Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- WTB Hit rating for pet battles.

- I did not do much battling this weekend, just defeated some of the quest guys in a failed effort to get a few stones.

- They hate me and do not like to give me any.

- When you lose the same battle three times in a row with a team that usually blows the other team away thanks of missing it gets frustrating.

- How do you miss 7 times in a row when not using any abilities that say they have a chance to miss, moderate or high?

- Once I got to the last mob with two fresh pets on the bench and one about to die.

- I let that one get its one shot in and die and then figured two on one with one of them being strong against the one that was left leaves me with an easy win.

- I was wrong.

- Wiped out, my two pets swing a total of 9 times and only hit 2, the first 2, then 7 misses in a row.

- The other two times I had a pet left with more than half life and the matched up pet on the bench when I got to the last one and miss miss miss.

- Wipe.

- Both times.

- God damn it I wanted to throw a shoe at the computer screen, to punch the monitor, or punch the sadistic mother F'er that coded these things.

- Hit rating please.

- Not sure where blizzard gets the idea that missing is a fun and engaging part of game play.

- I've said it before a long time ago with our characters, they should just lose hit rating.

- This goes even more so for pet battles.

- What is worse is there is no rhyme or reason to it.

- My rare level 25 was fighting a poor level 19 and he missed the poor 19 3 times in a row.

- All this is doing is wasting time and has no reason to be there.

- It will not let the 19 catch up, I was not going to lose the fight.

- So why was the miss mechanic there?

- To extend the fight?  For what?

- There should be no such thing as a miss unless the ability has a chance or miss or you have been debuffed to have a chance to miss.

- If neither of those things are in play, you should never miss.

- Why isn't silencing shot off the global cooldown?

- I could swear it used to be, but maybe I am remembering wrong.

- It has been frustrating me since they changed it to hunters being able to do cobra/steady while moving.

- I had to make a stop casting marco for it.

- I used to just stutter step.

- I guess that is what people say with dumbing down the game.

- The good player knew how to stutter step.

- Well, I think they just changed what the good player has to do.

- It is still the same, now it is just the good player knows how to make a stop casting macro for their silencing shot.

- That still does not change the fact we can not cast it whenever we want.

- On all my melee, I can interrupt any time I want, even if in the middle of doing another ability, even if I am in the middle of a GCD.

- Silencing shot won't work for me if I am in the middle of a cobra/steady and it will not work if I hit it while in the middle of the GCD.

- So either my silencing shot is broken, or they changed it, because I am sure it used to work correctly and like all other interrupts before mists.

- I got another character to 90 by the way, so that is 7 now, this one is the first to 90 horde side however.

- A hunter of course, as if you needed to ask.

- Under 10 hours over 3 days with rested running out at level 88.

- Could have been less if I were not a double gatherer, stopped for all rares and all fishing pools along the way.

- One rare was an epic 25 minute battle between good and evil that I could write stories about and probably will one day.

- It was amazingly fun, invigorating, and how a battle vs rares should be.

- I've been blowing them away for so long now I forget what it was like to do them at level with crap gear and lots of pats entering because the fight was going on longer than it should.

- I felt alive, I loved it, and while it did waste a ton of time in the leveling process I would do it all over again all day every day.

- If only leveling was not a blink and you miss it thing I could have more experiences like that while leveling.

- But it seems blizzard forgot that getting to end game is part of the fun, and getting us there so fast makes us lose that moment I just had.

- Yeah, I should write a post just about that, it would be a fun thing to share.

- Those are the moments which remind me why I first fell in love with this game.

- So I am a double agent now.

- Made 8K leveling, that is not counting selling my fishing stuff and gathering stuff either.

- The fish sell upwards of 400 gold a stack, why do you think I stopped at every pool while leveling.

- Nearly any fish.

- The cheaper ones, if you can call them that, go for 250 gold a stack usually.

- If you can't make money, you are just not trying.

- You do not even need to level fishing to catch fish.

- Pools always get fish, so only fish from pools.

- Level fishing and make gold at the same time.

- But I get it, the people that have trouble making gold would never do that because they would need to leave the city to make the money.

- How can they troll trade if they leave the city.

- Hunters are leveling machines.

- My rested ran out at 88, thanks for all the herbs, rares, and found items eating it up, and with all those distractions it still only took 10 hours.

- I bet with no gathering professions and no stopping and keeping rested the entire way I can cut that to 7 hours, maybe even 6.

- I think my dwarf hunter will do that, he has no gathering professions to distract me.

- I will have to turn off pet tracking too, that always makes me stop.

- I started to level one of my DKs and must say they are pretty much insane too.

- The one I am leveling had a massive item level of 318 going into mists, I had never really played it after it hit 85, and it still mowed through things like they were nothing.

- I am leveling blood, so you know from what I said here how I tank quest.

- I pull whole zones.

