Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Only Phase 3

We only made it to phase three.  Got a solid 5 attempts out of it and then 2 half ass attempts in later.  While we did not do great we ended up going there with only 2 people that have ever been there before from the guild.  That, plus we decided to do the three healer approach and had to PuG 2 extra healers.

I did my whole explanation thing and then we headed into battle.  Our first try ever and we made it to phase 3.  For as bad as the night was with wiping I told the group to be proud of themselves because I'm willing to bet that there are very few groups that made it to phase 3 on their first ever attempt even with the buff.  I think that was a fantastic way to start.  We made it to phase 3 four of the five attempts before one of the PuG healers had to leave.

Someone had a tank friend that had done it before so one of out tanks, the DK, offered to switch to his druid to heal so we could get another few tries in.  The new tank that came in wanted to change everything up.  That did not go well.  He said to do positions differently and that he would be MT and the other tank that was MTing would move to OTing.

It did not work well.  Two attempts with him and trying his way ended in disaster.  We did not even make it to phase 2 either of those attempts.  I guess that goes to show you about knowing peoples strengths and weaknesses.  The reason I had the positioning the way I did and the set up of tanks the way I did is because I know what my crew is capable of and what they excel at.  It worked my way, did not work the other tanks way.

While it was not a success over all I think we came out of there with some bright spots.  Even if I did not do a great job as a leader I seemed to get a lot more out of the people then the new tank that had done it before.  Which means apparently I did something right.  And like I said, I was very proud of the crew of making it to phase 3 the first time ever seeing the boss.  Not bad at all in my opinion.

Assessing my own work I know I slacked a bit here and there.  Getting used to the focus thing caught me off guard a few times when I needed to fire off a tranquilizing shot and was not able to do it instantly.  On a few occasions I needed to wait to get enough focus back.  I adjusted to basically just firing more steadys and less arcanes so I was basically sitting on max focus often but was never missing the tranq shot any more.  Not ideal but until I get used to the focus more and the fight more I will need to over compensate that way.

We are going to give it a go again on Thursday and see what we can get done.  I am going to watch a few more videos and read a few more things to try and see if I can pick up any more tips.  Mostly about the OT dying in phase two after all the plague jumps to him.  Seemed he died every time to a hit from the plague for over 500K each time.  Makes me think we are doing something wrong or just not quick enough to dispel.

I think we are in a good place however.  We can get to phase 3.  So that is where our next step to learn is.  Phase 4 is just another phase 3.  So for argument sake we are almost at phase 5 already.  Just need to get to phase 3 in better shape and start working on that.  Once we can do that a few times I am sure getting to phase 5 will not be an issue and then we are good to go.  From what everyone that has done it tells me is that if you can get to phase 5 with everyone alive and in good shape then it becomes easier.

I like easier.  I look forward to easier.  I look forward to getting this done and can see it happening sooner then later now.  After such a solid first attempt the future looks bright for getting this done.

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