Thursday, January 10, 2013

If You Could Change One Thing...

What would it be?

There are two ways to answer a question like this.  One would be the most outrageous change you know would never happen, not even in a million years, and one would be a reasonable change.  I would say, for the sake of making it simple, that the changes you can make must me single changes.  Not complete redesigns.

One Outrageous Change:

The one outrageous change I would like to see, something that will never happen, is for blizzard to adopt an active role in moderating their game.  Actively have GMs banning people, actually enforcing the rules that are already in place and making new rules that are meant to make the game a better place for everyone in it, and enforcing them, not pussyfooting around.

It will never happen because blizzard flat out does not give a crap.  They ban bots in waves to make their lives easier not to build an anti bot system.  Do not buy into the "we need to monitor them so we can stop them" line of bull shit they feed you.  If you ban them they are stopped.  Isn't that simple enough?  They can monitor them for 24 hours and then ban them, that would give them the same data as monitoring them for 2 months, which is roughly how long I have been seeing this same 85 flying around panda land mining and he is still not banned.  What information do they get 2 months later after a bot has mined 24/7 for those 2 months that they would not have in the first 24 hours?  Once you see what it does, you know what it does, ban them.

I would love to see blizzard actively give a shit about their game and ban the bots, ban the trouble makers, ban anyone that makes the game look bad basically.  The quality of game play would increase tenfold if we did not have to deal with all this crap and blizzard turning a blind eye to it.  Too bad it will never happen because active moderation means they might lose money because they banned people and money is more important that we, the players, are.

One Easy Change:

For my one easy change I would like to see leveling become a task again.  Not meaning hard or anything but I believe it should take a fair deal of time.  People should not be capable of getting to max level in 30 hours played if they rush it, it should take 30 days played if they rush it.  Maybe 20.

Either way, at the very least change it to the point where even with heirlooms you will not out level a zone 6 quests into it.  Make it that even a fully heirloomed player might be able to leave a zone a tiny bit earlier but they would still need to do 70 of the 80 quests in that area to even come close to out leveling it.

People, new people mostly, are missing a fair part of the game.  Leveling should be made to be a part of the game again instead of what it is now, a means to an end.  If they really want to keep leveling as a means to an end they should just remove the need for leveling all together.

The added side effect is that longer leveling will make the end game of random content so much better.  I would hazard a guess that 75% of the players at end game that people might classify as bad players would not be there if it were not for the fact leveling was so fast and easy.  It would make the player pool better which in turn would allow for a better end game experience, especially in random content.

There are many things to be gained by making the easy adjustment to leveling speed.  There is nothing to be lost.  Except subscriber that want everything easy, so I guess even this easy change will never happen.

If you could change one thing, one outrageous and one easy, what would they be?


  1. Thanks Grump, something simple today.

    My one thing would be a "No mount" area
    around questgivers, sellers, tradespeople, in/around doorways, and mailboxes.

    That'll teach those Night Elves who are over compensating with large mounts.

    -Roo "feeling better" the hunter

    1. It is funny you say that because every time I see someone on a huge mount the only thing I think of is they must be tying to show off (over compensate for something).

      I like small and simple mounts personally. The bigger and more elaborate something is the obnoxious it is in my mind.

    2. well, I see one thing about blogging - don't change anything if it is working. I see my account picture is gone again. Dang. I hope it is fixed.

      But to be on topic - yes, that is why even though
      "I like big mounts and I cannot lie
      You other dwarves can't deny"

      ...where am I? whats...going...on. Oh noooo, Blingtron PARTY TIME!

  2. How would a new player be completely decked out in heirlooms? Where did they get the Justice points/Darkmoon tickets? If they have the gold to buy the guild heirlooms, doesn't that imply that they've played enough to get exalted and, in addition, have a friend willing to give them gold (and thus presumably mentor them)?

    Also, from your other posts, you say you've been playing for years and have dozens of alts. What makes you such an expert on what's good or bad for new players?

    In fact, how do you know any of these factoids that you throw around? Blizzard is lying about their bot policy? Prove it. 75% of endgame baddies are because leveling is fast? Prove it.

    1. A new player should have it take time and no, they would not be decked in heirlooms. However, being there will be people leveling alts decked in them, you have to base it on them. If the fastest someone should level is 20 days played you based it on a full heirloomed person. That is how that would work. For the non-herloomed person it would then take 30 days if it takes the heirloomed person 20.

      I am no expert, I have my opinions. Don't you have yours? Remember, opinions have no right and wrong. If I believe it would be better for the game to take longer to level and you don't that just means we have different opinions. Doesn't mean I am right or you are right.

      Proving the bot policy is easy. Read, play the game. Proved. Dozens of blue posts over the years have said they ban in waves. Dozens of blue posts over the years have said they have to let them run so they can see how they work so they can find a way to stop it. Nothing is made up there, read and you have the proof. Just because you have not read those blue posts does not mean they are not true. And to prove they have been doing nothing, just take a look at the same bot running the same mountain side in valley of the four winds that I have been reporting every time I see him for over 6 weeks. You want proof, like I said, play the game and read the forums, and you will have your proof.

    2. On a side note, guild exalted was buffed so much that if you just quest you can be exalted by level 25 with a guild, perhaps sooner.

  3. Easy: re-introduce server wide /lfg channel
    Easy II: tripple-speccs
    outrageous: cut back everything to lvl 60; all expansions are converted into lvl 40-60 content; stretch lvl curve again ... but suddenly you have a LOT more different areas (do I go at 40 to outland or to...)