- Starting part where you have to beat those little sha things, I gathered up enough to finish the quest all at once, and of course some extra that just happened to tag along, and mowed them down.

- One quest I needed to kill 15 mobs and a boss guy, grabbed all 15 guys and the boss guy and killed them all together.

- All this in crap gear and doing only 4K DPS single target.

- I was doing over 40K easy on packs, but 4K on singles, so guess how I decided to kill things.

- Kill everything in your path, even if you do not need to beat it for the quest, just to get your vengeance so you can mow them down faster.

- Amazing that I can kill 20 mobs at once faster than I could kill 5 mobs one at a time.

- So even if I only need 5 I pull 20.

- This means my DK could possibly pass my hunter as the easiest questing class.

- Once I hit 88 and get to townlong when things actually start to hurt will be the real test.

- Can the DK keep up with the speed of the hunter when they can no longer pull 20 mobs at a time?

- There is no way you can pull 20 of some of those bug mobs, or the cow guys.

- They hurt more than some raid bosses if you take them in large packs.

- I can't believe I still have not made a panda hunter, you would figure it would be something I would do right away.

- In time I will but the thing I want most I still can not have, a troll paladin.

- Trolls have a great body model and the paladin gear would look awesome on them, not to mention I like playing trolls.

- It probably has something to do with how they walk.

- I notice I enjoy classes that I feel comfortable with the walking movement.

- Yes I know they all move at the same speed but they just feel different.

- I have a whole mess of taurens, but I really hate how they shuffle.

- Gnomes and goblins?  Just no, they move horrible.

- Same for dwarves.

- Most races just feel funky when moving.

- Even trolls do, but they and blood elves are the only ones horde side that I can deal with the movement.

- And the blood elves just look all shades of horrible in my opinion which leaves only one option for playing comfortable horde side, troll.

- Alliance has two good races for walking movement.

- Human and night elf.

- I am thinking of race chancing some of my other races to the big four for movement.

- Just because I play better on those races.

- Call it subconscious, not sure why, but I just play better on the characters that are those 4 good walking, for lack of a better phrase, races.

- Not just walking, it seems like the game was all designed for them.

- Size wise they fit the world better, things are never too big or too small of them.

- Same for armor.

- Look at a night elf in warrior gear or a human in paladin gear or a troll in hunter gear, it just looks right.

- It looks like it was made for that frame and then adjusted for all others.

- And that helps with me feeling comfortable with a character.

- And as I said, people always play better when they are playing something they are comfortable with.

- That does not only go for class or spec, but faction and race also matter.

- People play better when they are comfortable.

- Doesn't change that I always want one of each, just, because.

- I am a completest, what can I say.

- Which means some day I need to start a panda hunter.

- A female, because there is no way I could play a character as huge as the male.

- I probably would not have any tauren males either if it were not for druid form, and because they added the option for paladin.

- A druid is always in form, so what race they are doesn't matter and if you want to see cool seek out that tauren paladin in thunder bluff and see how cool he looks.

- That alone was enough to get me to make my tauren paladin male.

- I wonder why they have this obsession with making all male characters huge.

- I wouldn't be surprised if a fair amount of male players that play female characters only do so because the female characters have better builds.

- More reasonable looking size wise.

- Most of the females in game are the size I think the males should be.

- I can't speak for anyone else but I know that is the reason when I roll a draenei it is always a female.

- Not because of some sex thing or that they look like a barbie or something, but because they are more reasonably sized, the males are just freaks of nature.

- Not saying the females are not freaks of nature either, they must all have back problems, but at least frame wise they look better by a mile.

- The only two races I would say the females do not look better than the males are orc and worgen.

- The worgen women look like their head is three times too small for their body.

- Same with orc women, their heads do not fit their body, it looks... odd.

- Nothing says bad art work worse than worgen females however, how that ever made it from development to live is beyond me.

- It is beyond anyone that as ever looked at a wogen female.

- Everyone except blizzard, which seems to do things oddly sometimes.

- Like why all the nerfs to the questing area in the valley?

- Was there an actual reason to make those elite hozen non-elite?

- Because some people had a problem with them maybe, but I do not find that a suitable reason.

- A few of my characters had issues with them, so I avoided them, I mean we can fly up there right, so I just land where they are not.

- Simple right?

- So why were they nerfed?

- Let me guess, cry babies that do not understand the simple logic of if you can not beat them, do not land near them.

- And the goats, they were nerfed too, even if no one else noticed it, I did.

- Last time I did them my pet went in and grabbed all 5 or 6, whatever it was, and I mowed them down.

- They knocked him back once, just once.

- If I did that 2 months ago they would have tossed him around like a rag doll and made it an adventure.

- They used to sing pinball wizard as they were bouncing poor fluffy around like he was the ball in a pinball machine that they were bouncing back and forth.

- It was funny, and it was great seeing people getting thrown off edges, and people being bounced around and flying off edges.

