Thursday, December 2, 2010

Going to have some free time.

This could be dangerous for me. I was going to take off Tuesday so I could knock out my Hunter to level 85.  It really should not take more then 24 hours if I get lucky with not having to wait for mobs to respawn.  I had set up to take vacation 3 weeks ago and never got the chance to go.  Being there are only a few weeks left to the year and I have four weeks vacation left for the year I said what the hell, I'll take the whole week and take the other 3 weeks as extra pay.  So leveling here I come.

Now to figure out what is next.  Being I will have lots of free time I will probably level 2 or 3 characters to 85 before I go back to my main, the Hunter, and work on achievements.  The question is who is number 2?  Honestly I have only 2 real option as far as who I like to play.  My Druid or my Priest.  My Priest has been getting a ton of use being we have been short a healer. 

I can look at this two ways really.  Be selfish and not level the Priest right away so I do not have a healer at 85.  If I do not have a healer then I can not be forced to fill in for one.  I will actually get to play my main.  I've not really played my main much in the last 4 months because we needed a healer.  That annoys the ever living shit out of me really.

If I level my Druid first it is a Bear Tank and we have more then enough tanks at the moment.  We have two Paladins, one Warrior, and one Death Knight tank at our disposal.  Two of those tanks do not play their alt spec at all, so that means we have two dedicated tanks and possible fill ins.  We might have a time when we need a Bear Tank for something but that would be rare. 

It would actually help me and help the team leveling the Bear second.  It helps me as the tank is not needed, we have enough, so I will be allowed to play my main.  It helps the team because under the rare chance we might actually be in need of a bear tank there would be someone, me, capable of filling that spot.  Thing is, Blizzard said they would never create something that would require a single class, so the chances of that happening are slim to none.

I have other options as I have other 80s.  I really want to give Shaman healing a try so I can go that way but it could very well put me in the position of having to heal and not playing my main.  I do not want another cycle of this game where I have more raid achievements on my alt then I do on my main.  I am sorry, that is not selfish, that is my right.  I hate that my Priest has achievements my Hunter doesn't.  Not that I mind playing it but I do mind that I have to play it when there are still things I need for my Hunter.

I could level my Mage, they are stupid easy to level.  I might save that for that very reason.  When I am in the mood to do some leveling but not really in the mood to have to think I can level my Mage some. One button questing is great when watching football.

My Death Knight is always an option of course but it is my bank alt so it is not really high on my list.  It is 80 so it can level its profession, neither of which require ever leaving a city, so it does not need to level up really.  Not to mention I hate melee with a passion.

I could level my Rogue, but as I just mentioned, I hate melee with a passion.  Add to that, I hate Rogues even more then I hate melee.  Getting my Rogue to 80 is the biggest accomplishment I achieved in this game so far.  I should get a medal for it.  Anyone that levels one should.  Anyone that leveled a rogue without rested and without heirlooms should be checked into an institution immediately unless they did it for PvP reasons because there is something seriously wrong with them.  So Rogue is not an option as you might have noticed.

If I look at things from a profession perspective then I need Alchemy, Jewelcrafting and Enchanting up at max as soon as possible for my raiding needs.  Does this help me any really?

Not a whole lot.  My Hunter will be getting Alchemy to max so that is already done with him. My bank DK and my Priest are enchanters and my Druid and Warrior are JCers.  My Warrior is only 70 so that is out of the question and my DK is a bank character so that is out of the question.  So we are back to where I started this whole decision making process.

So we are back to the Druid or the Priest.  Even if I look at which I prefer to level with it is still hard.  My Priest can go forever without stopping.  Even more so now with the smite healing.  Shields are OP when questing.  As soon as you learn to shield yourself you will never take damage again unless you make a mistake and over pull.  Bears are fun.  Run in, grab 12 zillion mobs, swipe, swipe swipe and everything is dead.  Oh wait, no swipe spam any more.  Looks like the Priest just took the lead here.  Bears are still easy leveling however, they can take a beating and keep going forever as long as you know your limits.

I guess I will roll with the Priest first anyway.  I can heal noobs in LFD a lot easier then I can tank for them.  I guess that is what it really comes down to.  Healing, while just as stressful and seemingly harder in cata, I can deal with failing.  Most of the time I do not feel like it is my fault even if I hate seeing people die on my watch.  Some people do stupid things, no matter how good a healer is you can not heal stupid. 

When I tank, I take it a lot more personal.  If someone pulls off of me it might be a bad DPS, but that just means I need to be a better tank.  If I see a stupid DPS pulling threat on a mob I will need to pay more attention to building treat on that mob.  I need to adapt, do I have enough threat on the mob everyone else is on?  Now to start working on this one. Sometimes, if you get a few stupid DPS it is impossible to keep up, at least it is impossible for me.  I am just not that skilled.  So I take it personally.  Maybe other tanks can do it, I can't.  So I only tank for people I know.  I do not use LFD system on my Bear, stopped that stupid habit a long time ago and not going back to it ever again.

Guess it looks like my Priest will be my number two character and I will have the time to level it up as well.  I wonder if I will have the time to get all three up to 85 in the time I am off?  Quite possible I guess.  Depends on how well the experience flows and who else is on at the time. 

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