Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- Today's random thoughts seem to all be about pet battles.

- Maybe that is because weekends are pet battle time for me.

- I am top 500 in the world in pet battles now.

- Not really impressive if you ask me, just means I wasted more of my free time pet battling than 9,999,500 other people did.

- And I do not even have the 30 pets at level 25 achievement yet.

- Goes to show you that not many people are really that heavy into pet battles if I can reach top 500 and not even have a whole slew of level 25s.

- I plan to start working on leveling my pets next weekend being I now officially have every pet you can catch.

- Except the one you only catch in summer.

- I think that is why I rank so high, I have a lot of pets and most all of them are rares.

- The safari hat really does help a ton leveling.

- I leveled two pets from 1 to 25 yesterday with it on in no time at all.

- With the hat and changes to experience you can level a pet from 1 to 25 in an hour if you pick the right area with a high cluster of battle pets you can take out really fast.

- I use the area near the farm.

- Lots of critters so a beast with devour means everything dies in 2 shots and you never need to heal.

- Not to mention many of the pets there will shield or heal themselves on the first move so it is easy to get a level one some experience.

- Depending on what you get you can get to level 5 or 6 in the first battle.

- When out and about trying to catch one of every type of pet I learned there is one thing that needs to be changed.

- If you forfeit a battle it should give you a debuff that does not allow you to start another battle.

- Just like dropping a dungeon or raid gives you a debuff.

- Does not need to be long.  5 minutes would be more than ample.

- I fight every battle I get into.

- I get a chance at a stone and I can level a pet, so I always fight them.

- I hate when looking for a rare of a rare spawn I can see 7 paws on the map and go into one battle and come out and they are all gone.

-  Looking around there is only one other person there and you see them entering and leaving pet battles instantly rare hunting.

- What if someone else just wants one, or would be happy with an uncommon or even a poor.

- These idiots are clearing the area of them and being selfish.

- If you join a battle, battle.

- How hard is that?

- And how about those people that love to just kill the pets.

- I saw on various occasions, a mage running around AoEing all battle pets in an area.

- Why is it always a mage?

- If you want them dead, fight them.

- They need to make battle pets immune to retards that AoE them, that is another change that is needed.

- I know they are making some changes to forfeiting.

- The pets of the player will all lose some life and the battle pet will not despawn.

- Fine, but I would rather the 5 minute lock out, that is more fitting.

- A time out, so to speak, for being a selfish idiot.

- When I battle something I am looking for a rare of and it is not a rare, I finish the battle any way.

- Why can't others do the same?

- I would feel bad if I took the chance of someone else getting it away from them and just left the battle.

- Perhaps that is because I am a nice guy and I actually give a crap about other people enjoying their game too.

- I do not enjoy my game at the expense of others.

- Too bad it seems that the large majority of the player base does enjoy their game at the expense of others.

- As most of my battles seem to be against critters all I ever see are critter stones.

- I have now fought 1400 battle since the change to dropping stones and I have received 4 critter stones and 2 all purpose ones.

- 6 stones in 1400 battles, not exactly a friendly drop rare wouldn't you say?

- If it were even a 1% drop rare I should be at 14 now.

- I would like to see the stones not being soulbound either.

- That would be a nice change too.

- Because at this rate I will never get my other uncommons up to rares if all I get are critter stones, so it would be nice to be able to trade my critter stones for other ones.

- How about making an area where you can trade in a stone for a stone of a different type if you pay 200 gold to make it change.

- That would help too if they are not going to make them unsoulbound.

- As it is, once I have leveled all my critters up to rare the only use a critter stone would have to me being soulbound is to upgrade a buyable and sellable critter just to upgrade it and sell it as a rare.

- Being justice points are useless maybe they should add class specific stones for justice points.

- Even if they were 2000 each it would be worth it.  Something to spend your justice points on.

- I can only imagine how far I would be with pet battles if I started them right away or did them during the week as well.

- Just doing them for a few hours on sundays alone has moved me to having everything and soon to be leveling everything.

- It is only a matter of time because pet battles will no longer be a fun way to pass the time.

- Because for me, the fun is the leveling.

- Without something to level, a destination, there is no fun.

- I've always loved collecting things, it has an end goal.

- Getting all rare pets to 25 is the end goal.

- Once there what do you do?

- I guess I will try PvP pet battles then, still have not tried one yet.

- I have more important things to do.

- I think that is why I do not PvP in game either.

- There is always something else to do.

- PvP is the last in the line of things to do for me in every aspect of this and any game.

- I have to build and develop and once there is nothing left to build and develop, I will consider PvP.

