Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- What do the flawless battle stones sell for on your server?

- Around 15K on mine.

- I tried to be greedy when none were listed, as I have two sitting around, and listed for 25K but they did not sell.

- But at 15K they sell like hotcakes.

- Am I really that much of a cheapskate or is that a little out of line?

- I will sell at that price all day long if I can get it but I would never, even if I had a hundred million gold, pay that much for one on general principle.

- I'd pay 250-300 gold, maybe even 500 gold and suck up every one I could get. 

- Anything more than that for something I can get myself just by doing dailies or pet battling seems excessive.

- Perhaps I might go as high as 2K if I was desperate because I just caught a super hard to find rare and wanted to upgrade it, but 2K would be the absolute most I would pay.

- Oh well, a fool and their money will soon be parted, I will enjoy the15K you pay me for it, thank you very much.

- Got my panda monk to outlands, pretty quick too if you could see how rarely I play.

- Even have my professions up to the point where I can gather stuff, which makes me happy.

- I am not sure what it is but she is suddenly a beast.

- Yes she, sorry, can not play a male panda, just not happening.

- I was feeling off before then, if I pulled three mobs it was a struggle to survive.

- Hit outlands, I can pull 7 or 8 with no problem now.

- Is there a scaling thing with monks where they become over powered at 58 or were the outland mobs nerfed to all high hell when mists came out?

- I am sure it was not that I suddenly just got better playing it moving from one area to the next.

- There has to be another factor added to it, be it skill scaling, or mobs there.

- Either way, I did 57-61 in an hour and 40 minutes yesterday of actual questing.

- So glad to be able to quest instead of just gathering.

- I feel so far behind at the beginning that I spent all of 20-54 playing catch up on my mining and herbalism.

- Yes, I leveled 34 level just trying to catch up my gathering profession.

- One good side effect was while I had a hard time finding nodes, when I did, I found tons of gold.

- And I promptly sold the gold at 20 gold per ore.

- Amazing.

- My monk is completely independent, I only sent it bags to start and nothing else.

- It is still near 3K gold when it entered outlands.

- And that is without even trying to make money.

- I just sold what I gathered by putting it on at the lowest current price.

- I did not save it for when it sells higher, even if I could have.

- That is a good bonus to gathering.

- You will never be in need of gold even if you sell at the wrong time, that is for sure.

- The monks mobility is awesome.

- Having roll and the flying kick I moved from mob to mob in a massive string of killing.

- I only dipped below 50% health once and that was when I was level 59 and was jumped by 4 62s and I still beat them.

- A huge difference from when I nearly died just a complete of levels earlier to 3 mobs that were a level or two lower than me.

- If they continue to scale this awesome as they get higher, I can't wait to see what it is like at 90.

- And to think, being I have not quested, most of my gear is gear I got from low level quests.

- So I have my heirlooms and a bunch of equip at level 14 quest items or item level 21 gear on and can destroy like this now.

- Can't wait to see what I can do when I get some real gear in those off spots.

- Still taking some time off pet battling, that is one of those addiction things for me.

- When I do it, I do it in bulk and do lots of leveling.

- I noticed I needed to stop it or I would have nothing to do later.

- So I just do some dailies each week and work on tailoring my teams.

- I've gotten it that I can do 4 of the mists battles with only one pet now.

- As I keep testing I am sure I can get some more down to one mob fights.

- Gotten all of them down to two mob fights with the very rare need of the third to even be there.

- Even the legendary ones.

- I can one pet battle 2 of them.

- The last pet master is without a doubt the easiest pet battle in all the game even if he has all legendary pets.

- Actually, no, the one in valley of the four winds in the easiest but at least his are only rares.

- One pet, ends the battle at full life too.

- Just takes forever, but I level one pet through it at a time, doing it every day.

- So even if I am not doing much pet battling, I still do some.

- Can't just completely abandon the addiction.

- Had a run in with a weird griefer this weekend.

- He tried to grief me but really just confused me.

- It seemed like he was trying to kill me but he was not very good at it.

- Things like standing on top of me while I was fighting mobs and taunting the ones I was fighting so they would come to me.

- Excuse me?

- Three things, 1, my pet will taunt back, 2, even if it comes to me because you are standing on me, it will attack you being you are the one that taunted it, 3, I am a hunter, I would just move, misdirect, kite, etc.  It was not going to ever hurt me.

