Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Golden Lotus Have Me Lost in the New World

I am sure there are many players like me right now in the game.  With 5.1 out we have a clear cut path for our main characters.  New content in terms of dailies and reputation means that is what we are supposed to do.  But what do we do after that?

People like myself work on alts usually to fill that time when we have nothing to do with our mains.  We learn a new role, level in a new spec, generally just try something new to keep things fresh.  Often we would end up having a few classes raid ready every patch even if we were not trying to do so because that is what we did by osmosis basically.

It is not like the last few years, all the way back to wrath.  You would throw on a tabard and spam some dungeons.  It was so simple even an dwarf could do it.  The dungeons gave you a fair deal of valor, enough to cap out multiple characters without even noticing it and the tabard allowed you to get all the reputation you needed which was really only one faction for shoulder enchants.

Now with dungeons being completely useless for capping or as fun content as they offer nothing to even make them worth doing, looking for raid being way to hard for the masses that even the easiest one, MV part 1, can still turn into a nightmare if you get unlucky, and dailies all over the place but still not being a reasonable source of valor I find myself a little lost.

What do I do next?  I have no desire to do dungeons when the reward is clearly not worth the effort and they are not fun.  Scenarios are an even bigger joke than dungeons are as there is zero reward for your effort in them which is usually soloing the thing if you do it as a random because you always get two people that must have purchased their accounts which only makes them stressful. 

On some characters I have no issues doing dailies, like my druid or my shaman but I do not like doing them on my mage or my priest.  Even at that however, I dread, in the full sense of the word, the golden lotus dailies.  The fact they lock me out of the shado-pan dailies and august celestial dailies makes my hate for them even larger than it would be otherwise.

If not for the lockout I would just not do the golden lotus.  I would do all the other dailies on all my other characters and skip golden lotus completely.  Perhaps I would do them on super rare occasion and just forget that they have gear those characters might need.

My alts will all be exalted with all factions not named golden lotus soon, with the exception of the ones those bastards keep me locked out of, and I am left to wonder, what now?

Do I force myself to do a daily hub I should not have to do just so I can do some dailies I would not mind doing?  Do I force myself to spam dungeons to get valor and hope for a pug or LFR gear and just use the valor to upgrade them because the golden lotus have basically locked me out of three other options to spend my valor?  Do I level a new character hoping that soon blizzard will remove the restriction on having to do the golden lotus first?

I am lost.  I have so much to do in the game that I could keep myself and my stable of alts busy for days on end.  Even if I did not work I could probably play 12 hours a day and still not be able to do everything there is to do.  That is amazing and great design, giving me so much to do.  The new expansion offers so much great stuff, so much I enjoy, so much I like, but it also offers the golden lotus.

It is not about gear and opening the other factions for gear.  I can gear other ways, valor gear is nice and can be a boost but it is not really required.  My priest uses her valor to upgrade her 496 gear, why would I use it to buy 489 gear?  It is about my desire to have content that I like to do and I like to do the shado-pan and august celestial dailies leaps and bound more than I like doing the golden lotus ones.

The combination of the golden lotus keeping me from playing the rest of the game by locking me out of two factions unless I do them and no other viable way to gain valor or gear for an alt that does not pug outside of leaving it up to luck in the LFR, and you all know I have none of that, leaves me in a constant state of being lost.

I know the end result is I will have to bite the bullet and do the golden lotus quests to give myself some sense of direction on my alts so they do not feel lost.  I will do them because I hate standing around in the city listening to trade, that just makes my brain melt.

I just feel so lost, so with nothing to do, which is a weird feeling in a world that there is so much to do in and there is a lot I wish to be doing if not for those pandas at the pagoda keeping me from doing it.  I will do them in time, as I run out of alts to level and max in the other areas.  If only they would change it to friendly to open the others, I can bring myself to do two days of dailies, even if it would still be two days of golden lotus dailies more than I want to do.

I wish I could plead to blizzard, help me find my direction, help me from feeling lost in a new world, remove the restriction on the having to do the golden lotus first.  There is a big world out there and I want to take it all in but I would rather not have to do 16 million quests per day for the golden lotus for 10 or so days before I can do it.

I only do dailies once or twice a week on alts and that time would be better spent doing the shado-pan and august celestial dailies I do not mind doing than it would being the golden lotus ones I despise.  Doing the dailies on alts once or twice a week would be 5 - 10 weeks before I open the others and that just does not seem acceptable for alts.  Heck, the fact I need to do them at all does not seem acceptable.  Just let me do the shado-pan and august celestial I want to do, thank you very much.

I am in no way asking for the daily grind to be removed.  I love it, it gives me a sense of purpose and a reason to log in.  I have always been a daily person and I like doing them.  I just want the ability to do the dailies I want to do.  Is that too much to ask?  To let me choose which dailies I do on that one or two days a week I play an alt? 

I just want to stop feeling lost, looking at the door of the lotus on my alts knowing there is so much I could be doing if only they would let me.  It is as if I am forced into slavery for the golden lotus and made to do their bidding before I am allowed to do the other dailies.  I hate the golden lotus and when the time comes I hope that I am given an option to join the enemy and slaughter every single one of those smug pandas.  Perhaps if they were all dead the next alt I level would not have to deal with them blocking their direction.

