Friday, October 22, 2010

One Step Closer

Finally downed Sindy in 25 man last night so only one more boss to go in 25 at least.  It has taken me longer then it should have for sure but any step forward is a good step.

My DPS was crap but that is not because of the changes that is more a factor of me getting used to it still.  Only broke 10K a few times and that does not sit well with me.  I did feel myself getting more comfortable with it however.  The query system for abilities is hurting my DPS a lot more then the change to focus is.

Focus is a good thing actually for longer fights even if it does kind of kill my burst damage.  Not much burst you can do when three shots and you are out of focus.  AoE damage is still a joke too.  A priest spamming holy nova rocked both hunters in the raid by a good margin.  If there were ever proof that hunters need a boost it is that right there.

There is no reason that a healer should ever be doing more DPS then a pure damage player.  Neither of us hunters were slacking off either.  We are both experience enough to at least beat a healer if we were capable of it.  We are just not capable of it any more, we do not have the tools. A few people did over 60K DPS on the trash before sindy.  Nice to see they totally nerfed AoE damage for everyone across the board.

Focus actually made some things a lot easier really.  I used to do the aspect switching every time sindy went airborne.  Now with focus there is no need to worry about it.  Focus takes care of itself.  No switching needed.

That damn query system was killing me.  I was leaving a lot of DPS on the table when it was all said and done.  Twice last night I double clicked aimed which made me waste 3 seconds of waiting for nothing.  While steady and aimed love to set themselves up in query it seems arcane and chimera does not.

Took me a while to notice that. Because of it I was over focus often.  Double clicking 4 would get my two steady shots in a row.  Double clicking 3 only got me one arcane.  And get this.  If I clicked the 3 before the steady fired off then the arcane would never fire to begin with.  So my double clicking arcane and going back to steady actually ended up getting me 6 steady in a row because the arcanes never went off.

If they are going to use this totally retarded query system for shots then at least query them correctly.  I had to actually slow my reaction time if that makes sense.  Not clicking anything at all until after the previous shot was finished.  After doing that I saw an instant increase of 1500 DPS.  However, I know I am losing time between shots because of that so while waiting seems to be the way to go now it is still not ideal.

Please Blizzard, get rid of that shitty query system for shots.  It does nothing for the game and if anything makes it generally annoying to play.  It has totally destroyed my ability to get off shots as quick as possible while still responding or changing at the drop of a coin.  Now I am always locked into the things I do not want to be locked into or I have to wait so long to do things that I am always missing the things I need to do or losing time I could be making shots with.

More then a few times I lost my serpent sting because while I clicked 2 to fire a chimera and refresh it, it never went off.  Why steady gets into this query thing and no other shots do is beyond me.  If they are going to do this, do it for all shots.

I think I figured out a way to fix this and it would be to do something I always hated.  Cast sequence macros.  Make a standard steady, a double steady and a triple steady.  I am guessing click, shift click and alt click would work.  Now I need to figure out how to do that.  It would still hurt in a way but it will help me get over my extra click problem.  Blizzard won't fix their query system so I need to do something to adapt to it.

Either way, back to sindy and her broken bone body.  We took a few tries at the LK and phase one is a joke, anyone can do phase one.  Not a lot really going on there.  The phase change, we died.  All three times. Oh well, transitions are the hard part and we will get to it.  We only had three tried on it.  Monday we down the king.  I am sure about that.  All that matters are transitions.  Every time I have ever had issues with bosses it has always been during transition phases.

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