Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts - Fallout 4 Edition

- I did not play too much warcraft this weekend.

- Logged on Saturday for an alt raid.

- Took forever to get enough people to do it.

- Even did the first 2 bosses with only 9 before a 10th showed.

- We only managed 6 bosses in an hour and a half, but it was productive.

- Two people switched to mains for tier bosses to try and get their 4th tier piece.

- Both got it.

- So even if we did not do much, it was a productive night.

- And a lot of alts got gear.

- Funny part is one person was on a cloth alt.

- The only cloth wearing player so you figured it would be a good night for them right?

- 6 bosses, not one cloth piece.

- Reminds me of whenever I tank on my warrior.

- We disenchant plate every week over and over, unless I am there, then no plate drops.

- Such is life they say.

- Now to fallout 4.

- Friday night I started playing, a little behind the pack.

- Did not really have time during the week to play.

- My play time usually comes on weekends, even more so this weekend as I was sick, so I played fallout 4 all weekend.

- See, there is a good side to having a cold sometimes, you can play games and not feel bad you are not doing anything else.

- I am really liking it thus far, but as with everything there are some things I can nit pick about.

- Mostly color issues.

- I love the feel of fallout 4, that 50s style.

- And the music is great and fits the style well.

- Sadly there are not a great deal of songs so listening to the radio plays itself out really fast.

- I really like dogmeat, the companion.

- Even if I now have many others to choose from, he is the one I like best.

- Could it be because he is so cute?

- Could it be because I do not need to give him stimpacks?

- Could it be because he can not die?

- Could it be because I still get the loner bonus even if he is with me?

- Or could it just be that over all he is the least intrusive?

- Maybe a little of all, but I have not really tried all the others out yet.

- Tried one for a short time only and then dismissed him.

- Then I could not find dogmeat again.

- Where did you go?

- Seems he went back to where I originally found him.

- Well... that makes sense.

- Not used to games making sense after playing blizzard games so much.

- I hate that I can not get the camera further out, I am not a first person shooter type of player.

- Honestly I hate FPSers for the most part.

- I try to play with the camera out as far as I can most of the time.

- Unless I am scouring an area for goodies.

- Sometimes they are easier to find in first person.

- Okay, have to ask this, is it my color blindness or it is nearly impossible to see stuff in the game sometimes?

- Kill a mob on the road at night, go to loot its body, where the hell is it?

- I think I have spent more time trying to "find" bodies of people I have killed as I have killing people.

- Is it my color blindness doing it, or is it really that hard to see.

- It is one of those cases I hope it is not just me.

- There was one area, hubris comics, there on the second, or was it third, floor, I could not see where the hell I was going, I mean, at all.

- It was so dark I was firing off weapons just to make some light.

- If I did not do that I would have never finished the quest there.

- I ended up going through a path that I swear I could not see was there, at all.

- If they start making mods for this game there are two I would really love to see.

- One would be to make it brighter.

- The other would be to make loot sparkle some.

- Like in warcraft, and basically every other RPG out there.

- Stuff just blends together.

- I am up to level 11, have completed a fair deal of quests, and died more than a couple of times.

- Your standard everyday gaming stuff.

- First death?

- Deathclaw, of course.

- Was not expecting him to come out of nowhere and he beat me like a red headed step child.

- Other deaths, getting sniped to death by a mob I could not figure out where the hell they were.

- Nor could I get out of line of sight or distance it.

- Then there is the, admit it we have all done it, moment there you go to make a jump it looks like you can easily make and you don't exactly make it.

- Splat, street pizza.

- Word of advice, save often.

- And I am not talking just letting the quick save do it for you.

- Sure that saves often, but you want to have saves before you enter each big area too.

- A separate one, not the base quick save.

- Why you ask?

- Because you can get stuck quite easily is some places.

- I got stuck in one I was too stubborn to reset my game because I did not want to have to do what I did all over again.

- I spent about 30 minutes jumping moving positioning, just to try to get out.

- I did, finally, but that I when I learned, have a lot of save back ups.

- Now I save before anything dangerous.

- Don't want to work a long dungeon and then get stuck in a wall and get screwed.

- Saving is not a bad idea either way.

- Even before talking to people, so you can test out how they react to you.

