Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- It looks like I have to admit I was wrong about something in my random thoughts today.

- Wrong about how long it would take for things to start settling down in the brawlers club.

- I said it would take about 3 months to get to a reasonable wait time but it seems at the rate people are losing interest it will be closer to 3 weeks, if that.

- People seem to have a really short attention span.

- Or they all got fed up with waiting and are going to come back to it later, like I plan to do.

- I have my ticket but have still not fought.

- A guild mate got one killing one of the rares and is already rank 2 after just 3 hours waiting.

- He lost once on the 4th boss so he got 5 battles in 3 hours.

- A lot better than the 2 battles in 3 hours each that first and second day.

- Another guild mate spent all day there, something like 14 hours and has made it to rank 4.

- He ended up with about 16 battles in 14 hours which means the wait time in both cases in now less than a hour.

- So I was wrong, in a couple of weeks at this rate we might get down to a reasonable 5-10 minute wait time.

- But blizzard will just start throwing more realms together if that happens.

- Can't believe their intention is to make people wait.

- I want to know what the hell they are smoking over there.

- Pet battle achievements seem to be broken in new places this week.

- Seems like they fixed a few of the bugs but now there are different ones.

- I finally got my 400th, and 401st for that matter, pet and did not get the achievement.

- The game says I have no pets.

- Don't tell my 401 unique pets that, it will make them feel unloved and they might run away.

- Soloed all the old raids and only got one of the raid pets to drop.

- For my luck that is good.

- A friend on my server got all but one of them just running them all once.

- I would love just for one expansion to experience that type of luck.

- Got another character to 90.

- Was waiting until 5.1 to level anyone else again because I wanted that reputation boost.

- The brand new 90 is now over 13,000 into revered with the klaxxi.

- If I do dailies for 3 days I will be exalted.

- Wow, that is a little too fast.

- Then again, I wish the lotus were that fast.

- I just can not bring myself to do them.

- I can do all the other dailies all day long on all my characters no problem but I just dislike them with a passion.

- Sucks I have to do them to open the other two reputations.

- I think it is time they remove that requirement as well.

- They added it to lower the feel people would have to do everything once they reached 90, that time has past, they can lose it now.

- Lets face it, anyone that was the type they would feel the need they had to do everything is 90 already and exalted with everything already.

- There is no need to gate that to slow people down so they do not burn themselves out any more.

- If it takes someone 2 months to get to 90 they are not exactly the type that is the do everything type or they would have been 90 a long time ago.

- I have people in my guild that play one day a week and already have 2 90s.

- If they can level that quickly I don't think you have to worry about someone hitting 90 and stressing they have to do everything now.

- They only play 1 day a week, give them some reputation relief.

- Do you know how long it will take to max reputation for these people if they only play one day a week.

- They are not the type to rush it, as their play shows, but there is a difference between limited play and limited desire to advance.

- They will never see themselves advance reputation wise playing one day a week.

- Not everyone plays daily or almost daily.

- Most don't actually.

- I know, shocking right?

- Speaking of my new 90 I decided to do some dungeons with her, to get healing gear, but without any healing gear to start with I went as DPS.

- Beauty is that as long as there is not a shaman healer in the group I can roll on all the healing gear without anyone screaming ninja.

- The one random I got with a shaman healer I whispered them saying healing was my main spec but I would not roll need on anything they needed, to please let me know if they do not need a healing piece that drops so I could need on it.

- See, it is not hard to be a decent person is it?

- Seems like for most of the player base they would go into convulsions if they did something that nice.

- Either way, playing enhancement for dungeons for the first time since hitting cap in cataclysm and doing it for more than just one dungeon here or there for the first time since wrath, I did not do so badly.

- In pure quest gear, nothing crafted outside of the engineer trinket, I had a 441 item level.

- I was pulling between 25K-35K on bosses but I am still having issues with the enhancement AoE rotation.

- If you have never played enhancement and you want to get rid of some extra hair, try learning their AoE rotation and doing it well.

- You will end up ripping most of it out.

- They can do some serious numbers but it is not as easy as swipe, swipe, swipe, or explosive trap, multi shot, multi shot, multi shot.

