Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you can't beat them... Part 3

... join them. (Fix edition)

This is a three part post.  The QQ, the Like, and the Fix.  One for each of what I forever see on the forums about hunters.

Okay, the balance of Hunters is completely off.  Everyone got a buff and the Hunters are exactly where they where before in terms of damage in PvE and are basically screwed in PvP.  There needs to be some fixes that would adjust want is needed for and from Hunters.

First off.  Damage.  It is insanely low.  As I used an example of my Mage doing a standard shot does with no gear against my Hunter doing his big shot in end game gear it shows that the damage is not in line with the way it should be.

Kill Shot:  Double the damage, at least.  So my 17K is now 34K.  Sure it is not the 50K+ that I used to hit all the time but 34K is still a hell of a lot better then 17K.

Aimed Shot:  Remove widow venom or change it.  Put the healing debuff back on aimed shot and at 50% again, not the crap 10% they have widow sitting at now.

Aimed Shot:  It also needs s light boost in damage if they ever want us to use it outside of the free shot.  Not a great deal.  20% boost would be more then ample.

Widow Venom:  If you are going to keep it change it to something else.  Being the healing debuff should be back on Aimed now this one can be a combo tranq/silence/concussive shot.  Very powerful yes, but now it might actually be useful.  Raise the focus to adjust for the mutli use in PvP that this would have.

Chimera Shot:  Up the damage about 30% and add the instant serpent damage back to it and it will be worthy of its much higher then arcane cost and 10 second cooldown.  There is no reason a signature shot that costs twice as much as a shot that all specs have should hit for nearly the same thing at twice the cost.

Anything Melee:  The loss of Volley not only made us lose our only AoE ability it also made us lose one of the only things we had to deal with multiple mobs in melee range.  Maybe make raptor strike hit all mobs in melee range and slow them for 3 seconds, cut the damage in half as well.  It is not like we really need a damaging melee shot.  That is more then ample, when tied to a disengage and/or a trap to give hunters enough to deal with multiple mobs in melee.

Cast Bars:  Hey Blizzard, you said we are not casters.  Remove the cast bars.  Make Steady an instant with a cooldown for whatever the "cast" time was.  Make Aimed an instant with a cooldown for the 3 second "cast" time.  See, still won't be able to spam them and they no longer have a cast time which means they are no longer magic feeling.  The only thing a hunter should ever have to "cast" is revive pet and even that can be debated.

Trap Launcher: Just fix it so we can macro the damn things to either drop or shoot.  That way they work on one click like the old arrow used to.  Should not be that hard to let us macro the thing.  As it is now it is really not worth it to do, let others with real instants CC. 

People complain about focus regen but I can live with it as is.  It is slightly slow and that is what ties us into a rotation because we have no ability to ever do anything on the fly because we really do not have any resources to spare.  I can live with a boring rotation to some extent as long as it is doing the job.

At the moment, it is not doing the job. Mages in all 200s can out DPS any T10 Hunter in the game even if that Hunter is executing things perfectly and it is not just mages it is every class in the game that can out do Hunters in much lesser gear.

Doing these few fixes will help Hunters in PvE and PvP.  It does not address even half the issues we as Hunters have but it does at least make the Hunter class once again viable.  At the moment, they are not viable for raiding or PvP as any other class can do the same thing they do better and not only do it better but do it better easier.

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