Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you can't beat them... Part 2

... join them. (Like edition)

This is a three part post.  The QQ, the Like, and the Fix.  One for each of what I forever see on the forums about hunters.

Soloing as a Hunter has taken on a whole new meaning now with the changes. I can easily think of a few things I love about the new system that helps with me with my soloing and only really one glaring loss.  The loss of volley does hurt some for sure but with a little thinking it is easy to overcome.  Just can't steamroll some things like we used to because of it.

The new glyph for misdirection on our pets is a god send.  As long as you control the battle area you are assured that you will never have aggro issues being you can MD between every single shot if need be.  I have my trusty turtle go round up some packs and then MD/Multi away until everything is dead.  Just make sure to /assist your pet.  You always want to have those extra power shots hitting the target your pet is targeting or you might create a situation you do not want.

The new trap launcher is great for soloing as well.  While it is clunky and not very efficient for on the fly use you have more time when soloing as you are setting your own pace.  You can trap a mob that might cause some trouble like the one mob that fears just to save it for last.  You can throw your explosive to help with some damage with little chance of that ever pulling aggro.  You can throw an ice trap to make sure none of those runners get very far when the time comes.  So many uses and you are not worrying about damage really, you are worrying about keeping your pet up and letting your pet keep aggro so the clunky nature of traps is not much of an issue.

Multi shot might hit like a wet noodle but each one of those multi shots ca proc a free auto shot at extra damage if you are MM.  MM was never considered to be a soloing spec but now it is viable.  In Sv with serpent spread you can do some serious damage with mutli as well, but that might cause a few aggro issues with DoTs running on all those mobs.  MM will be safer and SV will be more powerful.  Speaking soloing without BM is strange huh?  Each spec will have its strengths and weakness when it comes to soloing now.  I like that there are more options to solo beside just BM now.

The new mend pet is fantastic.  Our pets health pool is huge because every ones is now.  The ticks from a mend pet and the T5 2 piece set with mutli shot on a dozen mobs means your pet will be getting some serious healing.

Multi shot also has become a fun kiting tool now.  Being it is an instant you can actually kite a few mobs at once.  Oh the fun I could have with that.  Heck, just the fact is an instant alone is reason to celebrate.

Being every class in the game got a huge buff and the hunters got the shaft we can complain and rightly so but it does open a door that hunters have not had as long as I have played.  The ability to just play and not stress anything.  If you were a Hunter and you were not #1 on the DPS list, you where doing something wrong.  It caused me to spend countless hours deciding on what gear to use for what stats worked best for me.  Working on target dummies for hours on end.  Playing with procs to squeeze out every last bit of DPS that I could.  Reading for hours per day trying to see if there are some tips out there I did not know about.  Being top DPS was never easy.  It was stressful.  I would have to say it is more stressful to try and stay #1 after you get there then it is to try and get there.

Now, Hunters have less stress.  We are not going to be topping the DPS charts again so we do not need to worry.  If you are number 7 in DPS doing 9100 who cares if you can get 9300, no one is going to notice you moved up 200 DPS.  When you are number one with 12500 and someone is creeping up on you with 12300 that 200 extra DPS is what keeps you on top.  To stay on top you always need to be at the top of your game.  Trust me, it is stressful.  I can't tell you how many times I actively got pissed off that I was the only person that pulled over 10K in a raid.  It felt like I was doing all the work.  Now there is no longer any stress involved.  You can just hover in the middle with everyone else.  Sure, you might be kicking some serious ass and getting the max out of your character but when the max out of your character is #7 no one is going to realize that you are basically doing great.  So why even stress over it any more?  Stress free living for hunters now.

Another great thing I have seen in the wow community is the other classes actively feeling bad for the hunters.  For all my time playing all I ever heard was huntard this and huntard that and it seemed that everyone hated hunters.  You where #1, it was only because you where a hunter.  You where not #1 it was because you where a huntard.  There was no in between.  Everyone was always bitter toward hunters for whatever their reasons might have been.  No more. 

When I run on my other characters I sometimes see people talking in the dungeons about how bad hunters got screwed over.  I keep my mouth shut and just listen but it is nice to see people say they might not play a hunter but they feel bad for how bad hunters have been treated.  It is one thing to think you have it so bad and it is another when everyone else agrees with you.  Nice to see that all the hunter QQ is not only from the hunters.

Questing is so much easier when you can basically burn and keep moving and never need to stop for mana.  That is a great change that came with the move to focus.

Lower levels are fantastic with arcane shot being so powerful. Leveling in general is so much more fun now.  Partly because of the changes and partly because I am not a noob anymore so I know what I am doing now.

Starting a hunter is now great because you start with your pet.  No more melee hunter until 10.  That means less hunters growing up thinking that they are supposed to melee.  This change is like 6 years over due.  About time if you ask me.

The aspect bar.  For the longest time I have asked for one of these.  Only gripe there is that we need to re hit an aspect each time we die.  Other classes do not need to worry about that, but at least we have an aspect bar now.

Having more then one pet with us.  Okay, call stabled pet did the same thing.  So we kind of always had 5 with us.  But now having a few with us and more room back at the stables.  Have to love that one.

While I do still feel uncomfortable being a Hunter and I second guess myself all the time when doing things I had done 100 times before I do feel more Hunterish then I did before without the need for mana.

Over all there are a lot of good changes that came along with the bad ones.

However there still needs to be a few things done to the class to fix it up.  So lets move on to part 3.

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