Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- I should call this monday random rants.

- Not so much thoughts today, mostly complaints.

- But not only about game play.

- You have been warned.

- What do you play for?

- I play to play.

- When I log on I usually have an agenda, do this, that or the other.

- If I have nothing to do in game, I log out.

- Mists has made it damn hard to have nothing to do now.

- If you are like me and have an army of alts you want geared, there is no such thing as nothing to do.

- I often feel like I would need to quit my job to play at the level I want to.

- So right now on my alts, I can't play at the level I want to be able to play.

- This is making me dislike playing them, because I know I can be better but the game will not allow it unless I dedicate more time then I actually have to playing.

- As odd as it sounds, I think I would really like a few moments of having nothing to do right about now.

- Now for something slightly different.

- So when I log on to do my thing people whisper me.

- All fine with me, I am a raid leader, a liked person for some god unknown reason, a helper that is always willing to answer questions, and I assist other guilds with advice on their raiding.

- I almost log on expecting whispers.

- I answer them and move on but every so often you get people that just don't get it.

- I had to tell one of them off yesterday, albeit politely.

- I log on and they whisper hello, I whisper hello back.

- They say how are you, I say fine and you, they say dandy.

- That should be it right?

- Nope, the chick will not let up, for the next hour she sends message after message after message.

- Even comments that I am not responding and bitching about it.

- I was not responding at all, she was just talking to herself.

- She should know why, this is not her first time doing this.

- I finally said screw it and logged off.

- Did not want to be rude and say leave me the F alone.

- That evening I log back in.

- She whispers hello, I say hello.

- She whispers how are you, I say, the same I was 5 hours ago when you asked me.

- Why the hell do people feel the need to chat all the time?

- I log on to play a game, if I wanted to chat, I would pick up the phone, meet you at the bar, pop on vent.

- No matter who you are, if you want to chat with me, there is a way to do it.

- If you are a real friend, lets go out.

- If you are an online friend, lets talk on the phone.

- If you are a game friend, pop on vent.

- Stop whispering me while I am trying to play a game dammit.

- Many times over the last few years I have had to tell her off nicely.

- I am playing a game, I do not have time to stop and chat, if you have a question I will gladly answer it, but I do not come on to chit chat, if you want to talk about every day events, log on vent, I am not going to stop playing just to chit chat.

- I do not think I am being rude, but sooner or later I am going to have to start being rude, she doesn't get it.

- This has been going on for years.

- What do you think?

- Sorry to ramble and rant a bit there.

- Now back on to random topics, which that one does lead to another.

- Everyone plays for different things.

- I think people need to be more respectful of other peoples style of play.

- I do not PvP often, but I respect that people have fun that way.

- I do not press hard mode raiding, but I respect that some people have fun pressing content.

- Heck, I do not even care if I down normal content.

- As long as I have fun.

- Clearing LFR with zero wipes is NOT fun.

- But I can understand that some do find it fun even if why escapes me.

- Wiping 25 times before downing a boss in a real raid can be fun.

- But I know why many people do not like doing that, it takes a different style of player to enjoy it like I do.

- So for me it is not all about slaying internet dragons, it is about having fun doing it, win or lose.

- Some people like to chit chat instead of playing, as mentioned above, and I can respect that.

- But people need to realize that everyone is not them.

- If someone does not PvP, hard mode, chit chat, respect that and do not demand they do or try to force them into it.

- Everyone plays for their own reasons.

- For me, I play to play, to pass the time and have a little fun.

- I like to level, I like to build up things, characters, as best I can to their max potential solo wise, so if I need to do group content I can.

- The road to building up is sometimes more fun than the end game for me.

- I max out everything on all my characters.

- On many servers I have one of each profession.

- I just like having things complete, for lack of a better word.

- Yet I have only leveled archeology on one character, guess that says something about the profession.

- And we are talking a person that has first aid and fishing and cooking maxed on every max character.

- Because they need it to be complete.

- I just pretend that archeology doesn't even exist.

- Speaking of complete. I need to work on one of my pet projects soon, as my main server alliance and horde characters are getting close to where I want them to be.

- I started a server last expansion for hunters only.

- I want to have a crew of hunters, all professions between them.

- Just wish hunters had a healing or tanking spec.

- Would make max level play so much more enjoyable.

- Playing a damage dealer makes it the world of waitcraft.

- I love pet battles for those world or waitcraft moments.

- At least it gives me a brainless way to pass the time.

- I've said it before and I will say it again.

- If you actually want to play this game, you need to play a healer.

- Sad thing is, and I can't completely understand why, I hate healing this expansion.

- I used to love it.  I just can not get into it any more.

- I blame the stupid reputation things.

- My healers are healers, nothing more.

- I hate having to quest to open reputation to get some pieces with my valor.

- And next patch, I will not even have the upgrade vendor to upgrade the things I get in LFR and LFD as a way to spend some valor.

