend between characters.

- No specific focus like the last week had where I spent it all on almost one character.

- Finally bought another 100 through the tanaan entrance.

- Would you believe I found no world boss groups during the time he was there.

- And I kept refreshing the group finder.

- Looked for groups for the big four also whenever I was in the area of one of them.

- I joined 3 groups just as the boss died, two doom and one dread.

- Missed my shot by a second.

- Insert sad face here.

- Considered going back to get blackhands arm on my priest.

- Decided, screw it.

- Still pissed off at blizzard over that.

- When you kill a mob that has a 100% chance to drop an item you should get it 100% of the time.

- Seems only logical to me.

- But logic and blizzard do not share the same universe.

- Did some soloing on my druid.

- Got nothing.

- Did some soloing on my hunter.

- Got nothing.

- Did some soloing on another hunter.

- Got nothing.

- Someone asked for a port from stormwind to the shire so I switched to my mage to help them out.

- Figured being I was in stormwind maybe I would fly over to throne of the four winds and see if doing a good deed would pay off.

- It did not.

- Of course it did not.

- Hey it was worth a shot.

- I figured maybe the gods, not old gods mind you, would shine on me for doing a good deed for my fellow adventurer,

- But I guess it was the old gods that got there first.

- Slowly they are warping my mind by making sure I never get anything.

- Then the day will come where some multi eyed thing with tentacles pops up and tells me that if I do its bidding it will grant me luck.

- It is baiting me.

- Waiting for the right time to spring the proposal on me.

- "Never ending luck in exchange for your immortal soul and servitude"

- And then I will be the end boss of the next expansion and instead of dropping a mount, I am going to steal a mount from you each time you wipe.

- Wicked evil laughs.

- I was looking forward to day of the dead because I was 4 toys away from 200.

- I only bought one costume last year because they took up bag space which meant now that they are toys I could buy the other 4.

- So while I was looking forward to getting the achievement for 200 toys I decided to see what other toys I needed.

- Still never did some of the darkmoon faire races, I can do that.

- Nah, not in the mood for frustration should I miss, next.

- Two engineering items can be made toys, I can make do them at any time, next.

- There is a toy from the horde side of the garrison campaign, I thought I had done them all.

- Oops, looked like I did not, so I pick up my garrison campaign and get my new toy totem.

- Woot, woot, that was easy, and fun.

- But low and behold, I screwed up getting a mount.

- I ran across one of those rares in frostfire that I never seen before, heck, never even heard of before.

- It started to cast dig, a really long cast.

- I interrupted it and then kept pounding away at it.

- Damn if I were on my alliance hunter it would have been dead already.

- It starts casting dig a second time.

- I try a frost trap to stop it as my counter is still on cooldown, and it catches one of the adds, not him.

- I do not have power shot, I do not have intimidation, I do not have a glyphed explosive shot.

- I might not know the fight, and I might not have known what to expect, but with such a long and deliberate cast time as dig is, it has to be something I can not let happen.

- I am blowing everything I have, even pop a potion, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%, 4...3...2...disappears.

- Son of a bitch!!!!!

- I go to wowhead and look it up, it is a rare spawn that drops a mount.

- Must be rare, I have never seen the mount before or heard of the mob before.

- And I have someone in my guild that had camped all the rares with mounts and won them all.

- And he never mentioned this one.

- I feel so stupid now.

- If I just went all out on my pull he was dead.

- But I didn't.

- If I just had one of many different talent choices I could have stopped the second casting.

- But I didn't.

- I felt so stupid afterwards.

- I had the perfect class to do that mob, did not even need good gear because hunters have awesome control.

- Well, if they choose those skills that is.

- Insert sad face here.

- I noticed while looking for toys that the darkmoon faire must have added one that you can buy since I last looked through this.

- So I got there and buy it for toy #198 and the achievement pops up for collecting 200 toys.

- Excuse me?

- Well, I do often say blizzard and math do not get along.

- I open my collections tab, it says 198, but the achievement still popped.

- Eh, either way, as soon as day of the dead opened up I would have had it.

- I then went to that mob in upper frostfire on the water with some things that look like shadowfiends, on my third character, to try and get the toy that drops from him being he is a once a day mob.

- Third time's a charm.

- 199 toys now, and that is even before day of the dead opened up.

- I then go and grab those when it does and am now sitting at 203.

- Which, based on blizzard logic, means 205, I think.

- Who knows, blizzard makes this crap up as they go along, not even numbers make sense.

- 198 gives an achievement for 200, killing a 100% drop chance boss does not give an item, you know, standard operating procedure for blizzard.

- Maybe I should turn to the old gods, at least I know they are going to tear my soul to shreds.

- It would be different to actually know what to expect for once.

- Not like I can really complain about getting an achievement before it was due.

- It had been a long time since an achievement I was not expecting popped up on me.

- Oh well, blizzard and math, what can we expect.

- Expect the unexpected.

- Have a great day.


  1. Grumpy, remember that the number shown for the toys is only the number of toys that is usable by the faction you are on. So you likely had 2 toys that were only usable by the other faction (I'm betting they are Banners), but actually count for the overall total of toys you have.

    It's kind of the reverse of the mounts tab. The mounts tab shows you the total number of mounts you have, but the achievement only triggers when you have the amount usable by the faction you are on. So, say you're after the 250 mounts achievement - the number on the mounts tabs says you have 258, but only 249 of them are usable by your Alliance characters. That means you need to find another mount that your Alliance characters can use (whether that be a faction mount or say you get lucky and get that drake from TotFW).

    I wouldn't say it necessarily a math problem for Blizzard (in this situation) but rather... a consistency issue. It would be really nice if their cumulative totals for things that trigger achievements was consistent across all category types. And... while we are at it... it would be nice if Blizzard had some sort of documentation for how things trigger, what is counted and not counted, etc. because god only knows how many GM's have had to answer tickets from users with questions about this. Sure, you have and all... but IMO, Blizzard really needs to do a better job of communicating these things to players on their official site. Don't just leave that kind of info to fan sites and user to relay to other users - that's just (dare I say it)... Lazy. :-O

    1. That makes sense but it is weird, if they do it that way they sure as hell do not do it with mounts that way. I have well over 500 combined but still do not have the achievement for 300.

      Oh wait, I think I know what it is. I have one toy I know for sure is rogue only. Maybe it is the class only toys that are not counted. I am sure I have at least one other toy that is class specific. And I know I have at least 7 horde banners because I had all the old argent ones and a few others.

      Maybe it is an addon for you that is doing that on mounts, for my it shows how many that character has. Or maybe it is an addon for me.

      Blizzard has been a little (lot) lacking in the communication department over the years and much worse this expansion. So I agree. It would be nice if they could be more direct about it.

  2. which was that mob that drop a mount and run away?

    I got all rare mount from WoD (got poundfist yesterday, yay) and really can't remember one thta could dig away.

    1. I've only got one so far. :(

      The bloodhoof one, while I was leveling on my shaman I saw it, attacked, and out of nowhere a group of 60 or so people were on top of him, which I am glad for as I would have died solo on a 98 shaman. lol

      Giblette the Cowardly was the one, he drops the Goren "Log" Roller.

  3. I heard about those rare mounts, and I have only seen one (in Nagrand). Bummer on that.

    1. Found him again this weekend, seems no one knows he is there, he is the only one of those ultra rare ones I have seen now more than once.

      I killed him this time. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. But he did not drop the mount. Hey, at least I killed him this time.