Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adjustments, Weird and Cool


When questing that first day going through Deepholm I had mentioned to a few friends that they really need to adjust herb respawn rate.  There were so many I kept getting distracted by them and forgetting about my quests.  Not like that is a bad thing.  I just never pass an herb node unless I have to.  This meant that I spent more time in Deepholm farming herbs then questing that first time around.

In my time there I farmed over 2000 herbs.  I was only there for a few hours.  I knew they where going to have to adjust it and I am glad they did but I think they adjusted it a bit to much.  Since that initial burst I've farmed left and right for herbs, this time looking for them and not just stumbling over them, and I doubt I have found 200 in the many days after that.  The last time I needed to empty out my herb bag was the second day of release.  From one extreme to another.

My bank character was very happy from my first days herb gathering however.  Not for money to be made but for inscription.  My bank character is a scribe and with all those herbs I was able to get a serious amount of inks. Have to love that one.


The other day I got the achievement for Fungalophobia and I was not even doing it yet.  I was trying to do it.  I was standing at the respawn spot to talk to the earthmender so I could start the quest and some people just ran right past me.  The earthmender was not there so I figured they did not know the quest said you need to talk to her.  They apparently went straight in, as a group, and killed Glop.  I got credit for the quest being done having never talked to the earthmender, never shooting one shot at Glop, hell, never even moving.  I also got the achievement.

I've noticed that a lot of the quest bosses allow anyone that contributed to get credit for the kill and some where anyone in the area will get credit for the kill.  So I will guess this is maybe one like that.  If it is one of those area rewards for the kill I do not think there should be an achievement like this for it.  While I do not mind getting an achievement for doing nothing it feels rather cheap.  At least make me be in range of getting hit from at least one boomshroom before giving me the achievement.  It is pretty easy to avoid getting hit by something when you are never near it to get hit by it.  Maybe it was just a bug.  Weird.


I got another achievement yesterday with help from a few other people.  Not like they knew they where helping me.  My Very Own Broodmother came thanks to three other people that I guess did not want to take time to wait their turn.  I rang the stone and jumped up.  At first they all stood back but then all jumped on and helped.  The dragon was down in less then 30 seconds.  I got the achievement. 

I am sure they will patch that at some point saying you have to do it alone but I am not sure how they will do that.  That would mean if someone else comes along and hits it while you are doing it they screw you out of the achievement.  Being it is a daily the odds are many people will be doing it if you do it during prime play time. They will most likely leave it as is and just make it that you can not be in a group to do it.  Either way, a thank you goes out to those unknown helpers.

Dungeon Cool:

I was in Stonecore on the dragon boss and the tank, healer and one DPS all go down about half way into the fight leaving just me and a DK.  I have aggro the moment the tank dies and I decided that I want to keep it that way.  While those stones can be a LoS nightmare for healers and ranged it can also be a nightmare for the boss it seems. 

I used them to keep the dragon LoSed as the DK beat the crap out of him along with my pet.  It took a while but with some quick movements, a healing potion, bandage and luck we downed the boss, just me and DK and my trusty cat.  Mind you, this was on normal and not heroic.  I think on heroic I would have ended up as road kill trying to kite the dragon around the stones.

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