Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- It seems my luck with the random number generator has jumped to pet battles.

- Someone in guild had some love from the RNG the other day and got three battle stone on three back to back to back battles.

- I was up to 274 battles at the time and still had not gotten one.

- Asking her it doesn't seem like you need to be fighting a good group to get them.

- She did not recall any of those three having a rare in it.

- I did end up getting one stone shortly after, just before battle 300.

- Got another one in a daily baggie.

- I kept thinking I was doing something wrong being I had not gotten one.

- The one I got in battle was me leveling up a low level, it was an 8 with 2 25s in group.

- It was fighting 1 24 and 2 25s, none of them rare.

- If that helps anyone collecting data, enjoy.

- For those like me that might be worried they got one and missed it, don't worry.

- When you win one, you will notice it, trust me.

- It pops up in the middle of the screen.

- I've been farming so many herbs on my farms that I decided to mill what I had.

- I can't believe how many herbs I got while planting for lotus.

- Over the course of 3 weeks on only 3 characters I got enough herbs to make nearly 600 lower level inks and exactly 60 higher level ones.

- You know the cooking hat?

- I want an ink making hat.

- Pressing create all and waiting forever when making 600 inks is not exactly fun.

- Took me 1 hour 25 minutes to mill and process all those herbs and inks.

- Way to long if you ask me, there has to be a better way.

- Made 12 cards, none, yes none, I needed.

- I need 2 more ox for my tank set, 3 more serpent for my caster set, 2 more tigers for my DPS set, and 3 more cranes for my healing set.

- How bad does your luck have to be to get none?

- It has to be roughly the level of my luck.

- When I went to the auction house to sell all those it seemed my doubles were the ones always selling for 600 gold while the ones I need are all selling for 4,000 gold.

- Seems like I am not the only one the random number generator is hating on.

- I'll wait until fair time to list, those one that are 600 now will be closer to 1500 then.

- And the 4,000 ones will be closer to 6,000.

- I would say next week is buy time for cards.

- Flipping cards will not be as profitable now, as most people that care to gear up ASAP are already geared, but there is still money to be made if you are willing to take the risk.

- Buy cards next week, sell them the week after.

- Thing is, they will be harder to get top money for.

- I would never pay more than 10K for a complete deck now and I still think it is way too much.

- Not for an alt, even if the trinket would be good for them.

- I don't get prices, I've been trying to sell some of the BoE bracers from HoF and getting no bites what so ever.

- They are 496, and pretty nice if you ask me, and I am listing them at a very reasonable, for my server, 50K buy out with a 30K bid and not one bite in weeks.

- Yet looking at the black market auction house I see people bidding over 200K on 483 bracers?

- Am I missing something here?

- Are the 483 bracers better and I did not notice?

- Or are the people on my server really that stupid?

- Why pay 212K (the last bid on 483 healing plate bracers on the BMAH) when I have ones on the real auction house for 50K.

- Heck, even if the 483s were slightly better for some reason, save 163K and buy the 496 ones.

- Things like this make me think I am the last sane person in the game.

- Like people not willing to pay 15K for a darkmoon trinket, but they are willing to pay 8K per card.

- What am I missing?

- And before you say maybe they only needed the one it is not like that.

- That would make sense.

- The same person bought three serpent cards from me, two for 8K and one for 6K, when the trinket was going for 15K in trade at the time.

- Literally at the same time, as the person was posting in trade every few minutes for the last hour when all three sold during the last fair.

- So the person either has trade shut off, the person on ignore, or I really am the last sane person on my server.

- Actually, maybe I am the insane one and they are all sane.

- Got another one of the pets from the raids this weekend.

- Also realized that soloing some bosses on 25 man is still a little brutal for me.

- Patch on 25 man rips apart my pet and my old distracting shot trick does not seem to work any more.

- I could have easily did the run on 10 man for the pets but I needed the shocking achievement on 25 man as I was never able to find capable people that could understand not crossing paths.

- Took a while, but I did it.

- Holy crap it was not easy.

- It was really fun however and now I have shocking 25 man after, what has it been, four years of trying?

- All I needed to do to get it was be able to solo it.

- Now if only I could get the holding hands achievement in DS solo.

- That is not possible, and I don't think I will ever get that achievement now.

- You try finding 10 people that are willing to work over and over and wipe if need be to get an achievement from an old raid.

- Not happening with my guild or the people on my server.

- My guild just seems to have lost its taste for old raids, maybe later in the expansion when there is less to do they will get back into it.

