Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- Have you ever wished that the game had a pause button?

- Like when you step into a random and the tank is already off on his way pulling.

- Pause, give me a second to finish zoning in please.

- Not so bad as a damage dealer, sucks as a healer.

- I can think of many moments I would like a pause button.

- Ever notice that you could be playing for 2 hours and no one wants to talk with you, the phone is not ringing and there are no whispers or guild chat happening and then the second you are doing something, everyone else wants your attention?

- It is like it is a given.

- If you are expecting a phone call and it doesn't seem to be coming, join a random, the phone will ring within 2 minutes of zoning in.

- I guarantee it.

- I noticed that I do not have any gnome female characters.

- I have male and females of almost everything, never noticed I had no gnome females before.

- They are short, maybe I over looked them.

- Okay, bad joke.

- I found out how to get the pet battle stones you want.

- At least I think I have.

- The stone you get is always the class of the first pet on the team.

- I got an aquatic off of a group with 2 critters and one aquatic, but the aquatic was the first one.

- I have not gotten enough to prove if my theory is true of course, but I believe that is how it works.

- I've gotten an aquatic when it had 2 critters, I've gotten a critter when it had 2 aquatics, both times the first pet was the deciding factor, not the total group make up.

- Finished my raiding with leashes by getting my last pet.

- Got 6 new pets this weekend, I did not even think there were that many more I needed.

- Actually there are still a few, just odd to get that many in one weekend without even trying much.

- Finally got a stone from a daily baggie.

- Everyone else gets at least one a day, I should have gotten 10 in mine, just to catch up.

- When you see the percentages are low, me never getting them is the reason.

- For every person that has luck there is some poor fool like me that has none.

- I was thinking of trying something different with my game play, just to see if I could do it.

- A friend, who quit last expansion like just about everyone else, used to play without ever using the mouse.

- Unless he needed to loot something and even in that case he just never looted.

- I wonder if I could do that.

- I've become spoiled with my mouse however, and how would I target effects like trap launcher?

- I guess I would still need to use it for something.

- He was really good with it too, even managed to get to 2400 in 3s.

- Not super but definitely better than I could ever manage.

- Then again I suck at PvP because I've never put in the effort to get good at it.

- He was so good he and someone else carried me so I could get a weapon.

- It makes me laugh every time I see someone make fun of keyboard turners.

- My friend did quite well doing it, he did not even use a mouse.

- It is a case of they can't do it, so they think anyone that does it sucks because they suck if they try it.

- Just because you can't do it, doesn't mean it can't be done.

- I would love to see all those people on the forums under 2400 get laughed at because they were beat by a keyboard turner.

- I use my keyboard from time to time but I have gotten so used to using my mouse the majority of the time that it would take some getting used to.

- Like anything else, it is a skill, and practice makes perfect.

- Speaking of practicing, I need to practice on some other damage dealing character.

- I just can not get what I consider good numbers out of any damage dealing class that is not a hunter.

- Either I have set my expectations too high, or I just have not found that grove with any other damage dealer.

- Put me behind the controls of any tank or any healer and I will do fine.

- Put me behind the controls of even a stupid easy class like a rogue or a mage and I will be lacking compared to others equally geared.

- I guess that is because there are no numbers to hang on tanking or healing so when a battle is done you did well whereas with a damage dealer there is a number to look at.

- I wonder if I put as much time in another damage dealing class if I could get to the level I have with my hunter and do well at it.

- If I see a mage doing 100K in 480 gear then I should be able to do 100K in 480 gear.

- If I do 70K that means I can get at least 30K better.

- I think I've become so spoiled with my hunter that I forgot that it took time and effort to get so good at him and I expect to be good with anything else instantly.

- I've forgotten the need to put work into something, to practice.

- Hey, I can always fall back on the concept that even 70K at 480 is better than 95% of the player base would do.

- Even people that have been playing mages since day one.

- But I do not care about the 95%, I care about the 5%.

- For me, if someone does better, it means I can do better.

- I will never be the best, not even close, but there is no reason not to try to be the best I can be.

- If they best I can be is 80K, then so be it.

- But I won't know if that is the best I can do until I try my hardest to do better.

- If I do not try to do better then I am in no position to say that is the best I can do.

- Have you ever seen stray hozen around the farm?

- There was one hanging out in the inn the other day.

- Not attacking anyone, just chilling.

- Seen him there on many occasions lately.

- There were two on one of the farms yesterday.

- Looked like they were staring at each other.

- Again, not bothering anyone, just chilling.

- I think it is part of some bigger master plan.

- They are doing that from time to time so we get used to seeing them there.

- One day we will let our guard down and completely ignore them being it seems they are always around.

- Then bam, they take over the farm.

- Be careful, those hozen are smarter than they look.

- I actually did some quests on my baby panda.

- Damn the professions, I can always catch up again later.

- I had not done quests in over 20 levels, except for the cooking and fishing dailies.

- You level so fast I out leveled my gathering so I started to gather to catch up to the current area I was supposed to be questing.

- Before I knew it, 20 levels past and I had not done a quest.