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

    1. I like the outrageous idea. That would be cool but would be a huge undertaking.

  4. This is a really hard question since you can only pick ONE!

    Outrageous game changer: KILL the RNG gods!
    Make all gear/items crafted/vendor purchased; no more dragons randomly crapping out armor and weapons or mounts and pets, etc. Mats/tokens/currencies, etc would drop from mobs/bosses in a regular fashion; crafting professions would become truly meaningful.

    Grumpy will probably hate this next idea but...

    Easy to implement: Scroll of Advancement.
    Allow players with max level characters on a realm to auto-level their alts on that realm to lvl 80 like the Scroll of Resurrection allowed for returning players. For example, when you hit 90, you'd get a BoA Item (Scroll of Advancement) that allows one character to advance to lvl 80 like a Scroll of Resurrection does. Get another toon to 90, and get another BoA scroll, etc. Still have to lvl each alt from 80 to 90 but limits it only to players who already lvled a toon to 90 the normal way. Would go well with lengthening the normal leveling process but that's a much harder change to implement.

    1. LOVE the outrageous idea. I would love to see all gear earned and not lucked into. Oh god how I would love that.

      I actually like that idea. If I have a max level hunter I should be able to buy a max level hunter on another server. I see nothing wrong with that. The main reason to make it take time to level is so people can learn and get comfortable with their characters. If I have 7 max level hunters I can safely say I have learned it and am comfortable with it. If I wanted to start a new hunter I should have the option to just pay 25 bucks and have a new max level one on a new server.

      I would say it should only be for things you have at max level already. But I also think that unless they made leveling take longer again, this would be a horrible idea.

      Lets get real here. I have a lock I leveled and suck and I should not have the right to make copies of him all over because I am not good at it and never really learned how to play it well even if I did do a lot of reading on it. If you want to allow that, you need to do more to make sure the people can play them before you let them go copying a ton of characters they have no idea what to do with.

    2. You know, I had a post yesterday about 6 paragraphs long and then with time running short, deleted. It was almost what Jaeger had said. All gear and weapons are crafted by the players, not dropped as loot. The special add-ons crafters can make for themselves would be available for all to use.

      Need new mail shoulders - a leather worker would craft your basic set, a blacksmith would make an add on for it along with a JC to make your gems. And enchanter to grant you an enchant. An Engineer can put on an engineer upgrade for example "gnomish electrical charge" (and we know how gnomish engineering is - almost right!) in addition to the enchants.

      Then you could use the JP's to upgrade it like the MoP does with armor or weapons.

      ...changing thought pattersn here....

      Another thing is get rid of leveling or make it 1-20 if it is really needed (the only need that I honestly see is to teach someone how to play a class.). Or allow someone to pay like you and Jaeger suggest (25 or a BOA). But leveling, this is just a hold over from DnD. "Oh we need levels! ;) No, no we don't.

      ...changing thought pattersn here....

      Why not have riding at the begining. I remember seeing NPC's who were very low level having mounts, better weapons, etc. Why? For show? So if they have one, why not the players?
      Blizzard I guess is worried that folks will level too fast. This 30 hours (if rushed and as mentioned by you) just goes to show that certain people are by-passing that. Money. I would still pay my monthly and play even if everything is maxed. I just enjoy the game. I have 2 servers maxed out, and 1 additional with just 4 toons on it. Thats 24 on 1 account. Down from my 2 accounts where I had over 60 toons total playing for a few years (2 at the same time - that took some juggling).

      Well, I lost my train of thought. Sorry, but thats it for this one comment. If there is something that looks obivious I have thought of it. I tend to ramble as you see. :)

      -Roo "better living thru chemisty"

    3. Some very good thoughts there and some nice quality of life additions.

      I've always been one of those people that did not mind the mounts being lowered. Who cares. Getting from place to place faster is good for the game as long as it is not too fast and 100% is not too fast. Sure, let level 1s have mounts, rift does and it has never bothered anyone there.

  5. PVP anon here.

    I only have one change and it is both easy, as in, easy to do, and outrageous, as in, they will likely never do it out of fear that this will change the game too much.

    I would like them to redo gearing in PVP. Here's how:

    There would be rated PVP and unrated PVP. The unrated PVP will function as it does now: you start with crafted gear, you do BGs, you earn honor and conquest and use it to buy gear. The rated PVP will function differently: the moment you step into the arena or rated BG, you are given a full set of fully upgraded conquest gear. That's it. Those who like gearing up would do unrated PVP (as they do now), and those who view gearing as an annoying chore that only gets in the way of the real game would do rated PVP.

    That's my golden wish.

    1. That would be completely amazing. It would take away the e-peen bragging of the elite few who would cry a river because everyone would have their gear. They are the somehow great players that are smart enough to play well but not smart enough to realize that gear does not make the player. So instead of looking at it as more fresh meat to kick the crap out of they will look at it as these people do not deserve "their" gear. I am with you, gear means nothing, it should be like that, given away. Let skill take over in the rated system. Completely 100% skill based. I would support that in a heartbeat.

      I would also get my ass handed to me, but you know what, I would deserve it and it would teach me to get better if I wanted to play. Gear advantage would be the only advantage I would have in PvP as I am not a very well versed player of it.

  6. One change?

    Picking one easy change is too hard. I would say something like autosell gray items, a central hud, more customizable AH, native click-to-cast functionality...basically anything I already have an addon for. I dislike using addons...please steal more ideas, Blizzard.

    As for outrageous, I would change all gear to be of the same itemlevel within tier. Yes, LFR, normal, and heroic all reward the same gear. The current situation is driving itemlevels into the stratosphere. Normal and heroic would award more valor for upgrades, special mounts, pets, crafting drops, etc. The raiders would throw an absolute hissy fit if this ever happened.