Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why so Serious?

I can't say that line and not think of the Batman movie, but the question still fits when referring to me and my game play as the years go by.  Why so serious?  I am not exactly sure why.  It has always been who I have been as long as I can remember.  While I do play a game for fun and I do like to joke around and have a good time outside of the game set objectives I realize there is a time and place for everything and when it is the time and place to get things done I do not want to play around I want to do what I am there to do.

I did a sha group yesterday in the short time I was on and knowing it was christmas and I most likely would not have a lot of free time to play I just wanted to get done what I needed to get done and for some reason it really started to bug me more than usual that people were happy to dilly dally instead of doing what we were assembled to do.

People where talking in raid and hanging out in the city while waiting to be summoned when the raid leader and many others had mentioned that there was no lock and they would need to head there.  Some people even had the nerve to say to kick someone and invite a lock so they could get summoned.  Thankfully the person that assembled the raid was not as much of an asshole as the people that suggested it.

All this time I was sitting there, because I flew over the second I got the invite like any decent player would.  So when that one player said to kick someone so a lock could summon him I thought to myself we should kick them and invite someone that isn't a lazy piece of shit, please excuse the language but that is how I felt about him.

But all in all I can handle the lazy players like that a lot better than I can handle the stupidity of people talking in raid.  People insulting each other making it sound like a third grade class at recess where two children are throwing yo momma jokes around to see who is coolest because they can insult the other persons mother with the most wit.  Or all those girls that think they need to flirt with everyone and and type < 3 at the end of every sentence and say things like i wuz hopn to haz lootz already.

Seriously and honestly, I started to think to myself, self, why am I even here?  Not just in the raid but in this game, why am I even here?  Can't people just act like human beings for a few moments and do the right thing, get here, keep their mounts shut, and do the task we assembled to do without all this crap.

I am starting to think more and more it is not the player base that is the problem, it is me.  It seems like the majority of the player base is filled with these people that do not take anything serious and I just do not get it.  Hence the reason I say the problem is with me.

While I do have a lot of fun playing I have my fun in doing things and not in hanging out waiting to do things.  I am not a big fan of wasting time, I think I have mentioned that in my posts before, many times as a matter of fact.

When I got invited to the group I was player 29, so I knew that it would be a few more minutes before we would get going.  Either way, like I should, I flew there instantly.  When I landed we were at 36 people and someone laid out some food.  I saw I had 38 minutes left on my food buff and knowing there were a lot of people here and the feast only feeds 25 I did not sit to eat, let someone else get the buff.  38 minutes is more than ample anyway.  Even if it takes another 10 minutes to fill the last few spots and get everyone here I would still have enough time to kill the sha 5 times over and some with the time I had on my buff.

From that point on I sat and read the dribble flowing out of the raid chat.  All I wanted to do was come and kill a boss in the little time I had available.  I did not give up, I was there, might as well wait.  I listened to people trying to justify why they should get a summon, even if that was completely impossible without a warlock they still insisted we should summon them, how, I have no clue.

I listened to people talk about good gifts they got, bad gifts they got, gifts they did not get, all of which based on the timing seemed quite appropriate but it was only a matter of time before people were insulting other peoples gifts and calling their friends and family cheap or rednecks or fags, or what have you, anything to try and make themselves feel cool by insulting another.

It was when it took that turn from christmas cheer to christmas jeer that I looked to my food buff and saw I had 25 minutes left.  Thirteen freaking minutes since I landed and we have not pulled the boss yet.  What the hell is wrong here.  Still waiting on 2 people to get there.  Can't we just pull without them, anything so I do not have to listen to morons insult each other any more.

As usual, I never said a word, I just sit and read.  I was there to do a job and that is what I should do.  I should not, would not, waste anyone's time chatting in raid about stuff that is not related to the task at hand.  If I wanted to chat I would chat in guild, on vent, or go to a chat room.  I am playing a game where people assemble to kill internet dragons and that is what I want to do, this is not a place for chatting.  It is a place for killing pixels.