- I did get over 70K on one trash pack but I must have lucked into doing something right because trust me, I have no clue how I managed it.

- I know how to do it, I try to do it, it is just not easy.

- I blame tab targeting for it being so hard.

- 7 Mobs in front of me it will bounce between the same two over and over and if it does bounce to a third the third will be in a different room.

- They desperately need to fix tab targeting.

- I ran into DPS doing 10K on fights in there.

- I ran into DPS doing 8K on fights in there.

- I ran into DPS after DPS that could not fight their way out of a paper bag.

- One of my guild mates who was running with me said, it is because they are all in PvP gear.

- I educated them that PvP gear item level is the same as PvE item level now.

- All that 450 gear is better than what I am wearing, much better.

- They said, okay so maybe they are not wrong for wearing PvP gear, but if they are in better gear than you they are still doing horrible. You should not be doubling them up.

- I won't deny that.

- After my friend made a comment in party the offender said it was all they had and they know it is not great gear but they are trying to gear up.

- I said,

- They said what?

- I said, it is where I went to check things out before entering the queue for a random and I just hit 90 less than 12 hours ago and have worse gear than you and am a healer, not a DPS on this character, and I am tripling you.

- Seriously, people just need to spend 10 minutes reading and I bet it would double the average persons DPS.

- Then again, doubling 8K would be 16K and would still be bad for a fresh 90.

- I know I sound like a broken record but there really is no excuse to be doing that poorly.

- None what so ever.

- I do not mind people not doing well, but there is a difference between not doing well and not even trying.

- I have zero patience for people that do not even try.

- I did not get any DPS gear but I did get a few healing pieces.

- So after a few dungeons, the crafted chest and gloves from leatherworking, the crafted shield and axe from blacksmithing and a couple of drops and duplicate quest items I did not need for DPS I almost have a full set of healing gear already.

- My healing set is already 456, just 4 from the LFR while my DPS set is still at 441.

- Doesn't bother me much, I will run LFR as a healer anyway.

- I have 2 healing slots missing gear at the moment.

- Neither can be filled with justice gear so I need to fill them another way.

- Ideal way would be to get into a sha group, which I might be able to do on tuesday, and get the boots, which is one of the slots I am missing healing gear on.

- Those boots, craft myself some 450 shoulders, and I will have a full healing set and quite possibly a 460 item level.

- Oddly enough, they finally fixed reputation and I am 4 item levels away from basically being able to skip valor gear all together if I so wished.

- We all know that healers can easily get into pugs so I would be getting 496 real gear instead of 489 valor gear if I so choose to go that route.

- Makes you wonder even more so, if valor gear can become irrelevant so quickly why gate it like they do?

- I can see gating good stuff, I can see gating required stuff, but gating stuff that is just a quality of life thing like valor gear makes no sense.

- Even more so when the valor gear is so massively inferior to raid gear.

- If they are going to gate it, it should at least be equal to raid gear.

- I am liking the new daily hub so far.

- I wish I could kill my own factions rares.

- I got the achievement  I'm in your base killing your dudes, I want to get one that says I'm in my base killing my dudes so you can't kill my dudes.

- They seem to not last long at all when they spawn, everyone looking for those free brawlers guild tickets.

- Someone in my guild got one.

- I am honored with them now, revered with the black prince now, got a fair deal of honor and enough of those tokens to basically buy whatever I want almost.

- And to think the dailies just started.

- I am really liking the flow they are moving at so far.

- It is better that the quest mobs do not scream for help from the PvP guards any more.

- I had seen some many flagged people running out and knew exactly why they were doing that.

- It happened to me too, but I was quick enough to realize what happened and make it out without getting flagged.

- It was interesting that when my pet attacked one of them it did not flag me however.

- Probably a bug, hunter pets have had a lot of bugs since the patch.

- Growl was broken, it would fire off when you first pull something and then never go off again even if you manually clicked it.

- They had a server restart this weekend and it seems to have fixed that problem.

- Might explain why all those hunters in the brawlers club had such an issue with aggro.

