Monday, October 25, 2010

Ding! Another 80

Last week after considering the over powered nature of Mages right now I decided to give my Mage a shot.  Might as well take advantage of the broken system before the fix it right?  My Mage hit 63 then and was consistently pulling over 2K DPS on single target boss fights.

Over the course of the week I played my Mage a little each day and got some levels up.  Leveling was easy because everyone died in an average of 2 shots.  Sometimes one shot and sometimes 3.  Questing was the way to go leveling being the experience to time ratio was through the roof being I killed everything so damn fast.

Having a gathering skill did not hurt at all either.  Was up to 2725 per herb I picked.  Which basically means picking 10 herbs was roughly equivalent to one quest.  When the time came for me to get to the nessingwary quests in the basin I was flying through the quests being the supreme killing power of the Mage and I was picking herbs left and right.  I could have honestly leveled from 76-80 just flying around the basin picking herbs if I wanted to.  There are so many there and they offer so much experience it is crazy.

Could you imagine leveling through gathering.  If you pick the spots right and the time to do it right you can level quickly and make a fortune doing so. It is almost unfair.  The combo of questing and gathering however is the way to go.  Doing two things to get experience at the same time is always the best investment for time.

I maxed out herbalism and alchemy late Friday and was quite upset to see I can not learn any epic transmutes.  I can get the cardinal ruby quest but can not train any epic designs to make epics.  I put in a ticket and they replied saying they know about the problem. 

What type of service is that?  Sure, you know about it.  I know you know about it.  Tell me what you are doing about it or better yet, just add the designs to my alchemy book so I can do them.  Would take 2 minutes for any reasonably competent person.  Guess that is why these people work customer server in a video game.  They are not competent enough to get a real job.

Either way, I continued on and grooved my way to 80 in no time at all and get this for a fun and interesting fact.  I hit 80 turning in the same exact quest I hit 80 on my Shaman with.  What are the odds of that?

By the time I hit 80 I was doing 4000 DPS single target while in my questing gear.  Seems like they still have not fixed the Mage yet.  I am glad I took advantage of the system while I could.  Can't complain with easy leveling.  It is just stupid crazy that a Mage can do that much that easily with no gear.   I am sure they will fix this really soon. 

What next?  Pally?  Warlock?  Warrior? or Rogue?  Might go Warlock, level 37 now and stupid over powered just like the Mage is, at least until they fix it.

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