- So what should I use my valor on now?

- My desire to play healers has just decreased, because if I can not buy gear with the valor, why earn the valor.

- Enjoy your longer wait looking for groups for the LFR when you have fewer healers entering the mix.

- I just do not enjoy the gearing up process for my healers any more.

- I want to spec healer and stay healer all expansion.

- I want to be able to completely upgrade my gear, buy my patterns, do everything I would do on other characters, while in healer spec only.

- So that means, I can't play healers any longer unless I play them as damage dealers.

- Thank you, no.

- If I want to play a damage dealer I would log on to my hunter, my mage, my lock or my rogue, the classes that have no options.

- At least I can quest as a tank.

- I love questing as a tank.

- And active mitigation makes it so much better now.

- I think this expansion will differ from the last two, where I loved healing and did tanking just if it were needed.

- This expansion I am loving tanking, and do not want to heal at all, even if needed.

- Yes, my healers will be able to get into the new 480 LFR.

- Yes, I did it without grinding the reputations.

- No, I did not like it.

- No, it was not fun.

- As the saying goes, if you are not having fun, don't do it.

- So I guess I won't be healing all that much.

- I feel like I am playing wrong.

- I knew they could have geared faster, better, and more effectively.

- If only I did the quests.

- I dislike playing them because I knew they were not being played to the best of my ability thanks to the design of the game.

- I dislike playing them because now I needed to gear for two specs when only one mattered to me.

- I dislike playing them because I just do not like the feel of healing this expansion.

- I dislike playing them because of the people in the LFR that think it is my job to heal them through stupid.

- I just wish I could enjoy playing my healers again.

- I used to like being a healer.

- But I am not having fun healing, so I am finding other things to do.

- Now when I log in on one I have that feeling like, screw it, I'll just log off and read a book.

- There is a reason there is a shortage of healers and my reason is one of them.

- I am sure there are some that feel just like I do.

- And there are many that find healing too complicated now.

- And just like at the beginning of last expansion, there are many that hate the gearing up process when they feel like they can't heal anything those first days.

- And the hate it even more because they now need to grind reputations, unless it is their main and they raid, there is no way around that if you want to be at your best.

- And there are some that just got fed up with the player base that wants to stand in the fire and then blame the healer that did not heal them.

- I usually just say, I let people in fire burn.  If you want to burning to stop, get out of the fire and I will patch you up afterwards.

- Most people just quit healing after getting abused.

- Blizzard, if you want more healers, make some changes to it.

- I'll have some suggestions for that later in a nice long ranting post, thank you very much.

- I think I would really like a little time to do nothing.

- How different is that?

- In cataclysm we were begging for something to do, now they gave us something to do, and it is too much.

- The designers need to learn a little about moderation.

- It is like the nerf to cloth at the beginning of the expansion.

- My first character, I was maxed first aid before I was 86, and just leveling that character I had enough to make over 800 bolts, not cloth, bolts, when I sent all the cloth to my tailor.

- Do you think they over did the drops?  I do.

- Second 90, all the way to 90, around 20 cloth dropped.

- Third 90, all the way to 90, around 30 cloth dropped.

- Do you think they over nerfed it?  I do.

- How about trying to keep things in the middle somewhere?

- Mining was the same thing.

- On my miners I would do my farm dailies and end up with 8 or so stack of ore, not even going out of my way, just stopping for what was in my path of the quests.

- They changed it, and not one ore on three miners the next day.

- So I flew around and it took me 38 minutes to get 1 stack of ore.

- I think they over did it just a little bit.

- In both cases I agree it needed a nerf 100%.

- In both cases they screwed up the nerf 100%.

- Balance.

- Listen to the freaking pandas.  Balance.

- You would think a game this big and this old would have at least figured out drop rates and resource spawning by now.

- You would think wrong apparently, as they haven't.

- I've started getting into my monk and the DPS spec.

- Perhaps because it is such an easy rotation and when looking it up online even at 90 it stays easy.

- I like the idea of fewer buttons, I need a break from 101 buttons, or what feels like it.

- But I hate melee, so will I still like it once I hit 90?

- Questing and raiding are two different things.

- I do not mind questing as melee but raiding as melee needs a special type of person that does not get distracted by all that noise and flashing light and that person is just not me.

- And if I hate having 101 buttons why does it seem like the only things I like playing this expansion, hunters and tanks, all have 101 buttons.

- If I hate them why do I gravitate to them?

- I hate all the buttons but seem to only like the classes that have them?

- Yeah, I am losing my mind.

- If I went to see a psychologist in game as my character it would probably end up being a gnome.

- Named Squigmund Fried.

- And he would try to blow me up.

- Guess my characters are on their own.

- Have a great day.


  1. -I'm like you in the sense that I want to complete things as much as I can. I just have a lot less time to play so I can only work on that for one toon.

