Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time to work on the healers?

My Bear is leveling as a Bear of course.  Resto is not really great for questing.  My Shaman will level Enhancement.  Again, Resto is not really great for questing.  My Priest is Disc and will level Disc however.  When it comes to questing you might kill things a tad bit slower but you will never get hit if you control your battles.

When thinking of which healer to level first I have to figure out which one is the best route to go.  Priest has the obvious advantage of not needing to gear up for two different specs.  However, with Priest mana regen being nerfed as bad as it has I do not look forward to healing as a Priest at all.  That is why I am locked at 80 for now.  Until I decide. 

I heal for guild mates on the low level dungeons and do not have to worry about taking the penalty of leveling.  Really, leveling as a healer makes people cringe in pain.  Each time you level you think to yourself how much harder it just got.

That harder part is one of the reasons I think I want to level a healer now.  After tons of failures in dungeons I know as a DPS with the wait time and failure of groups it feels like it is going to take me a year to finish them all.  With a healer I still get to be challenged with mana issues but I get instant query and basically if I wanted to I can hand pick who I run with for premades to assure I do not have run with people that will make mistakes.

Based on seeing the healers I had yesterday in the GB I was in, the ones that could not move from Blitz over and over, there is proof positive that you do not even need to be good to be decked out in all heroic and raid gear already.  They were all horrible and they all had fantastic gear.

As a healer I can be decked out in full heroics in less then 1 day.  That seems almost too easy if you ask me.  Instant query.  More tolerance being everyone knows mana issues are bad now. Being able to pick my own groups.  Not having to worry about so much in dungeons.  I don't know about you, but that all seems good to me.

As DPS you wait forever and then all the pressure is on you.  You need to burn the boss before the healer goes OOM.  You need to switch to adds.  You need to interrupt.  You basically need to do everything. 

As a tank you need to keep the mobs off everyone else which can sometimes be harder then other times but you also get instant query.  You are also expected to mark all mobs and make all assignments.

As a healer everything is easy compared (when not considering mana issues). 

Boss does not go down fast enough?  Not the healers fault.
Adds not getting killed?  Not the healers fault.
Mobs all over the place?  Not the healers fault.
CC not used?  Not the healers fault.
CC broken?  Not the healers fault.

Anything that goes wrong is usually not the healers fault.  Not in this day and age where everyone knows that  all fights have an unwritten enrage timer on them and that enrage timer is called the healers mana bar.  As soon as that mana bar hits 0 everyone dies.  It is not the healers fault they went OOM, it is the DPS that are at fault.  If they downed the boss faster you would not have run out of mana.

The "hard" part of cataclysm dungeons are avoidable damage, cc and interrupts.  Avoiding damage is easy once you do it a few times, CC is more about someone assigning it and interrupts are not the healers problem.  So all the healer has to do is heal the people around them.  Stressful for sure but more often then not if there is a wipe it is not the healers fault.

So I would get to fill the role no one else seems to want to play, I would get to finally see content on a more then one dungeon per day rate and I would not be the one with all the pressure on me.  Not to mention that with no healers in my guild now really (only 1 at 85) I can run randoms all day long AND help my guild out by helping gear them up.

Like I said, the mana bar is the only real pressure on healers if they are running with competent people.  So if you think about it that way, there really is no pressure.

Now back to what I was thinking.  Which healer should I level?

I think my Disc Priest is the best option because I enjoy playing it and in the end, even with the issues they have now, I want to have fun playing the game and I would like to enjoy what I do.  I find Disc healing fun and I really want to find something fun in this expansion because so far there is too little to enjoy about it.

I've never healed as a Shaman however.  My Shaman does not even have a second spec.  I've had three people tell me however that Shaman healing is easy.  One person said he rolled a Shaman healer so his dog can take over for him when he had to go to the bathroom.  Of course it was a joke but that kind of explains how easy he thought Shaman healing is.  I am not entirely sure I would like that however.  I want some challenge even if minimal.

As for my Druid I am still depressed that there is no tree any more.  If anything that is reason enough not to play a Druid healer.  I also need to work on my Druid anyway because I need to level my jewel crafting.

Now to see what happens tonight.  I'll go on my Hunter and do my dailies and hope that I get a group that does not suck.  2 days in a row without a heroic now.  Then I will see how much time I have left and decide on a whim.

So far everything in this expansion makes no sense what so ever.

Like my second highest leveled character is my Rogue.  What the hell is that?  Why am I even playing my Rogue?

This expansion makes no sense and everything around it makes no sense either.

I've already got my excuse for letting stupid DPS die in heroics.

I'm sorry, you must have been out of my range while standing in that avoidable damage when I moved away from it.

Yes, I'll let people die if they do the same mistake more then twice.  See, I am nice.  I give them two times to learn.

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