Monday, October 4, 2010

Working toward Exalted

I am currently sitting at 32 exalted reputation thanks to a crunch toward getting Aldor to exalted this weekend.  I ran Shadow Labs over and over until I got enough drops to get Aldor to exalted.  It also got me pretty darn close to Lower City being exalted as well.  I will do another run and a half soon to finish that one off.

It was fun to break out my BM spec again, been a long time since I had done that and done some good soloing.  I would send my pet in and grab up a nice pack of mobs, say 8-12 of them and then misdirect and volley.  It was enough to kill them all and made running clears easy.  In truth, when it comes to soloing it seems the trash are more dangerous then any boss I have ever run into.  I am going to miss that as soon as the patch goes live.  No more making my pet crit immune by throwing on my PvP trinket and no more volley.  Easy soloing as a Hunter has seen its days go good bye, or at least it seems.  That is part of my reason to doing this now.  Do it while I can still do it solo.

So getting Aldor to exalted gave me 32 now.  One quick run plus a little will get me Lower City as well, might do that tonight in case the patch is tomorrow and that will give me 33 exalted.  The thing is, I did not just do Aldor this weekend.  I did Aldor and I did the Scryers.  It took me 1344 Dampscale Basilisk eyes to change my faction from Aldor to Scryer.  Farming 1344 Dampscale eyes took a while but it was not all done this weekend.  I had been planning this for a long time buying them on the auction house whenever I saw them cheap for the last 6 or so months.  Still left me having to grind a lot of them. 

In the end I went from mid revered on Aldor to exalted (where I bought the tabard and equip it before switching for the tabard achievement as well), traded in all the eyes to switch factions, and got Scryers up to mid revered.  With some added Lower City rep and Sha' tar rep added in for good measure during that whole process.  Not such a bad thing for a days work.

Something I found interesting are the achievements connected to them.  Shattrath Divided is a standard achievement worth 10 points for getting one of those exalted whereas Hero of Shattrath is a feat of strength for getting both exalted.  First off, I thought that feats of strength are things that were not available any more or things that not everyone has access too such as certain pets like the one from the blizzcon and such.

Being I am roughly 11K rep from finishing off Hero of Shattrath I can tell you, without doubt, that the achievement is still attainable.  Therefor it should not be a feat of strength.  Does anyone know if there is an actual reason for this being a feat of strength because it make no sense to me.

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