- I knew that it was impossible that not even one hunter that knew how to turn growl on was in there.

- It was not just growl that was broken.

- I think their threat generation was broken completely.

- With the growl not working and MDing over and over, and being BM where my pet is doing more damage, and holding back on mine, I will still pulling off my pet all the time after the patch.

- Seems most of that was fixed by the restart.

- The pets being squishy however was not.

- My pet just is not in the groove lately.

- He used to be able to take on 10+ mobs no problem.

- The other day he died to 4, with mend pet rolling constantly, I just could not keep up.

- Have to watch what I pull.

- Not used to that when questing as a hunter.

- That is one of the reasons questing as a hunter rocks, no down time, just keep pulling and keep killing.

- I can't say for sure if my pet is still squishy after the restart because I only did the new dailies with him since then, but he did seem to be getting hurt a little more often.

- I hate that they changed macros so that I can not tie dire beast into my arcane and cobra shots any more.

- I understand the change, I just dislike it.

- I kind of liked the set it and forget it nature of it for while out questing or doing dungeons.

- I wish I could tie more in like that.

- When doing serious raiding, which I have not been able to do on my hunter yet as I have been taking, it is a DPS loss, but for questing and randoms and LFR the minor loss is acceptable to do that style of content.

- A 500 DPS loss when you are doing 70K really isn't all that large.

- Some might even say in serious raiding a loss like that, if it makes you more fluid over all, is acceptable.

- I noticed that I actually had stopped using the macro for the most part and started hitting it myself as I became more and more comfortable with all our buttons.

- Way to many buttons, wish they would lose at least 2 of the rotation ones.

- Give us a replacement for dire beast and lynx rush that are passives that do the same damage.

- Leave us with just stampede, toss/barrage and readiness as added buttons.

- Adding 5 new buttons to a rotation in one expansion was extremely excessive if you ask me.

- And there are classes that could use more buttons that did not get them.

- Like my shaman for example.

- So many parts of my enhancement rotation I can't even use while questing as it could end up dragging more mobs.

- Amazing how a class that has such a difficult AoE rotation has so much stuff that does AoE as part of its max DPS rotation even on single target.

- This means if I do not use those AoE type things while questing I spend half of every battle just waiting for things to come off cooldown.

- Not exactly a fun rotation.

- Hit four things, wait for something to pop up, hit one, watch a few seconds again, hit two, wait a few seconds again.

- Would be nice if they added another weak single target ability, something you would not use in raiding, but something you can spam during those waiting time when you do not feel like doing those AoE things knowing they will drag more mobs in.

- Heck, maybe there is already something they have and it has just been so longed since I leveled a new shaman I forgot about it.

- Primal strike maybe?  As I am writing this I think I remember that one being around.  I will try that.

- Do we still even have that?

- Tried that last tier spell but it seemed to eat my weapon procs so that was a no go.

- It did hit like a truck however, I might consider that one for raiding.

- But I doubt I would ever raid as enhancement.

- That is melee and you know my rule about melee.

- If you want to be that close to the boss roll a tank.

- There is no reason anyone else should ever be that close.

- Except a rogue, because they have no other choice.

- Perhaps that is why rogues are the class I dislike the most.

- I did not give in deep to my crack (pet battle) addiction this weekend.

- There was more to do being new content came out.

- But it is funny seeing people doing it.

- Was flying and saw this level 90 worgen just staring at the ground, you know in that way where it looks like it is looking down when standing still, and there was nothing there around them and they were in a place were you would never expect to see them.

- Yeap, pet battling.

- You could tell.

- Looked like some druggie just standing in middle of nowhere so no one could see him just staring down at the ground as he took a dose of that new drug called pet battles and felt the euphoria of a high.

- I am seeing more and more people, just standing in the middle of nowhere, just staring at the ground.

- Like zombies.

- The drug has taken control of them.

- Have a great day.


