Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How Much Extra Bag Space Will You Have Come Legion?

After doing my daily duties around garrisonville yesterday and making a stop at the bank to throw some junk in there for the time being I came to realize just how much space I will have back once this expansion is over.  Perhaps it is my own fault for saving stuff that I might need later when I honestly know I really won't ever use any of it.  But either way, come next expansion when I can ditch this stuff.  I am going to have a boat load of free space.

After putting in a couple of follower upgrade pieces and some rush orders I got from a garrison mission I started to think, it is too early to start ditching this stuff?  It was then that I came to the conclusion, against my pack rat nature, that no, it is most definitely not too early to start ditching stuff.

Rush Orders:

With no sell price these things are just going to have to be thrown away.  I really wish that they had at least a one copper sell price.  Just feels wrong throwing them away but would not feel wrong selling them for one copper.  Maybe that is just me.

On my hunter alone I have 177 alchemy lab rush orders and I do not even have an alchemy lab any longer.  I ditched it ages ago for a storehouse.  Lets forget for a moment that I do not have an alchemy lab because it would only take a few clicks of the mouse to build another one to use those, I have nearly 4000 alchemical catalysts.  Even if I start making flasks now and used every herb I had I would not scratch the surface of using them all.  So I do not need them thus I do not need the work orders for more of them.

My other profession building, as I suggested all hunters get, is an enchanters study.  I have 383 work orders for that.  I was putting 3 more in my bank when this whole idea to start ditching stuff came to me.  Again, lets not even consider the fact I have close to 800 temporal crystals, am I really going to be getting that many more new items being I am not raiding on alts, so not enchanting them, to warrant needing those as back up should I ever run short of crystals?  I think not.

Even across my alts, my druid jewel crafter has over 300 rush orders, my rogue leather worker has nearly 400 rush orders.  All in all, every character I have has some, in small or large amounts, and I really do not see me needing them any more.  So you know what that means?  Hello bag space good bye rush orders.

Follower Items:

Was going to call this one follower upgrades, but not all follower items are upgrades.  Like the thing that makes you better with saberon, or increases experience on missions, are they really upgrades?  Not even slightly.  Even more so the experience on when you are already 100 and item level 675 on the follower.  Maybe the supreme manual of dance might be good to apply to your characters, but the rest of the stuff can be thrown away.  And I have been throwing them away since they were first added to the game.  They are complete garbage and nothing but bag wasting clutter in my opinion.

I have been ditching the Guide to Arakkoa Relations, Ogre Buddy Handbook, Grease Monkey Guide, and Winning with Wildlings since they were added, but a few of my alts inexplicably still have a couple laying around, they can all go bye bye.

As for the other ones like Follower Trait Retraining Guide, Follower Ability Retraining Guide, Follower Retraining Certificate, and the Supreme Manual of Dance can all go too, but as I mentioned the dance manual is one of the only upgrades of these sorts that you might use, at least I do.

If you happen to be holding on to any or all of these things it can free up more than a few bag slot diting thing.  Sadly they have the same problem the rush orders do.  No sell price.  And even worse, you need to type the world delete each time to ditch them, which is beyond annoying.  Gee thanks blizzard, you give me garbage and then ask me to confirm I want to ditch the garbage.  One copper sell price blizzard, please.

Now lets move on to the more useful, maybe, items they some of us might be holding on to.  Pure item level upgrade items.  I started vendoring off most of them a long time ago.  Unless it is a new 100 that I am still building up my follower fleet on I ditch any +3 item, any +615 item and any +630 item.  I only hold on to the +645 items and the +6 and +9 ones for most of my characters.  And in reality, I never switch follower, never really get new followers, and can do all the missions 100% with what I have, so I really do not need them either.

So that would free up 6 bag spaces for me if I ditch them, if someone is saving at least one stack of all of them that would be 12 bag spaces, and if someone for some reason has more than one stack of each type, for whatever reason they might have, it could be even more bag spaces.

Word to the wise here, sell those things.  Blizzard will nerf the sell cost of them before we move into next expansion.  That is certain.  As it stands now if you have a few stacks of those things you can easily net yourself a grand, perhaps more depending on what you held on to.

Shipyard and Other Upgrades:

All those things you get from shipyard missions to change abilities on your ship take up space.  I don't know about you, but I am still holding on to them.  I only have 2 of the rare missions done so far, only one of the heirlooms, so I am still doing a lot of shipyard missions trying to get the other heirlooms from there so those things save me from having to waste garrison resources to buy them. However, once I am done getting all my heirlooms and mounts and pets and achievements and what have you from the shipyard, yeah, they can visit the discard pile as well.