- He just confused me, what was his deal.

- I looked him up online and it seems he is just a jerk.

- Standard way to tell if someone is a jerk when you look them up.

- Bad gear, lots of honorable kills, and none of that bad gear is PvP gear even.

- Standard jerk character.

- I actually did not think the guy was trying to grief me.

- I thought that he was just not a very good player, so I whispered him to offer to help him, as to me it seemed like he needed it.

- I might be a jerk myself, but I can be a nice guy and help others too.

- I got a message that he was ignoring me.

-  So basically, this guy put me on ignore before he even landed and started to taunt mobs.

- He was prepared for me to blast him in whispers or something?

- It explains why he hovered a little before he started, he was putting on ignore first.

- He must have a lot of experience being a jerk if he ignores people before he even starts to do what he does.

- It would have been nice to actually talk to him.

- Wonder what he would have thought when he found out I was whispering him to ask him if he needed help and not to yell at him.

- He would have probably thought I was calling him a bad player.

- Jerks will be jerks, nothing you can do about that one.

- But even if this jerk was bad at being a jerk, I mean, I could not even tell he was trying to grief me until I thought about it after I noticed I was on ignore, he had to have some previous jerk experience if he knew to ignore someone before he started to screw with them.

- I think he needs to get better at screwing with people because he was not very good at it.

- I am thinking he might be an alt of someone else that is a known jerk but I don't know any of the places to track alts.

- The one on wow-progress will not work, because this character apparently does not do any raiding.

- I did look there as that is the only one that I know that tracks alts.

- I just want to know who he is to put him on our guild black list.

- Even if he did not grief me, he attempted to, and we do not allow anyone that acts like that in our guild or invite them to any pugs we assemble.

- So black list time for him and I would love to get a list of all his alts.

- He has to have some, because he was riding around on a raid mount and that character has no raid clears at all.

- I still wonder, why are people like that?

- What fun could there possibly be in attempting to ruin someone's game time?

- And what fun could it be for him when he is so bad at it, that I could not even notice he was trying to grief.

- I just thought it was an every day bad player and if it were not for the fact I am a nice guy and was going to offer to help him get better I would have never known or suspected.

- He would have just been another bad player in the legion of bad players in the game.

- Speaking of bad players, I decided to try frost for the first time since I was level 60.

- Needless to say that first run as frost I was the bad player, big time.

- Of course I did read up beforehand but things have really changed for frost.

- I need to rebind pet attacks so use the freeze thing and I did not do that so I kept needing to click that.

- When you are not used to clicking things like that it really throws you off too.

- And add to that, it was a bitch to target.

- So often I was doing it and it would not go off, as if a pebble in the road would not allow me to cast it because it was not a flat surface or something.

- One trash pull I spent the entire time trying to cast that F'N thing and it never went off.

- Thank god it was a guild run, I would have been kicked in a pug.

- I was doing from 20K - 40K depending, even on trash.

- I did that one run and said, I'll come back to this later, and gave up.

- I am sure I can do better if I gave it more than one run and 5 minutes reading.

- If I set up my binds and took in some dummy time I would be fine.

- It just did not interest me enough to want to learn it.

- I think that is the problem with all DPS classes for me.

- I love hunters, have even gotten spoiled by them.

- I can not get into any other DPS class.

- Tanking and healing is easy to get into, for me at least.

- Damage dealers are hard, because I put too much pressure on myself.

- For me there is no such thing as good enough for a damage dealer, there is always room to get better.

- And I guess I do not want to work that long road of getting that good at something again.

- I am already good at my hunter, I do not want to spend all that time getting that good on other classes.

- Just not worth it.

- Any one can pick up a healer or tank and do it well, they are easier, in my opinion, damage dealers, now they are hard.

- But only if you put as much pressure on them as I do.

- I think the reason tanking a healing is easier for me is that I put less stress on them.

- As long as I can do my job and we win the fight, I can work on getting better as we go and am happy I did at least what was needed to get the job done.

- When I play a damage dealer, even if we win the fight, I always say, I should have done better.

- So it is not that damage dealers are harder, it is just that I put to much demand on myself to be better when I play one.

