Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quest for the Bloated Mud Snapper

The Bloated Mud Snapper is part of the achievement for The Limnologist.  I figured with not much to do before Cataclysm lands in a few days I would try to fish up some of the rare fish.  The fish is caught in the same area where you catch Old Ironjaw.  I had joked with a friend that I bet I catch Old Ironjaw before I catch the Bloated Mud Snapper and guess what?

Old Ironjaw popped up before the Bloated Mud Snapper did.

My catch count at the time of catching Old Ironjaw was as follows.

Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper - 182
Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish - 82
Raw Brilliant Smallfish - 56
19 Pound Catfish - 1
Lesser mana potion - 1
Lesser healing potion - 1
Schematic: Small Seaforium Charge - 1
Old Ironjaw - 1

So that was actually not all that bad really.  Now lets see how many more it takes to get what I went fishing for to start out with, from that point on the catches are as follows.

Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper -835
Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish -312
Raw Brilliant Smallfish -226
17 Pound Catfish -8
19 Pound Catfish - 3
Lesser healing potion - 4
Lesser mana potion - 1
Veteran Gloves - 1
Old Ironjaw - 1

Okay, I gave up for now.  I could not sit and fish in one area any longer today.  And yes, I caught Ironjaw again.  I did not add the lists, that is two different lists.  Wish I could sell Ironjaw being I have an extra now.

Catching these bloated fish is going to be hell with my bad luck.  This achievement will take me years I am sure.

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