Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How the New Transmog Wardrobe Made Me a Mogger

I say this from a very strange place in my game play life but I am really looking forward to the transmog changes.  The reason I say this is from a strange place in my game play life is because I never really cared too much about transmog, and after the announcement of the changes to transmog, now I do.

I have never been much of a mog person.  Sure I do it on my main, I even sought out the pieces so I could make the outfit I wanted for my main, but I only did it because it was there and I was bored at the time.  I also have used that one outfit since I made it and never looked for anything else.  I am content with it just as I would be probably be content with my ugly armor had blizzard never added transmog to begin with.

After seeing the announcement I have changed my mind.  Yes, I am capable of changing my mind.  No opinion I have ever had is truly set in stone, it is just my opinion at the time I make it and up until the blizzcon announcement my opinion on transmog was I could take it or leave it.  Blizzard did just enough to it with the announced changes to make me change my mind.

What changed my mind?  A few things really, but one thing really sold me.  Collecting.  I am a fool for collecting.  I used to collect pets before pet battles were in game.  Did they have a use?  Nope, but I made sure to get my hands on every single one I could.  I wanted to have one of each.  I was a collector and I like to collect things.  I am a collecting freak, what can I say.

So seeing that there will be a check list, basically, that shows me there are (for example) 480 chest pieces my hunter can mog into makes me want each and every one of them.  Not to mog into them, no, I have my chest piece and it is the only one I ever use, but I want all 480 of those chest pieces because there is a list that shows me what I have and what I do not have.  So I must get what I do not have.  The collector inside of me will not be happy until I do.

This means that an entire new world of adventure has been opened for me.  I've had lore master since I started playing.  I went back and did every quest I could find as soon as I had hit max level originally.  I still do every quest as soon as I find it, so the only issue I would have had was that I could not longer get those pieces.  However, blizzard is going to be kind enough to scan all our quests and give us all those rewards that we vendored off in the past.  Cool huh?  That does not mean I have nothing to seek out, there are all those raid drops and dungeon drops and world drops, I never held on to them.  I need them now, so I can go out in the world and start hunting for gear once more.  It just created a wealth of content for me.  Something this expansion could have really used.

I am extremely happy that blizzard is going to go through all the quests I have ever done, which is all of them, and award me not only the items I did take but the items I did not take that I would have been capable of using for transmog purposes.  How freaking awesome is that?  I take my fair share of shots at blizzard for the things they do wrong, but I also praise them for the things they do right and this, without a doubt, is the single biggest right thing they have done in a long time, a very long time.  Normally I would have expected them to release it and then there would be months and months of people asking for quest rewards before they would have added it.  Blizzard was forward thinking for once and knew that day would come and instead of having to be talked into doing the right thing they are doing the right thing from the get go and they deserve props for that.  Job well done blizzard.

It almost seems like blizzard nailed everything with the announcement of the new transmog system.  You have the wardrobe that shows what you have and what you need.  You have sets you can create so you can switch mogs nice and easy.  You can put tabards in the wardrobe, and that is something we have been asking for since, well, forever.  Even better is that it is account wide so now all my hunters can dress as my main hunter who just so happens to have 4 pieces on that were removed from the game which prohibited my other hunters from wearing the same mog set as him, but not any more.

It was hit after hit after hit.  And I do not even like mogging and I love this.  This was the most exciting bit of information to come out of blizzcon if you ask me.  Many might be surprised to hear that coming from me but none are more surprised that I am saying that than I am myself.

Who would have ever thought that an addition to the game that I threw to the side would eventually be something I consider the best new feature of an expansion.  This is either a very good thing or a very bad thing.  I guess depending on how you look at it.  But one thing I see, is that the next time we hit a lull like we have now, with the transmog wardrobe at least I will have something to do.  Add to my collection.

Who would have ever guessed the day would come where I, the grumpy elf, would be excited about transmog.  It's the seventh sign, I swear.


  1. I agree that this was a win. My only remaining hope is that they don't too drastically limit the number of sets one can save. I'm not a huge mogger, but I still have about 15 full sets in my void storage. I have friends who take it seriously who have three times that or more. It needs to be A LOT of sets.

    1. We won't know for sure until we can play with it, but from what I recall it looked like the image they showed us had someone with 5 sets and 3 blank places. So at least 8 would be my guess. But it flashed by quick so I most definitely could be wrong. Also, if I am right with 8, that does not mean it does not scroll down further.

      If I had to guess, I would say they will start with 10 and then as time goes by they will add more, just like as time went on they added more bag space and void storage. They will start small and give us more later.

  2. I do transmog on all chars. My bank is full, my void storage is full.
    + clear up some space. I'll still keep a lot of sets and different pieces because of timewalking.
    + I deleted MogIt addon cause it has similar functions (or so it seems)
    + collecting will be an extra activity, though I doubt I'll go out of my way too much
    + I'll be able to keep all shields; I've had to delete a lot of them in the past because I had no room for them

    I don't think I would call myself excited about it, mostly I'm curious at what pieces I'll discover from questing. I've done Loremaster twice now on my main so maybe there's some cool pieces I deleted.