- But either way, I like a challenge, so I need to decide what other DPS class I want to learn, so I can be a level of good I am okay with.

- I am tempted to say a melee character, as I have never played any melee long enough to get very good at it.

- The last time I played a melee to any success was enhancement shaman back in wrath.

- Perhaps I will try that again.

- Or maybe that OP monk can be my melee class.

- Rotation seems easy enough looking at it.

- Checked out a little on it this morning after my experiences yesterday to see if they get a boost or something later on, if anyone else noticed it.

- I noticed I am alone, the only person that noticed it.

- I also noticed, I have basically everything I needed for my rotation already, and I was already using it, and using it as instructed as per noxxic.

- Interesting, that I picked out the appropriate rotation having never looked it up, all on my own, without even thinking about it.

- Are monks just that easy that you can't make a mistake at it or have I just become so use to the game that I was able to pick out the best way to do things because I have been doing them so long on other characters.

- To nail a rotation 100% perfect having never read up on it at all seems a little extreme.

- Either way, I can see how they can be fun.

- In a melee sense at least.

- I just hate melee because there are so many effects going on there, how do people do it?

- And when you are color blind like me and there are a million effects going on, how can you quickly tell which ones are the good ones and which ones are the bad ones.

- I have to give good melee players credit, it can not be a very fun role to play at all.

- How they do it is beyond me.

- Have a great day.


  1. The Monk abilities are straightforward in terms of priorities. I was surprised also to have got it asolutely spot on without reading about it.

    After level 60 they keep adding abilities which seem to be more distraction than anything else. It seems they have Hunter syndrome at Blizzard, which means they must fill your action bars with too many spells.

    Outlands mobs always used to be a huge leap up in terms HP and damage that they dish out, but not any more. The discrepancy gets worse in Northrend, were you only press two buttons of your rotation before they die.

    Still it's a lot of fun being OP.

    1. I must admit it is fun being that OP while questing. More doing quest, less time fighting crap back and forth do doing the stuff. I like it.

      I would like a nice heal however, although I have rarely had a need for it I find it strange that a class that can heal does not have even one quality heal.

    2. SHHHHHH! Don't let out the secret. Folks will start whinning about Monks. remember how DK's were destroyed? They were suppose to be the "Bad Asses", thats why only 1 was allowed, period. Then pvp'ers started their complainin' and whinnin' and "POOF" there went DK's!

    3. It happens all the time. One class becomes OP in one small area of the game and everyone else cries and they nerf it.

      I say, who cares if leveling is easier on some character than others. The only place balance matters is end game.

  2. You can look the guy on wowprogress for his main / alts / whatever. Should be listed there. That might even get you some insight as to why he's griefing you (you may know his main, you may have killed his other faction main etc).
    As to roles, it's more a matter of main / alts, not a matter of tank / heals / dps. I think I push myself pretty hard on my tank, tbh. being a paladin, the raid utility is too good to neglect. There are key things like hand of Purity on the debuffed person at HC Blade Lord when stacking for Unseen Strike. Even doing the Shek'zeer add kiting can bring in a lot of stress. I'm not even gonna start talking about challange modes where I think the tank makes or breaks the fight. Frankly, there's more damage on me in one than on Heroic Mel'Jarak so even my base role of surviving becomes struggle, seeing my life flow up and down. I'm sure everyone who really enjoys playing their main will push their char to the max, no matter the role.

    1. I checked wow progress. It only shows that one char. If someone has never looked up there character on it then it does not show it, and it does not show the alt that have never been looked up.

      I have many characters that were max level last expansion and are not there at all because the guild they are in is not listed.

      Like most sites, it is only as good as the information someone puts into it. Whomever this is, they are not a raider, that is for sure.

      I guess that makes sense. The more pride you take in doing a role well the more pressure you will put on yourself. For me that pressure is easier measured for damage dealers because there is a number attached to them.

      I know what you mean about the challenge modes. Even if I have still not been able to assemble even one group willing to do it, which means I do not even have bronze yet as no one wants to do them, we did attempt one once and I can tell you, from that tiny experience, it was harder than raiding. At least the normal raiding I do. I really liked it. Seems my type of thing. Too bad I play a class that is not great for it and I can't find a team to do it. Meaning as much as I want to do them, I probably never will.