Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WTB: Truegold Cooldown

There are a lot of ways to make money but there are none easier at the moment then Truegold.  When you see people advertising in trade that they want to buy your Truegold cooldown do not be a moron and sell it to them.  Use it as a reminder.  It is reminding you that you can easily make huge money for mere seconds worth of work.

People are routinely offering 200-250g on my server for the cooldown for Truegold and idiots are selling them left and right.  If you are an alchemist I implore you not to ever sell it.  If you are not an alchemist then I implore you to buy it off of every alchemist that is stupid enough to sell it.

The reason you do not sell it is easy enough.  Lets assume that you have no materials at all.  I had enough just from leveling to make Truegold for a week but that is besides the point, lets say you have nothing.

Making Truegold takes requires 3 Pyrium Bars, 10 Volatile Fire, 10 Volatile Water and 10 Volatile Air to make.

Prices on my server are as follows.

Pyrium Bar - 20g (x3 = 60g)
Volatile Fire - 12g (x10 = 120g)
Volatile Water - 5g (x10 = 50g)
Volatile Air - 15g (x10 = 150g)

That is a total of 380g for all the materials.

Truegold sells for 1200g.  That is a 820g profit for less then 1 minutes work making it yourself.

This is why a moron will be the only one that sells their cooldown for 200-250g.  Why make 250g when you can make 820g? 

There are, gladly, many really stupid people that play this game.  As a matter of fact most people are stupid enough that if if you post WTB: Truegold Cooldown 250g you will most likely get 10 whispers in a matter of seconds even on a small server like mine.

Go to the action house and buy the mats and have them make it.  Even adding the 250g you are paying for the transmute your costs are only 630g for you to sell for 1200g.  You are still almost doubling your money.

So get moving, there is a small fortune to be made with Truegold right now and it doesn't take and time or effort.  Time is money and this takes little time.  For 3 minutes time you can make 570g minimum.  That sounds pretty good to me.

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