Those +250 oil, +1000 garrison resources, +50 follower item level, and other such things I still hold on to as well.  If I have the desire to level another alt then said alt will become the beneficiary of them so they can build up their garrison quickly.  But I know there are some people stockpiling them with no real plan for them, as I have to send them to alts.  If that is the case, sell them.  No really, they are all capable of being sold and if you are not going to use them, sell them, they free bag space getting rid of them.  Or you can chance that in a few years from now when someone is going back to get achievements things like that might sell for a fair bit.  Your call.  After all the money I made this expansion, I am not holding for gold, at least not those.

Draenor Only Items:

I will not even try to list them all but there are easily dozens of them but I am talking about things like Skull of the Mad Chief and Aviana's Feather.  First off they should be toys, they and many other items like them, but for some odd reason they are not, so they take up bag space.  Secondly, who has used either of these two items I mentioned since they got flying?  I know I have not.  I am sure many have, but they are not so much needed any more.

The question with these is, do we ditch them or do we hang on to them hoping for blizzard to do the right thing and make them toys for our toy box?  Being there are still items from vanilla that are not in the toy box that should be, I would not hold my breath for them making them toys any time soon but I would be glad for blizzard to prove me wrong.

What I plan to do, personally, is keep them on an alt that I do not play much in their bank.  If they are made toys then all my characters will have access to them.  But for my more played characters the above mentioned toys and many like them can go bye bye.  Lets get some bag space baby.

Crafting Materials:

While it might be true I am starting to herb once again for fireweed on my main, for all other herbs I still have thousands left.  Some two thousand, some 4 thousand.  And I have not really herbed for nearly 9 months I think and I still have that many left.  All this while making sure I keep my guild absolutely floating in potions and flasks refilling the guild bank all the time.

This expansion flooded us with materials, so much we do not even know what to do with it all.  Lets not even talk about the special crafting regents.  As I mentioned I have near 4000 of the alchemical catalysts alone.  I have near that many war paints, burnished leathers, and many others.  About the only one I use regularly is the cloth one making bags for everyone that needs them, my alts, my friends, even just some random newbie I see I will hand a bag too.  Yes, I handed out 4 bags a few months ago just for the fun of it.  Found 2 level 40ish characters out the in world, saw they did not have any achievements over that level (although that can be faked by not sharing your achievement across characters), and I gave them both 2 bags.  Ain't I a nice elf sometimes?

But the thing is, we all have to have so many crafting materials we do not know what to do with them all.  Even the elements, which are supposed to be hard to get, the ones I have the least of is the one I make bags with, and I still have over 600 of those.  And if I ever run out, I currently have just shy of 15,000 primal spirits over all my characters, so I can easily buy more if needed.

They gave us the regent tab, they allowed items to stack higher, and I still have less space than I did before because I am over loaded with materials.  Perhaps it is my fault for having so many alts early on and getting to much, or for holding on to it too long, but either way, a lot of space is being taken up by materials of one sort or another.

I said, on the beta, that the fish were taking up way to many spaces, even put in some suggestions like we should just fish up the flesh and not have small, reg, and large as well as flesh and I put in the suggestion to just not have three sizes but one.  Either way, with many types of fish and many sizes of them, they are a huge space hog.

When it comes to things, on my server at least, the 125 food sells nicely and fish is needed for it, so I am getting rid of it as fast as I stock them up and making good coin doing so.  If your server is 125 food crazy like mine, that is an option to unloading fish.

As for the other stuff, should you sell them now or hold on to them?  That is more a question for the gold goblins but for me, I plan to slim down some and use or sell the majority of the items.  Will you make money selling them now?  Maybe, maybe not, it depends on your server, I can not give you an honest answer.

But either way, if you are looking to clean up for next expansion, like I am already, materials are a major source of space wasters for many of us.  I have more arrowbloom than I could ever use it seems.


I will not be unloading any of it just yet but if you are anything like me you have a bunch of gear sitting in your bags.  Even if you are not talking about gear for a different spec or for PvP.  I have stuff I keep for item level, like my 710 neck because my 691 is statically better.  I have stuff I keep for possible off piece from tier depending on which pieces I get, like 715 shoulders with critical and multistrike, or 705 hands with critical and multistrike and a gem slot.  I have piece that could replace every slot of gear that could also be tier, so I can mix and match as needed.  I have 7 different trinkets in my bags.  Some or better for one thing, some for another, and none are my best trinkets that I would not want to switch, so I play around with them trying to figure out which one works for me.  In the end I would have to guess I have at least 16 slots filled with gear and I am not even talking about an offspec set or a PvP set.  That is additional.