My food buff wore off before we even pulled the boss.  Between whining players that complained about the long trip there and they did not want to make it and people getting so caught up in hitting on the "i haz lootz" girl or talking about their bowel movements or telling each other how bad they are or insulting their mothers and other family members and calling everyone gay or a fag every single chance they got they seemed to forget why we were there.  To kill that huge thing in front of us.

We finally killed it and moved along and I was left wondering if I was indeed in the wrong.  Was I being too serious?  Am I always too serious?  Maybe I am, maybe I am not, but either way, I can not see me getting into any of the conversations that were to be had there.  Except maybe the exchanging of what gifts we got and gave for the holidays but outside of that, it seemed like it was just a collection of mind numbing dribble.

Why so serious?  Because that is how I should be, we were there to kill a boss. That is how everyone should have been.

Is it just my bad luck or my bad server that is responsible for me always getting pugs like this or is it the fact I am just way too serious to play a game with people that think calling people fags, talking about poop, and hitting on girls that don't know how to type is how you have fun.

Maybe I am in the wrong, the game has changed, perhaps this is how it is meant to be now.  Perhaps I need to change if I want to keep playing it in a group setting without things getting to me.  I don't think I could ever become one of those people however, I am just way to serious about my game play.  I do not want to waste time and I do not want to chit chat.  I just want to kill some internet dragons and move on to the next set of pixels that need to be killed.

That is why I am so serious and I don't see anything wrong with that.  I don't think of it as serious, I think of it as playing the game and for me calling people fags, talking about poop, insulting others and hitting on girls online are not the types of things I find fun and are most defiantly not part of the game.  I don't like that type of stuff and that is why I am so serious, the more I see people acting like that the more serious I become.

Why so serious?  Because everyone else made me that way.


  1. I am going to call this the I Am Legend Syndrome. Once all players are asshats then the last remaining decent players will become the freaks.

  2. I know the feeling and have thought the same thing before - that the game has simply decided to cater to a different "class" of person and I did not devolve enough to be a part of it anymore.

    Feels bad, man.

    1. I am sure we both can have our moments or silliness and stupid conversations too but we would keep it to people we know, not random groups.

  3. If there's one thing I hate, that's other people wasting my time.
    My own raid and two people refuse to release and run in on a wipe. After two months of asking people to release, I'm starting to bubble hearth when a wipe is called. Ask for a stone. Get summoned. Waste time...
    Looking back, through this game I've become worse as a person. I've realized most people are selfish, most are not worth trusting. I can pretty much say this game changed me, I didn't use to be so vindictive, I used to be nice.
    "Because everyone else made me that way."

    1. While rare I too have done some things I would have never considered before because of how the game is now. And instead of fixing the problems the game rewards people for behaving badly.

    2. ta both of ya, don't let the asshats win.

      I called out a golden lotus yesterday for the silly herb pickers and got a "thank you" for it by everyone including the ones who didn't get it.

      Not sure why it warranted a thank you by so many (I know it is a rare, but you can grow them).

      And Blizz won't fix a thing, large mounted asshats will be blocking doorways, mailboxes, quest-givers and turn in spots. They won't go away, neither will Blizz make them no mount zones. Folks will still pull their little tricks, such as refusing to release, etc. The amount of cussing and calling folks names won't go away (though to be honest, I wonder why the ACLU doesn't do a class action lawsuit against blizz or them for the gay bashing, I will never know - they do it against everything else).

      Don't let them win.

      I have met a few folks who I will quest with the last few days, and if there is all there is, then that is all there is.

      I don't care for general or trade chat. It is filty and rude. What makes it worse is that it is probably from the teens and 20-30 year olds. (oh, I feel like a grown up, I can cuss. Don't get me wrong, cussing has it's needs (but I did know a Gunny who never used a single cuss word and could make you feel lower than whale snot), but not in a game, not with women or kids (anyone under 35 is a kid to me), excuse me - I mean young adults).

      So you stay serious, remember it is a game, keep up the blog and don't let them win!

      Just like them dwarf jokes, I will get even with ya, ya silly pointy ears. :D

      -roo remembering why it was happy and sad when the bus of night elves went over the cliff. it was good for it to go over the cliff, but there was one seat empty