- A guild mate and I used to make bets, sitting there watching.

- 50 gold the next one that goes flying off is a horde.

- 100 says it is female.

- You're on.

- Now that was fun, blizzard nerfed it.

- All blizzard knows how to do is nerf fun, and for no reason what so ever.

- I babbled too much for today but remember, it is still possible to see people go flying off, just not as often any more.

- Let that thought fill your mind during the day and I am sure you will get a smile on your face each time you think of someone getting shot off the edge and falling to their death.

- Just add a little scream in there with your mind and turn that smile into a giggle.

- You can thank me later.

- Have a great day.


  1. Now thats just plain crazy - I too, leveled my one and only horde hunter (on a different server of course) but only got to 88 (and about half way to 89) before calling it quits to spend time with my granddaughters when they came over yesterday. And stopped to fish and do rares as I came across them.

    But what got me, I was able to open the dang gate to the Vale at lvl 87. I don't remember being able to do that in the beginning of MoP on my first 90.

    And I have noticed that as I did the Horde quests, Horde was a whole lot easier and the armor it gave! Of course, I snatched up "Ennadee's Twirling Longbow" for my troll hunter - SidTwoToes. Best 3000G in the AH I have spent. I also found Glimmer and Savage (wasn't looking for them, just happen upon their tracks). I also went from "everyone hates me in the guild cuz I don't play" (unfiendly) to exalted and took the guild from just a few thousand exp points into lvl 10 to a few thousand past lvl 11 for them. And you know, it is insane. No instances or raids, just questing in horde MOP beginning area to Jade Forest (not all either! I can't find the quest where the jade serpent dies so it can be re-born again and the sha take over Jade Forest) to Valley of Four Winds and just a few quests in the area of the White Temple area (Ka-Lin Summit - I think). Thats it. No heirlooms. No fancy armor or pets. It's insane. Something tells me I will make lvl 90 after doing the rest of the quests in Ka-Lin Summit area and a few in that area where Nat Pangle is located).

    But usually there is no one playing in the guild, and my extra toon on this server is lvl 2, so no help in making anything. It's just like being alone - She has no bags, just holds my gold for me).

    I also cant find other quests such as fighting those insect people up on the wall where the big brain type breaks thru in Valley of the 4 Winds. Has that been removed?

    I for one, can't make money in the AH. But I do get pet battle stones :P

    Yeah, a lot of jumbled up thoughts here and some questions. Thanks!

    -roo "somewhere over the rainbow"

    1. The quest was there, but I too did not do it on my first char. I jumped the wall to get there. It was funny, almost died even, but it got me some rares so it was worth it.

      That comes after you do the wilds. You have to go from the valley to the wilds then it sends you back to the valley for the big brain quest. And as we know, no one in their right mind ever quests in the wilds while leveling.

  2. PVP anon here:

    Silencing shot was off the GCD in WOTLK. Raiding hunters were frequently macroing it together with, say, Chimera Shot, for free damage. (Unless you had to use the shot to interrupt something - which, basically, was never the case - the only drawback of such macroing was that you could theoretically ran out of mana, but if you ran out of mana, you arguably were already doomed.) They put the shot back onto GCD since that time.

    Love the bullet list posts, keep them coming. :-)

    1. Being it had a damage component I had it macroed to every single shot I had. lol

      I am pretty sure it was off the GCD in cataclysm too. I think it is recent that they put it back on. I could be wrong but I could swear it was not this way in cataclysm.

    2. Seems almost all our abilities are now either on the GCD or GCD locked so you can't cast them while doing something else. It's annoying as hell...

    3. I think certain things need to be taken off it. Blink strike for one, focus fire for another. I would even like to be able to macro dire beast it so it is set it and forget it.

      Not sure what the design with hunters was intended to be but right now it seems like its intended design was to see how many buttons a person can handle.

      I am glad to announce that we managed, the majority of us. If any other class in the game went through what hunters went through there would have been protests outside of blizzards headquarters I am sure. We just grin and bear it and say... is that all you got? Hunters and the people that play them are unique.

  3. "can the DK keep up with the speed of the hunter when they can no longer pull 20 mobs at a time?"

    Of course you can still pull 20 mobs at the same time.
    How should I put this... since I've been playing tank since I started, I don't even know how to spot an elite. For me there are no elites or rares, just mobs with more health.

    1. Some of the mobs have quick stacking debuffs that can kill you in seconds if you get too many mobs. That is what I am taking about. No amount of defensive cooldowns are going to save you from instant death. I assure you, there is no tank in the world, even in all heroic raid gear, that can pull more then 5 or some mobs.

      Lucky for me, as a hunter, my pet happens to be immune to some of them but even my pet ran across a few that he wasn't and it died within seconds when I had 6 or 7 mobs on him. I doubt a proper tank would do much better.