Thursday, December 16, 2010

If you can't beat them...

I've come to the realization that it will probably take about a month or two before doing heroics in a random is even an option so I have decided to stop even trying.  That alone has made my enjoyment of the game increase.  Once I no longer feel the need to do heroics all the time and become more willing to wait until guild members are on it is one of those out of sight out of mind problems now.

I figured that by the time I got to level 85 and got geared up for heroics that there would be so many people that are hardcore players, players much better then me, that would be in the system ready to do these dungeons.  I was wrong, completely wrong.  Seems the hard core players did it right and never stepped into LFD and the bad players are the only ones that where in it.  What is that saying?  It is hard to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.

As time is passing I noticed it seems the casuals are the ones that make LRD a success and not the hardcores.  The reason dungeons where so fast where because of people that do them all the time and do them with 6 alts per day.  That is why they were fast.  Those players are the players classified as casuals or altaholics.  It is that class of player I have to wait for before doing heroics are an option.

My problem is because I fall in the middle of the pack.  I am not hard core.  I do not min/max.  I do not stress if I miss a shot in my rotation (although there is never any excuse for not being hit capped).  I do not scream that everyone is bad whenever they do not do everything perfect.  I am also not the casual that just does it for fun or just really does not care.  I do it for fun but I do care.  If you do not do your best then you are a bad player.  Notice I said your best, not the best your class is capable of.  That is what makes me casual and not hard core.  I do not expect everyone to be perfect.

As it seems the casual players are catching up now.  Normals, which where annoyingly over an hour, are starting to be quick.  It seems the casual masses have now arrived in normals and this is a blessing.  People have already stopped asking for CC.  Bosses are going down in 30 seconds.

While I love that dungeons are under 40 minutes again I am really not liking the idea that normals are so easily out geared.  Does this mean that in 2 more weeks heroics will be the same way and I can finally get a pug that can kill more then one boss?

The main idea of normals, or so they say, is to be an easy version of heroics.  Beating a boss in 30 seconds is not really an easy version of a boss.  How it is an easy version of a boss when you can completely ignore the mechanics of the fights and brute force your way through it. 

Second boss in BRC is the perfect example.  Why screw with the beams if she is going to be dead before even one of the assistants turn?  Try not blocking any of the beams in heroic right now.  Not happening.  Maybe in a few gear bumps but right now it would mean instant wipe.

Aren't normals supposed to be to teach people the mechanics?  Kind of hard to do when the boss is dead before they ever even see any of the mechanics happen.

Maybe I have just been getting unlucky with groups when I try heroics.  I've actually had a few friends tell me they go a couple of bosses in usually and I read on the forums all the time about people saying they have had no issues in pugs. 

I just always seem to get the groups with the tank that runs in saying "I'll tank in my DPS gear, but don't worry I'm good." or the healer that say "I'm going to heal in shadow because my mana regen is better that way" or the DPS that says "gogogo I've got class in 10 minutes".

I should get used to bad luck, if it were not for bad luck I would have no luck at all.  In all of LK content I only won 1 roll, ever, in ICC 25.   That is basically my luck in a nutshell.

Oh, did I have a point here?  I think I did. 

They need to make normals harder.

The trash is okay on normals, they are down to reasonable times to run them, now boost the bosses so people can actually see mechanics before the boss is dead. 

And, if you can't beat them, join them... I'll just slow down and become more casual and wait for the masses to catch up.  I guess it is my own fault for being heroics ready in about 30 hours after the game was released and not being hard core.  Sometimes being in the middle can really suck.

Dungeons will live and die on the casual player.  I can't wait for them to catch up so it will make LFD tool useful again, it will be great.  At least I only have 4 possible characters to run through it at the moment.  Maybe by the time I have 8 ready for it they might be worth running.

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