Now that is a sense of direction I can get into.  One to slaughter every member of the golden lotus.  Make that my golden lotus daily and I might just start to enjoy doing them.  Next time that rogue gets lost I am going to set him on fire while he is in his cage and listen to him scream for mercy as he dies from being burnt to death.

Ah... I feel so much better about the golden lotus now.

See what the golden lotus have done to me, they turned me evil.


  1. You know, or maybe not, that Scenarios now have a chance of iLevel 476 epics in that reward bag, right? As well as the 463 items that were already a chance? There are also 450 items...not as interesting, but maybe good for levelling characters.

    1. Over all my characters I have run a total of 60+ scenarios and won 1 item that I already had a better piece than. Scenarios might be an option for someone with better luck then I but being they rarely (read almost never) drop anything of use, offer half the valor of dungeons and take longer than dungeons to do they are worthless.

  2. Have you run 60 plus scenarios since 5.1 hit? The increase is significant. I've ran 5 since the patch (for the daily 40 valor) and gotten a 463 item 4 times now. I've also seen at least one other person looting a blue in the group I'm in. it’s a very viable and fun/fast way to gear up alts now.
    Get the rep bonus item and just do it. This week you can get an extra 10% too. So 10% for guild, 100% for rep item 10% for darkmoon. That’s 120%! You'll be out of golden lotus in a few days and never have to come back. Mathed out to get revered you need 9000 rep. Assuming 0 rep that’s 41 daily quests at the above rate. 220 rep a quest. Assuming you can do one in 5 minutes which I think is overly conservative time wise. That’s just under 3 and a half hours spread out over several days. I believe the term is Man up. Feel free to listen to the man up song from, The book of Mormon musical by the south park guys, while you do it. ;p http://youtu.be/fP_FT-0yS0Y

    1. I have run 1 since the patch hit, that is all. Did not get anything from it of course. My luck really sucks in game.

      I know it will not take long to get the golden lotus up. I figure it would take 10 days only to get exalted. It is just that I do not wish to do them. Partly because they seem to be the only hub people do being they are so close to the new city and it is those people I try to avoid more than the dailies.

      I'll probably end up doing them when I have nothing left to do but until that time, and as long as there is something else for me to waste my time on, I will avoid them.

      We all have things we dislike. Mine are those fuzzy bums that wear the banner of the golden lotus.

  3. I understand I hate golden lotus too. I think your being overly pessimistic on the time frame though. It should take way less than 10 days with the rep bonus. 8 dailies a day would get you there in 5 days once you hit honored and the extra quests open up that will cut a few days off that too :) I bet you can get there in 3 days. For the record I did really enjoy the wrap up quest line for golden lotus very fun with a nice reward.

    as to scenario’s and bad luck.

    You do not like them.
    SO you say.
    Try them! Try them!
    And you may.
    Try them and you may I say.

    1. I forgot about those extra quests, so very true, that should help a ton.

      I loved the end quest for the golden lotus, best end quest ever in my opinion. I wish they had more like that one.

      I think it is the people doing them that I dislike more than the quest themselves. It seems like those quests bring out the worst people in the game. I can write a post just about the jerk things people do there from what I have experienced and what others have told me. No quest hub in the game comes close to being as bad as those are, player wise.

      I might give scenarios a try again but I am not secure on soloing them on another classes other than my druid or hunter and neither of those need gear from them. If I go solo, I have to be able to do it all alone because I know the quality of player in the game. I could drag some guild mates along but they are like me, they dislike that they take longer than a dungeon and give half the valor.

  4. Once I know what to do in a scenario I've never had it take longer than a dungeon and if I know what to do I give out instructions for each phase. I’ve never encountered anyone that’s griefed in a scenario just a few clueless people. I try to give them a quick break down and usually the newbie’s follow you like a puppy after that its cute!.

    I usually do dailies with my boyfriend we are probably the people that you hate. We pull mass amounts of mobs when we can 10-15 and just devastate them (lock and frost mage can duo anything) dailies take us 15 minutes at the most per hub. Of course once we leave we don't continue to pull things we don't need and we always stop to help someone struggling with a pull or daily if they look in trouble or are just in the area. My favorite thing to do is to swoop in and help you kill mobs fast and fly way.

    1. Most of the scenario I did take around 20 minutes, a little more than most dungeons. It is the scripted stuff that makes them take longer.

      I pull 10-15 myself as a hunter. Just today for the shado-pan I got all 4 elite bugs and 10 normal ones in one pull. I have no problem with people miss pulling. I have a problem with them mass pulling and dumping their mobs on me to kill. Good thing I am a hunter so it is no big deal but I have seen people die left and right to people like that.

  5. The funny thing is that Shado-Pan/August Celestials were gated to prevent having too many dailies to do initially.

    1. We each like different types. I like those two better then GL.

    2. There are just too many GL dailies and the rep is spread too thin. If it was just one set, instead of 3, it'd be much better to deal with.

    3. Agreed, I think that triple stack is a bit too much. If they let us choose which 3 stacks we wanted to do it would be better however.