As I am still raiding and still playing all that gear might still come in handy.  But as he get closer to the end, at least for alts, I will be less likely to hold on to pieces that are maybe I will use them pieces.  They are alts, no need to be that anal about it like I am with my main(s).

For some people however, if you are not really the type that cares so much about being the best you can be, you can really clear up a lot of space by clearing out that maybe gear.  Just make sure it isn't better for you before you ditch it is all I ask.

So if you were to clear out everything, all that junk from this expansion, all the stuff that is not junk but you will not need it next expansion, all that stuff that you want to keep but are not really sure why you are keeping it on you, like the feather, why the hell is it still in my bags, how much space will you have freed up?

Not doing a real count, but an off the top of my head count, if I ditched everything I talked about here I would probably save at lest 24 bag slots that I carry on me, at least 40 bag slots that are in my bank and easily another 50 in my regents tab.  That is well over 100 bag spaces I can clear up.  That is a lot.


  1. Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

    Oh but I wish there was a 1 copper sell price for all those items you mentioned, and that typing out DELETE for those blue items, ugh, but that is boring and tiring. The game would be better off with such a small change. Even for the DELETE items, simply putting in a confirmation button to sell or not would go far in eliminating the rather tiresome task of removing them.

    As far as the items clearance, it is never to soon to start that. I have no where near the number of rush orders that you do (thank god), but yes, they are a virtually useless thing. Why? Well I find that you have to expend resources to use them, and that it simply winds up meaning you need far more resources to keep up. Early on, the resources to maintain such a production schedule are not there, and by the time you have such resources on hand, you no longer have a need for the rush order anyway. So yes, away with them. A good idea in theory, but not one that panned out as hoped I feel.

    As it stands, I am also doing some slow bag clearance myself. Not in anticipation of Legion, but simply because space management is something I think has to be done anyway. It is way to far easy to wind up holding on to things that have no meaning or use. Being practical, the only thing to do is sell and or discard until bag space returns.

    The Legion expansion is coming, but I am wondering just how well it is going to be received. The flight debacle seems to have taught Blizzard nothing, other than that they can get away with a petulant re-introduction of flight late in an expansion, even though they really did not want to do that. There is much that I like about the idea of the Legion expansion, but they sure do seem to be going out of there way to make it less appealing.

    Aside from what I perceive to be a plan to hold off on flight until the end of Legion, Blizzard is intent on making things seem even more desperate by killing off or otherwise disabling most of the current Horde/Alliance leadership and promoting us--the players--into the role of CLASS COMMANDER, something that has never existed and obviously can't exist. Sure they can call us that, along with every other level 101+ out of the 4 million subscribers that they will have in a couple of years. Won't make it so as that is a class fantasy that will never work out. It is not believable on any level and will NOT promote any sort of fantasy other than the delusions of some developers.

    1. It seems like all the mistakes of this expansion taught blizzard nothing. They are making the same mistake with flying all over again, but at least we know they are full of shit from the get go this time. And they are adding even more random number generator bull to the game with legendary drops from world mobs that will be required for raiding if you want to play at your full potential. That is just the tip of the iceberg too, they learned nothing.

  2. I hate inventory management.

    One of the first things I did in Skyrim is find out how to give myself infinite bagspace (carry weight).

    With challenge modes and timewalking dungeons especially, I never know what gear is "best" anymore.

    I don't min-max anyway and I don't actively transmog, but I am paranoid enough to think I might want to and find out "whoops I deleted that piece of gear that would be perfect right now." So my bags are full.

    I just let it go to my mailbox and expire now.

    To be fair, I stopped raiding so the only gear that might be an improvement is the garrison mission 700+ gear or a lucky drop from mythic 5-man dungeons.

    But yeah, so much crap in my bags.


    1. Hell yeah, max carry weight would be awesome in warcraft. This is not a tactical game where resources are key to playing well, so why limit us in the amount we can carry. Perhaps in a solo game it makes more sense, but in an MMO the idea of bag space has little place any longer. My opinion at least.

      I forgot about challenge mode gear, probably because I ditched my set ages ago because I could never find groups to do it anyway.

