Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Level 86 Hunter vs. Level 90 Hunter

I had a somewhat fun moment on my horde hunter the other day.  I decided it was time to start leveling it so I can see the other side of the story from horde side, and I plan a post about how things are different when I am done, I love seeing the whole story.  However this is not about that, this is about farm PvP.

As I am a level 86 hunter on a server where that is my only character, I had no great gear, so needless to say it is not like I was over powered or anything so I try to stay out of trouble when I can.  Most of the time that is.

I entered the valley and was just going to pick up the quest to head to the farm and start that up and call it a day.  There was a level 90 human hunter there and it seemed he took a liking to me.  He flagged himself and started following me around.  He was jumping in front of things as I was trying to click them.  As I am a double gatherer on that character, when I stopped to gather, he stopped to jump on what I was clicking, so I would accidentally flag myself.

I've been playing far to long to make a mistake like that, even more so when I know someone is trying to bait me.  Sure we all make mistakes clicking on the wrong person and starting some unexpected PvP but not when you know someone is attempting to bait you.

I figure sooner or later someone else would see him and come to gank him while he was following me, or by the time we get to the farm he would give up because the farm is always packed and he would surely lose a fight if there were more horde around and that was my hope, that there would be.

No such luck, I made it to the farm, did all my quests, he waited for me.  Even when I went into my farm and was phased, he hung outside and waited for me to come out.  I finally was done with the quests and ready to log out.  I stopped by my mailbox and picked up my first baggie from yoon and some gold from stuff that sold at the auction house and he was right there with me, on top of the mailbox.

I went into the inn and started to work on moving some of my skills around and fixing a few macros.  He stood outside at the mailbox, not moving.  After I was done a few minutes later he was still there.  I figured I am logging off, maybe I should have some fun.  I ran out and he did not move.  Maybe he was AFK?  Maybe he was just looking and being I did not move as there was no need for him to move.  Either way, I decided it was time for me to make the first move, except not by accident.

I went back into the inn and laid a trap on the ground and waited for my cooldown for the trap to be ready again.  I put my pet on passive and shot him causing his pet to come at me.  I turned around the corner and it trapped the pet, I then sent my pet at him and went hog wild.

He was AFK it seemed.  For the first few seconds at least, long enough for me to get a good jump on him.  I relaid my trap the second the other one broke to retrap his pet again and he started to fight back, fight me back that is, ignoring my pet.  I used the area to LoS him every chance I got.  Kited his pet when the second trap ran out, and let my pet slowly work him down.  If you play a hunter you will know the funny pathing the pets take around the inn and the farm in general.  You can, with just a few steps, make it impossible for a pet to ever get to you.  I knew that, as such I controlled his pet.  He paid absolutely no attention to my pet, even when I finally got him in kill shot range he was still ignoring it.

Long story short, too late I know, I left his dead body on the floor.  A level 86 hunter beating a level 90 one with some very simple use of LoS and CC and a target that did not realize that if he killed or CCed my pet he could have destroyed me.

Either way, for this day at least, hunter skill and knowledge of the area we were fighting in won out over gear and level.  PvP can be fun sometimes but the lesson this guy learned was to be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.  He wanted to me flag myself, so I did.  On my terms.


  1. Oh to have that Gin-Ji Knife Set from Gina Mudclaw! Too bad it is not account bound.

    I do hope you got this numbnuts name, so you can harass him in the future. :D

    LOL, that was a very good story. Thank you!!!

    There was a Night Elf riding in the Westfall country side when she went around the corner and saw an ocean of wheat fields. Then she saw a Night Elf in a boat frantically paddling. The Night Elf rider yelled out, "Hey! It's Night Elves like you that give Night Elves like me a bad name and if I knew how to swim, I'd swim out there and kick your ass!"

    1. Hunters can do some fun things when you have time to plan out your strat.

  2. Never did understand the fun in camping someone who's at a disadvantage. For hours.

    1. Easy win. Makes them feel like the "big man" for a while because they can totally destroy you.

      Kind of like the school yard bully. He only picks on people he knows won't/can't fight back.

      It says more about the person playing than anything else. I actually feel bad for people like that, I wonder how horrible their lives must really be if they have to make themselves feel better picking on people that can't fight back.