- Maybe even see what you can get away with.

- Ask for money up front, ask for more money, or just be a jerk to one of those guys that is a jerk to you.

- You might not want to keep a game where you were a smart ass to them, but it was still fun to basically tell them to go screw themselves.

- There are bad guys around every corner here it seems.

- Funny how the main city is in Fenway park.

- Love the one guys description of how you play baseball.

- Won't spoil it for you if you want to play, but it is worth asking him all about baseball to see how he thinks it used to be played.

- I walk from place to place a lot, even if I can quick move.

- The reason being is you never know what you will find.

- I've found tiny settlements, I've found small dungeons, I've found people just traveling in the middle of nowhere.

- None of which are marked on the map.

- It pays to explore.

- Still getting a hang of upgrading weapons.

- Helps having read that you can downgrade weapons you loot and then their upgrade is put into your pack under mods.

- Then you can use that upgrade on a weapon, even if you do not have the skill to make that upgrade naturally.

- So luck does play a part in getting some nice upgrades.

- I love building settlements.

- And I hate building settlements.

- Placing stuff is so darn hard sometimes.

- But once you get it going it seems to get better.

- Just wish we had a better view while placing items.

- Speaking of things I would like when building settlements.

- WTB a flat surface to build on, anywhere.

- Trying to place housing is like finding a needle in a haystack.

- I gave up in some places.

- Others I have a really nice settlement going.

- Okay who else just put beds out in the middle of nowhere at the beginning?

- Please say it wasn't just me that made my people sleep under the stars.

- Hey, at least I gave them the nice beds and not just some sack on the ground.

- I've put more work into the other settlements that I think I forgot about my main settlement.

- I have to look up some stuff today, because I really do not know much about the game just yet.

- Like what is max population of the settlements.

- What the hell do the +s, the hearts, the starts, and other notations mean on some thing.

- I think the stars are legendary.

- Think the +s are upgrade levels.

- Have no clue what the hell the hearts mean.

- My gear loves me?

- Maybe?

- I also what to see what type of gear dogmeat can wear.

- Want to deck out my pup.

- The art is done well, the presentation is done well, the sounds are done well, and the game has been over all good thus far.

- Not sure how it is going to hold up as time goes on for me, as I won't be playing during the week and I will forget where things might be when I log on during the weekend again.

- With something like a dozen active quests it is only logical I will forget what my plan of attack was not playing for a week.

- My goal however is to build a castle, somewhere.

- Have not decided where yet, need to find a nice place with lots of flat land.

- Then I want to invest all my time and energy building one super city.

- Just for the fun of it.

- We all need goals in life and in gaming.

- Mine is to build a castle so high it touches the sky.

- Have a great day.


  1. Holding Tab (on PC) will turn on your Pip-Boy flashlight.

    It's been really weird how much Fallout 4 assumes that you've played Fallout 3/New Vegas and already know all the little tricks like that. I don't remember getting a prompt on how the Hacking system works or the trick with finding the <>, (), and [] code lines to get additional attempts, for example.

    1. Tab seems to open and close the pip-boy. Never noticed the flashlight, I will have to try that, thanks.

      I read about the brackets somewhere looking for something else. But you are right, they do not explain much in game, but that is the way the game is. Where it evolved from, wasteland, there were no tips and such, you really did need to figure out everything on your own. And in those days before the internet there was no easy free pass to finding information. It is probably why wasteland remains my favorite rpg of all time. I worked my ass off to beat that thing, and it was not easy.

  2. I've barely done anything in WoW lately. 6.2.3 launches tomorrow, but I just feel it's too little, too late...

    Haven't started playing Fallout 4 yet. I pre-ordered and pre-loaded it, but haven't opened it up yet. I think I want to save it for the holidays.

    Instead, I grabbed the old Syberia games off GOG for a couple bucks and have been messing with those. Been a long time since I played an adventure game. It's kind of relaxing, but very slow paced...

    1. I agree, 6.2.3 is way to late, and even their addition of valor, as much as I love it, leaves a lot to be desired. I mention partly why in the post I just added.

      I love playing those old games sometimes. I pop in my old wasteland (fallouts father), bards tale, wizadry, ultima, etc. They were all great and still are.