    1. Ah, my warriors shield collection. Another thing I did well before mogging was added. Always saved cool looking shields. Now I will be able to share them with my paladin. Kind of cool if you ask me.

      Most of the quest gear, in my opinion, is better than the dungeon and raid gear. I do not like big and bulky, and dungeon and raid sets seem to go for the big and bulky look. For someone like me having the quest gear will be cool. I might even start mogging some alts with better looking gear so they do not have to walk around looking like motorized trash compactors in all that armor.

    2. For a hunter, nimble, leathery, minimalist works. For a paladin, I need flashy gear, I need shoulders or I look naked. There's a few fingerless gloves in different colours I've collected from quests, some chests and backs, but other than that I really set pieces from pve and pvp.

    3. Yeah, I do not mind my warrior looking like a war machine, it is his job. But my hunter should be stealth like, nimble, not wearing 600 pounds of metal.

  3. Well, it isn't your memory, that's for sure. Didn't the date jog it??? and thank you to all of our Vets.


    1. Yes, thank you Roo and all the other vets out there.

  4. I have to say this announcement made me contemplate picking Warcraft back up again. I've written a number of posts about this and I've wanted this sort of system since transmog became a thing. I'm not a crazy mogger but it was something I liked doing when I got bored, or to make up new sets when I saw a particular weapon/shield that I wanted to use. Finally seeing them adding what I've wanted for so long, it did make me think.

    However, the collectors game couldn't keep me engaged in Warlords and none of the announcements fixed any of my misgivings. That's a whole other comment/post. Although I suppose it's telling that I still watched the free opening ceremony, and read all the announcements even though it's been months since I quit. Say what you like about blizz, they do know how to keep people checking in. That being said I'm not bitter like many ex-players. I loved my time playing the game and the fact that I stopped liking the current incarnation, will never ever change that.

    To be honest I'll wait and see if this system even makes it live in Legion. Last blizzcon, or the one before that I forget, they said that a transmog system would be a thing in Warlords and then it wasn't. A lot of things have changed from blizzcon to release before, I don't trust that it won't happen again. That it'll slip and be said to be added in a later patch, then instead be boxed up for a future expansion. I kinda feel that's what happened with it already, as I did believe (obviously wrongly) that it would be added in during Warlords patch cycle.

    To be honest Grumpy I'm surprised you haven't made more of the expected release date. Next summer/fall isn't it? That'll make another year between content patches. I realise it was naive of me to hope blizz had learned but given that Warlords ended on 6.2. That is - 2. I kinda hoped that they had shifted resources to getting the next expansion out faster.

    I wonder if they are purposefully delaying because of the movie. We debated this once before. I said I thought they would bring out the new expansion around the same time as the film. You thought that it would be better for new players to come in at the end of the old expansion, so they could level up/gear up in time to join in with all the new stuff. The film is set for release in June. I think you are probably right and the expansion will be after that.

    And I've got seriously off topic. Yeah I agree the new transmog system looks awesome!

    1. There is a lot of time for me to complain about the time frame but at the moment I am in a "why bother" mode. No reason to get upset over it.

      I do like the "summer" release thing and then they list the release as the last day of summer. Way to make it sound like it is coming out sooner than it really is I guess.

      This expansion offered little to nothing for every single player type. Next expansion does not seem any better with them keeping mythic to 20 man, which hurt a lot of raid guilds to the point they still have not recovered. But already it seems like it might be off to a better start than warlords had, content wise.

      I think they are delaying because they are slow as hell with these things. No other reason. If they really wanted to piggy back on the movie the best time to release it would be 1 month after the movie comes out. It would make people buy warlords at full price to start, and then being it would still be a fresh game to them they would all buy legion as well. They would get two sales from one movie release. In sept it seems too late, way too late, to really capitalize off the movie to the extent it could.

      And yes, the new mog system is awesome. Hope it makes it into the game as announced, or maybe even better.

  5. Question number two in this post details how, at least currently in the alpha, that the new transmog system isn't fully what I thought it would be.

    It seems that that, for example, if you have mail transmogable on one toon, it will be moggable by another toon wearing mail. However, pieces of cloth armor owned by one mail-wearing toon will not be moggable by a cloth wearer on that account. In other words, your cloth wearers are going to have to farm -- or hold onto -- their own gear for transmog and your plate wearers will not be able to farm everything for you.

    Since I pretty much play only an ever-expanding platoon of hunters, this won't impact me much. However, I do have the one-off warlock for whom I was hoping to grab cloth armor as I run instances on my hunters. Looks like that is right out.


    1. Yeah, I read that too. I do not think I like it. I was all for the idea that one plate wearer can get everything for everyone.

      If that is to be the case I would rather them not add the cloth to my plate wearers list, as it can not mog into it anyway. I do hope they change it.