Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Droping in Dungeons

We did a few guild run heroics last night and had to pug a healer being we are still not healing ready so to speak.  If you are going to need a 5th person ever the healer is the one you want as your 5th. 

Pugging a DPS could mean you always have a dead DPS because they do something wrong or a dead group because they do something wrong.  Same goes for pugging a tank.  As long as a healer knows how to heal and step out of stuff on the ground they are fine, there really isn't anything they can do that could mess anyone up.

I just noticed that healers, like tanks, drop groups for no reason.  Even when there no one is wiping.  I don't get it.

First run was BRC heroic as our random.  No problems there, even got the achievement on the first guy.  We had one wipe on the 3rd boss because he bugged and did not want to leave the center.  Anyone else have that happen sometimes?  Annoying I tell you.  Otherwise it was a smooth run.  Thank god for guild runs.  Every PuG I get into can not get past the first boss and even if we do, the second boss is a dead end.

The healer was a good healer.  Priest, so they had to drink a lot, but they did a fantastic job.  When we were done we told the priest we were going to do another one and the priest said they would love to come along.  I guess for them finding a good group is as exciting as for me finding a good group on a random.  The priest said that they needed 5 minutes.  So we said we would take a 5 minute break and then go for another.

Have to admit, finding a group that can run through a heroic without wiping (except for that bug) it is a group you want to stay with.  I know I would not leave if I was the fifth and someone said to me they wanted to do another.  Finding a group like that is rare at this moment in wow, or at least for me it is.

When we were ready to choose another random the healer dropped.  This is 2 seconds after he said he was good for another.  No big deal, we will grab another healer.  We enter the next heroic. ToT.  I've never done that one on heroic and was worried because the trash there is worse then any of the bosses on normal so I knew heroic would be interesting.

Needless to say, we wipe on trash.  I saw it coming.  We come back in, finish the trash and move on to the first boss.  Down the boss no problem.  One person went down early but it was no big deal, we were still able to down the boss easy.

We go along to the second boss, down it no problem.  Healer leaves without saying a word.  Okay, maybe they were looking for a drop from that boss.  We get a new healer.  Tank runs into the first pack and gets his butt handed to him and dies.  We somehow manage to hold them all off only lossing one of the DPS and the tank zergs back in and joins us to down the last one. 

Wow, that was interesting.  Did the tank really get hit that hard or was the healer really that slow?  Who knows and we did not get a chance to see their healing ability any more.  The healer waited for the tank to pull the next trash pack first before leaving of course. 

Why do all assholes do that?  They could have said, I have to go.  They could have said  you suck because you wipe on trash I am out of here.  They could have said anything.  Why wait until someone pulls before leaving?  I will never understand that concept.  I guess you need to be a special type of stupid to understand what retards like that are thinking.

We get another healer, decked in all heroics too.  Okay, we might be able to get this one done.  Healer comes in like he owns the place.  Tells everyone what is happening and so forth.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We go in and pull and start downing stuff. One person drops. Then another.  It is just me, the tank and the healer now.  I drop.  The healer drops.  It is just the tank now.  He is doing damn good all by himself too.  We zerg back in and the tank dies just before we get to him.  The mobs had like 2% life left.  Damn we where close.

Healer of course, leaves.  That one was a good thing for us.  The healer never healed anyone but himself and the tank.  That is why we all dropped so quick.  That thing lifting people in the air and dropping them causing them to take damage must be the DPS's own fault and that is why the healer did not heal any of the DPS.  I only lasted longer because I always disengage when dropped.  That way I take no fall damage.  Some heroic geared healer.  That guy sucked big time.  As a healer your main job is to heal.  When you do not heal anyone you really are not useful at all.  We are lucky they left.

Next healer comes in.  We move along the hall and come to that guy that throw everyone up in the air again for our revenge this time and everyone dies.  Healer said, I'm sorry I did not know he would do that, never been here.  I say, no worries, now you know.  We all need to learn some time.

We down the trash and get to the boss and give the healer a quick run down.  I love explaining fights to a healer.  In most cases they are as simple as "stay out of the bad stuff and heal people".  This is one of those fights.  He gets it, we down it with no problem, we move on.

On the route to the last boss we wipe on the trash not once, not twice, but three times.  Holy crap.  What the hell was that?  Healer could not keep up with the AoE the water guys do.  Hey, it is his first ever heroic and he has never even been in this one even on normal.  We all cut him some slack.

We get to the boss and explain it to him again.  Stay out of the bad stuff and heal people.  Healing is so easy to explain to someone that has never done the simple bosses before.  Running with rookie healers is a hell of a lot easier then running with rookie DPS.  We wipe once.  Come back and blow it away no problem.

I knew it before we even started.  I said it to my guild mates on vent.  I said I bet we wipe on the trash more then bosses and that held true.  We wiped so many times on trash and only once on a boss.

I must say I am glad that I was able to get a few heroics in with the guild.  Doing them on randoms is frustrating as hell.  Heck, even normals are still frustrating sometimes.  I got HoO as my normal random yesterday with a group of all 85s and a tank that did not realize that keeping those guys in the puddles on the ground healed them.  Oh joy.  I hope I do not run into that tank in a heroic if he can not handle basic tactics in a normal.

I just wonder what the problem with healers is?  They leave for no reason.  They leave at the first sign of trouble.  They leave because they do not get a drop.  I had always thought of healers as the selfless ones.  The type of people that sacrifice their own personal glory for the betterment of a team effort.  Lately healers seem to be the new tanks.  All self centered and everything is all about them. 

Why is it that healers leave so often and usually for no reason?  Maybe the instant query is what makes them do it.  I think being healers and tanks are in such small numbers that they take advantage of that.  I think there should be very stiff penalties for leaving right after a boss fight that was not a wipe.  Something like a 48 hour cooldown where you can not enter any dungeons or any raids.  That would keep people from dropping group for no reason or because they are pissed their item did not drop.

Actually, that is a fantastic idea.  If anyone ever leaves at any point in the dungeon that was not directly preceded by a compete wipe gets a 48 hour debuff that will not allow them to enter any instances (raid or dungeon) until it is off.  That will keep people from leaving mid pull or if their item does not drop.  Great idea, problem fixed.

Could you imagine some top end raiding guild not being able to run because their top healer was acting like some elitist prick leaving a random group mid pull?  That would make my day.

Yes, I am aware that would never work.  People would just close the wow window and wait until they where kicked for disconnecting to avoid the debuff, but it is still a nice idea. 

I just do not get why people drop so quickly.  Even more so after a successful and easy boss fight.  That makes no sense.

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