Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How I plan to level.

Putting there here more so for myself so I can remember it.

1) Log out at Dal flight path.
2) Log in and train old world flight.
3) Go train fishing.
4) Go train cooking.
5) Take a pass to see if the portal to Caverns of Time is still there.
6) Go train Herbalism.
7) Go train Archeology.
8) Go train Alchemy.
9) Go train First Aid.
10) Hearth to Stormwind.
11) Pick up Vashj'ir breadcrumb quest.
12) Quest in Vashj'ir until 82.
13) Quest in Deepholm until 83
14a) If portal to CoT is still in dal, ring to dal and use it to get to Uldum faster.
14b) If not, follow quests to lead me to Uldum or fly.
15) Hopefully hit 85 there.  I love the look so going to do everything I can find there not to mention, almost all the dungeons are there too.

To explain in case you are wondering...

I choose to go Vashj'ir because all guides are saying Hyjal. So with guides saying that, people liking Hyjal because it is faster to get to and Vashj'ir having a long cut scene to start it all turning people off of Vashj'ir I might be able to get more done there with less people around.

I choose to log out in Dalaran because all the trainers I need are closer together there and I can check to see if the CoT Portal is still there that way. Not to mention I am sure the lag in the first 5 minutes of up time in Stormwind will be insane.  After 5 minutes most people will be gone trying to get the jump on quests and I will be done picking up all the things I need to train.

I have my mammoth, so no need to stop for vendors to unload to or repairs. 
I'll mail off everything of white quality that might be needed for something later to a predetermined alts mailbox to look at later.
Being I am not going for realm first I will stop and loot everything no matter what.

As soon as I hit 85 I will set to "discover" all instance entrances.

The ones I should have already.
1) Thrones of the Tides.  Should have found it while questing in Vashj'ir but for note it is in the whirlpool in the Abyssal Depths.  Jump in, it will suck me down, it will be the door in front of me.  Talk to the guy outside to get back out.
2) The Stonecore. In deeepholm, outside the temple of earth door, it is about 2/3rds of the way up on the second rock formation to my right.
3) The Vortex Pinnacle. High in the sky over the south east waters of Uldum.
4) Lost City of Tol'Vir.  Right in front of the waterfall.  I'll be doing all the quests there so will probably get this without trying.
5) Halls of Origination. East side of the pyramid, another I should find naturally.

The ones I need to get later.
1) Blackrock Caverns. To find it enter through Burning Steppes, make a right, first open door I come to.2) Grim Batol. I already know where that is, been in the game forever.  Now in twilight highlands however.  Just fly into TH from wetlands, I'll find it from that direction.

Note to self:  Self... see if you can get these two tonight somehow.

After I hit 85 I will continue on that character before going to level an alt until all professions are maxed (except archeology being that will take more time) and all zones have been totally completed.  While completing the other zones I will stay in LFD every second that I am on in hopes there are enough 85s to get me into some groups.

I am actually excited about this release for as much as I know it will frustrate me.  It is the first time I have been this excited about a game being released since Dragon Warrior 4 for the NES came out, damn I loved that game.  And the last time I got a game the day it came out was when Final Fantasy 7 came out for the playstation, still the best FF by a long shot, none will ever come close. I've entered back into geek mode it seems. 

While I am mentioning old games there is one other I have to note.  Wasteland, without doubt my favorite RPG of all time and the basis for all the names of my main characters in my books.  While my writing is nothing like the story of the game I liked the game so much I paid tribute to it by naming all my characters after characters from that game.  Shhh, that is a secret, don't tell anyone.

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