- I was replacing item level 11 items with item level 46 items.

- Yeap, it was that long since I had quested.

- So now, after an hour and a half, I gained 8 levels questing, and I am behind on my gathering again.

- Where I am now, I wonder if I can catch up to outland gathering levels before I get to 58 and head there.

- They really need to do something to help keep gathering professions up with leveling.

- At least mining you can make bars to play catch up.

- The other professions need something like that, a catch up method, for when you level faster than your professions.

- Its not that much to ask is it?

- Have a great day all.


  1. I hear you on the gathering. I picked LW/skinning for my monk. She's now lvl 41, but I'm only at 100 skinning for her.

    1. You have to do what I did on my last skinner and spend roughly 9 hours in areas you get no experience to catch up.

      Or spend gold if you have a sugar daddy character on that server.

      They need to update gathering skills some.

  2. Hi Grump - well, that's the rogue's revenge you are suffering from.

    hmmm, I think it is in what one thinks is important as one plays. You would rather raid, (i.e. get to the top level etc), than do professions, so it is an after thought. While I am usally at max level on all professions (first and secondary - except fishing, but I usually get there) and have to gain toon levels to be able to go higher on professions.

    But you are further along in pokipets than me and equipment levels and raiding and instances and prob scenarios and faction reps.

    So it all comes out the same in the end.


    PS - can you recomend any reading on using Goggle's blogger? I am having a tough time with it. FInally got my picture fixed after somehow destroying it yesterday. Thanks.

    1. What do you like to read, random rambling like might or specific things?

    2. specific things, such as how do you do the columns to the right of the main page here - (My Blog List for one) Thanks! I noticed you have no contact page either. Intentional left out or ?

  3. Re: "I just can not get what I consider good numbers out of any damage dealing class that is not a hunter."

    There seems to be a pretty big dps discrepancy between classes at lower gear levels - they all normalize somewhat once you get to raid gear levels (460s-470s) but for starter heroics (mid-430s to mid-440s, quest items basically) there seems to be quite a bit of variance. Of the classes/specs I've spent some time in heroics on:

    High DPS: Monk, Frost DK
    Moderately High DPS: Arms Warrior, Elemental Shaman, Frost Mage
    Moderate DPS: Fury (TG) Warrior, Hunter* (all specs), Fire Mage
    Low DPS: Balance Druid**

    None of these classes are ones I've spent a huge amount of time playing over the past year, so none have any significant benefit over any others, I'm roughly equally noobish with all except the monk, with which I'm entirely noobish despite the high dps numbers.

    * SV Hunter seems crazy high for AoE trash dps, at least, which makes their overall look nicer than it really deserves. I'm considering single target fights here.

    ** I'm willing to believe I'm Doing It Wrong but I've spent too much time reading rotation info, running heroics and smacking a dummy around to think it's just me that's the problem. Even gear hasn't really helped.

    1. PVP anon:

      I hear you on balance druids.

      I mostly PVP and have only recently decided to PVE a bit on my alts (was a hardcore raider several years ago, so that's not exactly new territory). Right now I am running heroics. I have a balance druid and an elemental shaman, and my elemental shaman is easily outdpsing my druid despite having roughly the same gear. We are talking about 45k DPS on shaman vs ~30k DPS on druid, on non-gimmick bosses. That said, even 25k seems to be enough for heroics these days (thanks, Grumpy, that figure you gave made me feel really good :-)), so I guess it is not a big deal.

      Several things: (a) be sure you start every encounter in an eclipse, (b) do NOT hold on to your damage cooldowns, use them every time you can, (c) work on your single-target DPS first, cleave second, regular AOE third. If you want a gear check up, post your armory.

      Good luck! I heard moonkins really ramp it up after heroics.

    2. PVP anon again:

      Forgot to add - both elemental shaman and balance druid have ilvl 453.

    3. I know what you mean. At low levels of gear the numbers are really messed up. Even adding just a few 450 PvP pieces can make the difference between doing 20K and 30K. Seriously. 3 or 4 cheap pieces make a huge difference.

      I've seen it myself on a few of my characters. I can't get anything out of them, a few 450s and maybe 1 or 2 dungeon 463s and I go from feeling useless to leading the pack. Gear makes such a huge difference this expansion.

      @PvP Anon

      25K is more than ample. If all three DPS are doing 25K and following mechanics you can do any dungeon easily. Of course like everything else, if they are all doing 50K it is still better. lol

      You mention 453 item level, that is when I notice things, for me at least, start to get better. Once you reach 450. Before that, at the 435 starting number, the differences between classes is huge. I was struggling to do 25K on my hunter when I first went into heroic, was doing 35K on my shadow priest when I first entered and was doing upwards of 60K on my mage when I first started. I can say with 100% certainty that the low numbers on my hunter were not because I did not know what I am doing as I do, hunters are just one of those classes that really suck at starter levels.

      I can't speak for boomkin as my boomkin druid is not max level, my tank druid is, but from what I have seen from my own experience is that hunters are in the worst position to start out of all classes.