  3. Just off the top of my head, items I keep in my bags just in case (some have been datamined as toys in Legion so hooray):

    -Innkeeper's Daughter as hearthstone - datamined as toy
    -Garrison hearthstone
    -Shipyard hearthstone
    -Fishing raft - datamined as toy and probably don't need this for Draenor anymore anyway
    -Oralius's Whispering Crystal - use as flask when I'm not doing raiding and don't want to waste an actual flask
    -Way too many stacks of potions since I don't want to make or buy more every single raid night (these should just stack to at least 250)
    -Perma-rune that you get from Tanaan
    -Enchanting rod
    -Tomes of the clear mind
    -Adventurer guide thing that must be in your bags for the items to drop to turn in to Darkmoon Faire
    -A stack of the leveling battlestone for every single pet family since I basically use these to top up a pet once they hit level 20-22 or so, plus another stack of the generic battlestone, plus a stack of pet bandages
    -A stack of every single ship equipment so I can change equipment and send out a mission without having to visit my shipyard every time
    -Loot-a-rang (this never leaves my bag for any reason)
    -Fishing pole (but if I were to do some dedicated fishing I would end up with a dozen more items in my bag quickly)

    I have all Hexweave Bags and they never drop below about 1/3 full unless I dump all this in my bank, but I have to get it all back out again before doing any raiding, shipyard stuff or pet leveling. My bags were never this full in MoP.

    Not in my bag anymore, but some of the items you mentioned such as Aviana's Feather were also datamined as toys in Legion.

    1. Wow, you mentioned a ton more things I did not even think about. I will probably be closer to 200 bad spaces free. lol

      Glad to hear things like the feather are becoming a toy. (start sarcasm) So grateful that blizzard finally fixes things when it is no longer current content and doesn't really matter any more. (end sarcasm) But in truth, I am glad to see they are being added.

  4. Ugh, I destroy or sell most of the things you mentioned, but have less than 10 free slots. Mostly gear - tank set, healing pve, healing pvp new and old (because the 730 one is red and 740 one is blue), tank cm, healer cm and various trinkets, set pieces and so on. Oh and timewalking tank. It's kinda stupid how much gear I have.

    1. Ouch, you sound in worse shape than I. I have usually 13 minimum in my bags, usually closer to 20-25 is where I like to be. Would love to get to 60 or 70 empty slots, which would make soloing so much more enjoyable instead of having to find a place to sell every few bosses.

      I think they should have a separate gear bag, always have thought that. And it should have enough space to carry at least one set for each spec and one set for each spec in PvP and one special set, like a challenge mode set. That way it is not cluttering up space. Even as a hunter that does not keep a full set for his offspec and has 0 PvP gear at the moment, my bags have a ton of gear in them.

  5. I've just started a similar clearing up exercise...
    The Alchemical Catalysts are easy, 5 plus 1 true iron ore makes the Draenic Philosopher's Stone which vendors for 25G

    For all the other soulbound crafted mats... I'm considering a plan of converting Primal Spirits to Savage Blood and selling the gear upgrade items.

    Any spare base mats, herbs etc., can be converted to make more Primal Spirits and more Savage Blood or Sorcerous elements.

    Might not be the best way to use all these mats but pretty much guaranteed some return on them.

    I've been vendoring/deleting all the follower stuff for a long time now.

    1. Not a bad idea for the catalysts. Not bad at all.

      Primal spirits for bloods is still a fair deal. If anything on my server bloods sell for about 100 more than felblight does. So yes, that is a solid idea.

      I have to sell all those gear upgrade pieces before they drop the nerf hammer down on the prices. Over all my characters I would be surprised if I had over 10 grand worth of follower upgrades sitting around. Nope, not kidding. lol

  6. Because I've never been very into transmog, I never had major storage issues until WoD, which ironically was supposed to be better about this. I have my BM set, MM set, TW set. I have a leech/avoidance set (great for pugs where extra heals are more helpful than extra dps), a PvP set. I keep anything with tertiary stats or gem slots just in case. I like building and mogging different sets for different situations, but a lot of the bloat comes from the WoD gear rng. If they reverted gems and stats a lot of pieces could serve in multiple gear sets.

    1. Yet this is their idea of making gearing easier. I think they did a really poor job in that endeavor over all personally. There is no such thing as easy with RNG. Unless you are super lucky and always get things with your best stats that are warforged and have a gem slot and you never switch specs, do challenges, or PvP.