    -Should lvl my 85 DK or my 61 mage but too busy with hunter

    -Ran a couple of dungeons over the weekend to help a guildie gear up their healer. It helps when then have over-geared DPS who don't stand in shit. :)

    -I think I've run more dungeons since I didn't need gear from them than I did to get into LFR. They're an easier way to get VP now than LFR is.

    -World of Waitcraft is a pain in the ass. On weekends, I usually have 45+ minute LFR queues. I end up doing a lot of dailies during that time.

    -Still haven't finished the achievs for SP or AC dailies. RNG hates me and lost a lot because of the stupid bugs where turn-ins don't always count.

    -Solo'd MC and AQ40 for the first time since they nerfed the bosses. MC was still easy just like it was at 85 but AQ40 was a joke now. Got one pet from each.

    -Viscidious can be solo'd if you use a Chimaera. Thanks to the guy who posted the Youtube video about it.

    -Exalted with Brood of Nozdormo now. That makes 58 exalted. Need 2 more to be Jaeger the Beloved. Don't really want the title but I'll take the achievement points.

    -Still working on Hydraxian while I try to get the other pets in MC. Almost revered.

    -Could probably finish grinding out Ratchet now that we have AoE loot; need 5500 more rep for that.

    -Could try working on Ashen Verdict again now that I'm 90. Could only solo trash up to first boss at 85.

    -The new Mists faction and Black Prince are also potential options for the last couple of reps.

    -Don't want to do Ogri'la... and there are the BC raid reps and the FL rep still...

    -Been trying to finish Bloody Rare and Frostbitten but it really seems like a lost cause due to CRZ. I see people camping most of the spawn points.

    -There's that completionist stuff again. Achievement junkie...

    -Finally got a Galleon kill. Got the 496 neck as well. iLvL is 487 now without ever doing any normal raids this tier. LFR, valor gear, world bosses, DMF trinket.

    -Still 'rockin' a 471 blue weapon... /cry

    -Cleaned out the stable a bit. Released 4 or 5 pets that I don't really need but are easy to re-tame. Needed room for a Dire Horn and maybe a couple of other things.

    -Switched my turtle tank from the new Mists model that makes too much noise to Ghamoo-ra from BFD. He's cool looking, easy to tame but unique enough, and doesn't sound like a pile driver when he walks.

    -Think I need 45 more vp to cap, so guess I'll go do that


    1. PVP anon here:

      For Ashen Verdict and similar factions (eg, the Firelands one) which are in a raid that is hard or annoying to solo, check out OpenRaid ( or, depending on your region). This is a community for cross-realm raids. Old raids for rep and / or achievements are very popular.

    2. One of my DKs should be joining my stable of 90s soon. I must say, next to my hunter, they are the absolute best at soloing rares.

      Being that OP can be fun sometimes. It is a nice break from questing on squishy characters.

      Same here, I run dungeons more now than I did when I started. I am actually starting to warm to them being we are so seriously over gearing them. Even in full pugs they are starting to be faster than scenarios. I still get a kick out of blizzard saying scenarios were made to be quick content and their scripted content sometimes is longer than a dungeon is. I think they need a serious redesign if they want them to actually be considered quick content.

      Buy the bow from the chicks near the hodir area and solo the slim guy. No tricks needed. Just beat him down, switch to the bow when he is at 0, and call stampede and hit rapid fire when he freezes. No tricks, not hard, even an under geared hunter at less than max level can do it.

      The rare achievements will be harder with CRZ now. I made sure the finish them up before that was added for that very reason.

      491 for me now, without ever doing any raids on my hunter and still not having the bow. Not bad at all for a non raiding character. Truth be told however, I would rather be raiding on him but have really begun to love tanking lately.

  2. PVP anon here:

    On healing through stupid in raids: at least priests got life grip, although the cooldown is way too long. :-)

    An idea of a healer spell for Blizzard:

    Not Healing You: Your target gets a "Move away, &^#$!" debuff and a distinctive visual image of a nutty clown over their head (seen by others), which stay until they move away from all sources of avoidable damage.


    1. I think it is better to let them die. If healers keep healing them, they will never learn. Just because I can heal through it in LFR doesn't mean I should. Bad habits are bad and I always say, even if the content is trivial, you still do mechanics. A good player plays at the top of their game all the time, even in trivial content. Just my opinion of course.

      That is one of many ideas.

      I would like a healing addon that will announce who I click on and say I won't heal. Like alt left click on a name and it says "Healer will not heal you until you get out of xxxx" and say it in raid, so they know that everyone knows.

    2. Agree, Countless times I have been in PuG MV and people die. Only to respond "Oh, that doesnt kill you on LFR"

      As a healer i will warn you once that the stuff on the ground is bad, after that im saving my heals and mana.

    3. That is why I let them die in LFR as well. Failure is the best way to learn. How do you think all those world first guilds became so good, because they failed so much they learned from it.