- One wipe and all the pug people will cry how horrible everyone is and leave.

- It is the LFR mentality that everything should be simple and easy.

- I do not mind wiping a dozen times trying to get an achievement, even two dozen if that is what is needed to get it done.

- Another way I am different from everyone on my server.

- I want to find a new guild, at least for one of my alts, now that achievements are shared, that does all those achievement runs all the time.

- I like doing that stuff and there are some things I can not do alone.

- I should not have needed to wait until I could solo naxx 25 before I got shocking.

- It is like the cataclysm heroic raid content, my server can still not get it done.

- A guild mate went on a run this weekend and finally finished one of the tier 11 heroic runs after 8 hours of tries, people leaving and reassembling.

- Please, WTB a guild that can do this without people coming and going and in a reasonable time.

- Is it really that hard to get 10 people together that are competent?

- I am missing all last bosses on heroic, for every tier.

- Admittedly, I have not went back since mists came out, but that is because pugging it would be harder than when we were doing it at level.

- Tried soloing Ulduar 25 as well for fun.

- I need a lot more practice soloing, was only able to get 3 bosses down before I called it a day.

- Could have tried to get further but I was doing it so long I needed a break.

- I also have a feeling that for some of the later bosses more healing will be needed and hunters are really lacking in that area so I would need to work a little on planning a strategy.

- XT was hard enough.

- If I barely made it through that I will need to really step up my game if I go any further.

- Not sure who I could try next.

- Did not even attempt the furnace master.

- Maybe I will try him, but if he pots me it is over I would guess.

- Lets hope my pet does not count as a person.

- And no, I do not look for videos for hints, until after I try and hit a brick wall.

- Then I seek help.

- The fun of soloing is figuring it out on your own.

- I am currently, and very slowly, working on gearing up one of my level 85 hunters to be a super hunter.

- With all the best gear I can get for him he will have insane states percentage wise.

- I would not be surprised if he could solo some stuff easier at 85 with super powers than my 90 could with standard gear.

- If hunters still had agility converting to dodge I think it would be quite possible for him to meet dodge cap.

- I miss agility converting to dodge.

- I liked that at the end of wrath I could basically tank on my hunter because my dodge was over 70%.

- Being OP is fun sometimes.

- Can't wait to see how OP my 85 hunter will be when I finish out his collection of gear.

- Now to make a list of the things I need so I can start hunting for them.

- Speaking of lists, I should get going and do some last minute christmas shopping.

- I plan on getting a few cinder kittens for people in game as chirstmas gifts too.

- Have a great day.


  1. 50K for bracers? You would wipe me out (I finally made 70Kg after 8 years). Hell, I am finding it that the AH is way out of my price league now with 22 slot bags starting at 800g. And no, I am NOT an AH gold master, never will be.

    But you are right - why does someone pay 8000g x2 and 6000 x 1 for something that is being sold for 15000? Amazing.

    1. I will never understand people. They are just odd sometimes.

      If I were on your server I would give you some 22 slot ones for free. I have a few left over that just are not selling and they are only 350 on my server.

      The hard core raiders, wanna be hard core raiders, the inferiority complex players and the massive amount of gold buyers out there would pay 50K in a heartbeat most of the time.

    2. see - 350g is a very good price and that is what they were a few weeks ago. I just don't understand how people get greedy and jump the price up so much.

      I guess I should junk my miner/BS (she is only lvl 252) and make her a Tailor. Or drop mining on my JC and make him a tailor too. I could rename him to "Andy", lol, get it Andy Tailor (Taylor). That will still leave me with 2 miners. Yup, that is what I will do. I have so much cloth it will only take me a few hours to make 525.

      Thanks for the good thoughts!

    3. Just do what I do and go alt crazy. I have every single profession on two different servers and almost a third.

      But you would need to become an altaholic to do that. lol A bad addiction for sure.

    4. :D I am. I have 10 toons - 4 are in my bank/storage guild (ACME Storage) and are just that - 6 bank slots and every bag of thiers at 22 slot bags) and my regular guild "Clan Tamhais" with 6 playing toons - Tamhais (90)(miner 600/engineer 600), Roothehunter (86)(Skinner 600/LW 600)), WeeWilly (87)(miner 600/JC 600), Serendypity (86)(herbelist 600/alchy 600), NyghtWasp(83)(enchanting 600/scribbeling 600), and JuWun (53)(miner 300?/BS 253)(named after me wife). So, if I drop mining on WeeWilly and make him a tailor, then I should have all the spots needed.