  1. Hi GE -

    Roo's bizzare thoughts (not to outdo ya :D )

    • make the areas around postboxes, doors, Halfhil market area, non-mount areas.
    • Make the middle of Goldshire, a non-duel area and create a dueling arena off to the side.
    • Make dueling a toggle on your setup (where the other toggles are)
    • Got all my best friends in Tiller Land accounted for - flew around digging up treasure and feeding them.
    • And no, I have only one lvl 90.
    • And you are right, I don't like to be in a rush. :P
    • But I did hit cooking at 600 (everything is 600).
    • Need to do the other cooking parts to get them there, but I am having a hard time trying to figure out everything.
    • Thats why I eat ramen noodles when me spouse goes to Korea. Easy to make.
    • Finally got an invite to the fishing guy. But I am at 600 already, got to get to exalted. I want the raft.
    • Got to save my gold - need 4000.
    • No more buying anything. Except repairs.
    • That server restart fixed a lot of stuff.
    • New things at Dark Moon faire. Can’t get on the new merry-go-round, made me so dizzy, that in real life fell out of the chair I did and when me spouse found me, I went to bed for 5 hours.

    -roo "its hell being a hunter"

    1. I got stuck on the merry go round and could not get off. Reloaded, logged out and back in. Nothing helped. I was stuck on there forever. :(

      I had to disable my bar addon to get the leave vehicle option.

  2. Over on 'The Wild Hunt' they posted a starting guide for Brawler's:
    "The first thing every hunter needs to get over is that tanky pets are a hindrance here. These encounters cannot be tanked by a pet – it will get killed in short order. Spec your pet ferocity and make sure to turn growl off."

    Haven't read the rest of it but that just makes me want to /cry...

    No invitation yet, but I'm not in a hurry.

    Got my DMF trinket to replace that stupid 463 from Archeology. DPS went up by at least 5K...

    Up to 479 now but I really need an epic weapon; 463 dungeon xbow sucks.

    Still haven't stepped foot in a normal raid, but it's ok. Only missing it a little bit but enjoying the freedom of not being locked into the game on Friday and Saturday nights...

    I valor capped this week. I was queuing for LFR and was thinking "why does it not say I'll get valor, I haven't done MSV yet?" I was capped... No idea how that happened. Guess I did more dailies thanks to the double rep.

    Klaxxi are exalted now. Got the 489 ring.

    Still working on Revered with AC.

    GL is 2/3 to Exalted since I want the 489 exalted neck piece.

    SP is halfway to Exalted.

    Barely started with Shieldwall. So stupid that none of guides pointed you to the daily quest director: Amber for Alliance tells you where the quest hub is for that day; she's near the flight path at Lion's Landing. I had to discover her on my own. No one in my guild even knew...

    Lvled an aff lock to 21; super fast with 8 heirlooms. Created her to be GM of the guild I bought. She's already revered with the guild thanks to the renowned tabard. And the guild hit lvl 25.

    Never been a GM before so playing around with the Guild Control options. Cannot understand why people are stupid enough to setup their guilds to get ninja'd...

    The lock is OK but just feels like a frost mage at those low levels: caster with a pet. At least the Voidwalker "growls", which is nice. Probably won't lvl her anymore... Mage and DK are higher priority and I haven't touched them since MoP. At least the lock can use ground mounts now and the guild doesn't have a lvl 1 GM...

    1. Anon, Grumpy's GL:

      Jaeger, I too like my bank guild alts to be more than level 1 run to the mailbox to the bank to the Auction House.

      A while back on one of my alt servers, I started trying to level such a toon, but I didn't want to invest a lot of time into it. My solution was to use the holiday quests to get to level 10, and then add on the daily cooking and fishing quests in Stormwind (SW because of the riding skill purchases being much cheaper later on). Adding in a couple of professions and the secondary skills, which meant the Darkmoon Faire quests could be done once a month, and suddenly (ok, not so suddenly, but still...) with no real effort put forth, this toon is 37.

      On my main server, using this same formula, I have a 56 lock bank guild leader, a 44 mage in my wife's alt guild, a 37 hunter, a 38 shaman, and a 13 warrior. It does take me about an hour + (depending on how many of them I check daily). Still that is a fairly small investment of time to gain so many levels on toons I basically can play for the fun of seeing them level. The improvements in their skills is fun and a bit useful to boot.