Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zero it is.

After researching online it seems that getting exalted with The Aldor and the Scryers does not count as two reps, only one.  Same for Oracle and Frenzyheart.  I will make that switch as well.  Got the dragon from the Oracles already so no need to stay there.  Not to mention when switching I can get a few more achievements there and you all know achievement points are might tasty.

I got my response from Blizzard and amazingly enough they are as stupid as I thought they were.  My response when something like this.

"We are aware of the problems and are sure that it will adjust itself over time.  It is common for things like this to happen around maintenance time.  If you need any more information please check the forums."

Gee, thanks for the standard cut and paste reply you brain dead piece of shit.  Did you even read my message?  If you did, and if everything I researched online is true, you would have told me that I can not get exalted with both scryer and aldor.  Good work Mr. "I Know Nothing" GM.

Didn't I tell you that all GM's are a few Fruit Loops short of a bowl of cereal?

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