Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I look forward to... I don't look forward to... Why MM?

I've leveled my DPS main, a Hunter of course.  I put some time in on my Rogue and my Mage.  They are all the same animal however, they are DPS.  Now that I am leveling my Bear and my Disc Priest I have to look forward to a different aspect of the new dungeons.

Length of the dungeons have been my only real complaint about them so far and I see that becoming shorter in time.  Length of waiting for the dungeon however I see continuing to be long for DPS and possibly even longer as time passes by being it seems more and more like tanks and healers are going the guild only route.

Does that mean that I will start running my Tank and Healer in randoms?  Probably not.  I did not like doing it in wrath when everything was a cake walk so why would I do it when things might actually require more brain cells then it takes for some college kid to light a joint.

I look forward to tanking actually. 

Being I am only leveling my tank now it is behind the pack.  This means that most of the DPS should have already started to learn the "new rules" by the time I get there.  The main reason I hated tanking was because people would pew pew everything before I even got to it.  They would not focus fire and they would not wait for me to position mobs.

Now they are being taught, by the unfortunate tanks that leveled first, that you need to wait for the tank to position the pull.  You need to CC when needed.  You need to focus fire.  If they are capable of learning then maybe, just maybe, tanking might be fun again.  I hated tanking in wrath because everyone went all balls to the wall on everything even if I hadn't gotten to it yet.  So maybe there is some potential to bring the fun back into tanking.

I don't look forward to healing however.

I leveled my Disc Priest doing only PvP until level 60, quested from 60-80 and then offered my services to guild mates so they could get instant query for heroics to gear myself up and ended up healing ICC  7 bosses in right as I hit 80 thanks to the 30% buff.  I had the easy route.  I am not a good healer, never have been a good healer and I doubt I will like the feel of healing at 85 so I am really not looking forward to healing.

I can attempt to get better really and I might just do that but unlike in wrath where I moved from quest greens to ICC without batting an eye I am going to take the slow route here.  I am not going to be relearning to heal I am going to be learning to heal to begin with.  What I was doing before could barely be called healing.  The moments where it where challenging where few and far between and those moments where only challenging because I was healing ICC in quest greens and blues. 

I liked the excitement of being tested back then and it being hard back then.  The sad part is that did not last long.  A few weeks in ICC and I had all T10 gear and it was no longer a challenge.  My learning curve for healing was about 2 weeks.  That basically mean I have no clue what I am really doing.  I am not looking forward to healing in a way that I really don't know how to do it well. 

If there is any plus side it is that I will really be learning for the first time so I will be learning the right way.  Sometimes it is easier to learn something the first time then it is to relearn something you have been doing forever.  Habits are hard to break.  Maybe it should be the players I am group with that should not be looking forward to me healing.

Why MM?

A Hunter friend that switched to Survival asked me yesterday why I am still MM with MM looking like the worst DPS spec at the moment.  He has a point.  I am doing the same DPS now that I was doing at 80.  It really does kind of suck and if you know anything about Hunters then you know that MM has the most demanding timing of shots of any spec.  So it does bad DPS in comparison and it is harder to maintain the SS buff with all the movement in fights.

I am staying MM right now because everyone is in the learning phase of things.  People do not have mechanics down to the point where it is trivial yet and healers are still mana starved most of the time.  My Chimera shot heals me.  Yeap.  That is the only reason I am still MM.  To take stress off the healer.

I will usually tell the healer not to worry about me at all unless it is group wide damage that is unavoidable.  Otherwise my Chimera shot should be more then enough to keep me healed through any encounter.  When learning a fight it is more about survival then high DPS. 

My Chimera heals me for around 6K and apparently can crit as I have seen 12K heals on rare occasion.  I can shoot that every 10 seconds.  That means I can heal myself every 10 seconds for a minimum of 6K.  If I am taking more then 6K damage every 10 seconds from avoidable damage then I am doing something wrong and the healer should let me die in my opinion.  Outside of group wide damage I should never need more then the occasional HoT and that is about it. 

I am staying MM now because I am still learning and the healers are still under geared.  Maybe when the time comes where a healer can afford to throw a heal at me every 10 seconds if needed then I might switch to get more DPS but at the moment it is all about survival and oddly enough, MM gives me more survival then survival does.

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