- So now that I have all the pets, even if I do have a lot I need to get better ones of, the quest now switches to leveling pets.

- Which will come first, 5000 battles or 75 level 25 pets.

- I am sitting around 3800 battles now, so that means can I get roughly 50 level 25s before I do 1200 battles.

- I think so, with the changes to experience and the hat, I would say it takes around 40 battles to go from 1 to 25.

- So even if I level only level 1s that means it would take 2000 battles and we know damn well that there are many many level 20+ ones that I will get there first.

- Might be a close call in the end, because getting those last 5 levels take half those battles.

- It takes 20 battles for 1-20 and 20 battles for 20-25.

- Roughly, I did not actually count.

- If I level all level 20s, that would be 1000 battles to get to 75 level 25 pets.

- So like I said, it will be close.

- I now need one more pet for the raiding with leashes achievement.

- Looking at the achievement I think they did it wrong.

- It should not be to collect all the raid pets, it should be to level all the raid pets to 25.

- That would be more of an achievement if you ask me.

- I think once I am done leveling I will level more for gold.

- Being pets are account bound you can sell them on any account.

- This is a great way to make money on a new server when you start there.

- I could level the raid pets to 25 easily.

- Like I said, less than an hour to level from 1 to 25.

- So I get another of the raid pets, level it to 25, start a character on a new server, list it, collect tons of gold.

- On some of the servers I am on some of those raid pets are selling for 40K.

- At level 1.

- If that is the case I an easily see 100K at level 25.

- Can you imagine starting on a new server with 100K.

- That would make things so much easier.

- I have started multi server pet sales already with some multiples.

- Some servers the strand crawler is selling for 10 gold and others it sells for 150.

- Guess which one I am selling the 12 extra I had on?

- And guess what I am going to do when I sell out?

- I will buy them on the 10 gold server and sell them on the 150 gold server.

- If you are like me and have many characters on different servers, you can really make a HUGE amount of gold bouncing around with pet sales.

- I am sure if I actually put my mind to it I could net over a hundred thousand gold a day with the amount of pets I have and the ability to level them so quickly.

- So big money for little work.

- That is the dream of everyone making gold isn't it?

- Now the biggest problem is funneling that gold to the server you really want it on.

- Seems like a fun task to me even if a slightly daunting one.

- I wonder if blizzard realized that people would use pets as a way to transfer gold from one server to another.

- Do you think they will ever do something to stop it?

- I am surprised that I have never once read anything from anyone about buying and selling on different servers.

- None of the gold making sites that I read even mentioned it.

- I would have figured it would have been an obvious way to make money.

- It was the first thing I thought of when I read about it.

- And I am not even a gold goblin.

- How did this huge opportunity to make money completely slip past all of them?

- I can't believe I rambled on that much about pet battling.

- I am addicted, at least on the weekends.

- Next weekends goal is 30 25s and starting my quest to 75.

- 30 will be super easy as I only need a few more.

- That 75 number does seem imposing, but it won't be for long.

- Give me three more weekends of playing and I should be there.

- But being I do not pet battle exclusively every weekend that could turn into 6 weeks.

- Well, that is enough pet babbling.

- Have a great day and happy new years all.


  1. Never apologize for pet babbling! I just leveled up my first pet to 25 last night (Darkmoon Zeppelin).

    1. I love all the darkmoon pets. They are all really good.

  2. Hmmm, I still can't get into pokypet. As we Dwarves say to Night Elves - "you got a mouse in your pocket or are you happy to be out of your tree?"

  3. The family-specific stones from wild pet battles are always the same type as one of the pets you've battled, so if you're fighting mostly critters around the farm, that's why you're only seeing critter stones ;-)
    I actually find it quite a lot better drop rate from just doing the grand master tamer dailies, got a lot of different ones in the bags. It's the ones in uldum, winterspring, outside kara, at argent tournament and all panda ones which give bags, not the spirit tamers though never seen any from those nor has anyone on Wowhead. I also use the dailies for pet leveling so dual purpose. Btw, a lot of people do trade stones or rather stone use, by trading the pets and using the stones on them then trading back.
    Katzbalger-Arthas (US)

    1. Yeah, that is why I said that is the only thing I will get. I fight the stuff around the farm to level up pets as they are fast spawn and usually they are at least 2 out of 3 critters.

      I do all trainer dailies every single day and have only gotten 2. My luck is no better there.

      Nice idea with the using it on the pet and trading pets. Thanks, did not think of that one.

  4. What do ya call a Gnome sitting between two Night Elves?

    Confused... mu-hahahahahaha