      Ghost Ore is so common, that I gather between 100 to 160 of it every hour (thank god for those engineering made ghost glasses). I'm at the point I am now selling it to bring in gold. Remember a few posts ago, I said I needed 4000g. Made it last week. And now I am happy. "I'm happy!" Thanks Grumpy.

      Alts are nice - now if only blizz would make it so that no matter server my alts were on, they could bank with each other, I would be happy.

    5. Shared banks, like they use in diablo, would be interesting.

  2. I got the tier helm in LFR over the weekend so now I have giant yak horns. Need chest or shoulders to get 4 piece.

    I also upgraded my Relic of Xuen to ilvl 480.

    I got Glorious! finally as well.

    Twas an eventful weekend.

    It snuck up on me but I'm #2 in the guild for achievement points now @ 11375 personal (11410 total). Our GM's girlfriend is #1 with 13005. It'll take some time to catch up to her. She's one of those likeable talkative people that gets invited to everything; hence the massive number of achievement points. :)

    I should go back and start soloing the wrath achievs as well. Maybe once I'm done with LFRs and have run through all the scenarios.

    I still need an epic gun... Sucks that weapons are so hard to come by. I'd buy a crafted 476 gun if there was one... I've seen the 483 on the BMAH but I don't want to pay 45k for it. If it was Sha touched, I might do 30k, but that's really too much still, and I have the gold to burn... Almost made up the 40k I spent buying that lvl 25 guild recently.

    I think Blizz banned the bots on our realm for the moment; herb prices are up. Been selling some older cata stuff that I had stockpiled as well. And of course still selling xmog which is my main income.

    Right after Mists came out, the guild didn't have a full raid team to start on MSV so we did H FL, H Throne, and H BoT in one evening. Just leaves me with N/H BWD to complete. It's funny because I don't even have a normal Rag kill or any normal kills in BoT; but I have the heroic kills.

    We were doing H DS runs at the end of Cata so we had done most of the achievs already and finished them up on alt runs. My 85 DK finished those off for me to get my Twilight Harbinger. I have the Handmaiden as well; we farmed it for a bit while it was still a guaranteed drop.

    I miss raiding... but I don't miss spending my Fri/Sat nights in game every weekend.

    I need to lvl alts as well. DK up to 90 since it's already 85, then Mage. Priest after that and maybe druid. Warlock, that's the GM of my bank guild, as well. Rogue and warrior are last on the list; don't like melee...

    It's funny you mention your 'super hunter'. It'll take a while to get back to how powerful I felt at 85 in almost full heroic gear.

    1. Congrats on glorious.

      Oddly enough the only character I have that has a set bonus is my priest, which is currently my least used character. I only did sha twice with it. Won both pieces. Amazing luck with that one being I do not do dailies with it so I did not even have coins.

      My main does it every week and does the LFR every week trying to keep itself as best geared as I can as I am not currently raiding with it but nothing. My tank which is what I am currently raiding with, same thing, nothing.

      Luck bites me in the ass even when I am lucky by giving me the luck on the characters I need it the least on.

      I can't wait to see what my 85 hunter will feel like in all 450 gear. With the stats on there I think being crit capped as well as haste capped and mastery capped might be possible. Wonder what type of numbers I would be able to put up like that.

    2. Made a quick look on Wowhead, seems you can equip an 85 hunter with several 450s, 440s, and 430s. Probably get their ilvl up in the 440s.

    3. But you are forgetting there are some amazing leather items as well. You lose the all mail bonus, but the extra agility, extra secondary stats and extra stamina would more than make up for the loss of not wearing all mail.

      I have the 450 mail shoulders and the 450 leather helm with gem slots so far. The leather helm with room for a mists meta and a mists gem with huge agility bonus for slotting is well worth putting it on. Just have to make sure to keep the meta bonus to make it worth it.

    4. how are you equipping your lvl 85 hunters with gear rated at 430's to 450's? Might seem silly of me to ask, but I have no idea how this could be and don't even know enough to google it. : (

      -roo the purplexed and bad spelling hunter

  3. battle upgrade stones.

    I've only ever had one drop. None from the bag you get from pet master dailies. My single drop was from a group of poor quality pets I fought in Winterspring. It was the most random thing. It was for a beast pet, so I used it to upgrade my Pink Pachyderm, who happens to make one hell of a tanking pet.