Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Burnt Out

I've been feeling a bit burnt out lately with the game.  So much so a friend of mine even said maybe I should just take some time off and come back in a month.  The new expansion has basically left nothing in the game that is even mildly enjoyable.

Questing as a whole is retarded now with its linear design.  It gives so play room.  You have to do what you are told to get the next batch of quests.

Loremaster for the new zones is a joke now too.  You will get it because you have to do quests in order.  As long as you finish the zone you get it.  Why give an award for something you are doing to do anyway?  That is like giving an award for waking up in the morning.

Archeology is tedious.  You fly all over the world to dig three spaces.  Sometimes you get lucky and a dig site will appear near you and sometimes they are all the way on the other side of the continent.  Sure, this isn't required but it is supposed to be a small mini game within the game for fun and it does offer a few vanity items and BoA goodies.  That is not exactly fun.

Then when you reach 450 you can start doing digs for Tol'Vir but there is one problem there.  You need to clear other dig sites in Kalimdor to get to dig sites there and hope you are lucky enough for one of them to pop up.  You basically spend two hours to get one dig worth digging. 

Add to that the fact those most of those digs you have to dig up just so you can get Tol'Vir will give you fossils.  The most useless type of item you can get.  There is nothing there worth even getting and you will end up with thousands of them if you want to try and get everything from Tol'Vir.  Archeology is the worst.

Check that, it is the second worst, the worst is trying to get the finishing achievements.  Seven hours trying to catch one fish and still not getting it?  My god who the hell would think that is fun?  If it were not for the fact I was busy talking to people and time passed fast basically because I was doing it while otherwise occupied it is something that is not worth doing.  It is not fun to just cast and catch for seven hours trying to catch a fish for a few achievement points that are not worth nothing.  Things like this are supposed to be things you do for fun to pass time.  This is not fun.

Leveling alts used to be something I got into when I was bored.  With the questing as crappy as it is and the new areas all horrible (with exception of Uldum) I've no desire to level any alts.  Yet when I did, I leveled my Rogue to 85 believe it or not, the leveling process goes by way to fast.  It does not even take any effort to level now.  Talk about two extremes.  We have to waste time doing nothing (read archeology and fishing) and something that should take time like leveling and learning your character you burn through without even much thought.

Next weekend I will bang out another 85.  It is not like it takes any effort any more.  That is if I can bare with the fact I have to do those same quest over and over again.  I want choice people.  What choice is there.

Phasing is the worst game advancement ever.  Try mining or herbing after completing all the quests in twilight highland.  It goes something like this.

1) See node.
2) Land on node.
3) Node disappears.
4) Mount up and fly away.
5) Node reappears.
6) Go back and land.
7) Node disappears again.
8) Mount up and fly away.
9) Node reappears.

Either the node is there or not.  Phase should not matter.  What this is doing is making a ton of phantom nodes.  Once you do that land and fly away thing a few times you just stop trying.  I've made a little game out of it.  I try and see how close I can get before it disappears.  Once in a rare while I am able to tap it from max distance.  While leveling my miner I tapped the same one three times that way.  I got no ore from mining it but did get 12100 experience from it all three times.  That was fun.  Phasing sucks.  Say it along with me everyone, phasing sucks.

Now lets get to what should be the fun.  End game.  Don't even get me started here.  Pugging heroics is still something only a sadist would do.  While doing it with the guild is getting easier and easier and almost to the point we do not even need CC any more and only do it for fun to see who can CC faster.  I love putting the frog in a trap.  It is not something you can do just for fun yet.  I liked that when I was bored I would run a heroic for the hell of it just to pass the time.  Can't do that any more.

Now lets get to raids.  Alliance won Tol Barad for only the second time since the game was released.  Everyone is in trade saying they are making groups.  Must have achievement.  WTF???  Must have achievement?  This is only the second time we have had control.  So you are saying that people that where not online or did not get into one the first time we had it can't run it now?  I hate my server.

That is another thing that has be burnt out.  My server sucks.  I do not mean in the extent that it is just behind the curve.  No one is even raiding on my server yet.  One of the top guilds was trying their first ever raid last night.  That sucks for sure but what sucks even more is that being there are so few that are doing it or even trying it there of course will not be a lot of achievements because no one will be doing it.  So in about 2 or 3 months when the rest of the server catches up you will have more people with link achievement for invite.  How?  We are on a crap server where maybe 30 people will have the achievement.

I could go on and on but it is quite evident that I am burnt out on the game.  Maybe I am just grumpy, well of course I am just grumpy, that is what I do.

I've thought about ways to bring life back into the game.

Switch servers to a better server.  I should be raiding already and not sitting around listening to idiots saying whisper achievement for something no one has had the chance to even get the achievement for yet.  I hate the fact I am still sitting doing dungeons.  I want to have some fun and that is not happening in any aspect of the game. Dungeons are not even fun when you can't random them other wise I would do that to pass the time.

I don't want to switch servers however because I enjoy playing with the people I play with.  Not to mention I do not like crowds to begin with so I would not like having that many people around.

I figured I would level my healer.  Healers are easy mode when it comes to having fun.  No one ever asks a healer for an achievement.  No one ever even gives a crap what their gear is like.  Can you heal?  Okay, here is an invite.  The thing is, I can not do this whole linear questing crap again so soon.  My healer is not a gathering character or I would level them like I am leveling my Druid, by mining basically.  Also, my healer is a priest and priest mana issues are quite discouraging. 

At least if I leveled my healer I would have the solution to my problem.  My problem is I am bored with the game because there is nothing to do.  With a healer there is always something to do because everyone wants you.

I also get to whip out a little bit of revenge against the whisper achievement assholes that I see spamming looking for a healer for two hours.  I'll make my list of people that did not invite my hunter because I did not have the achievement even if I said I know the fight and then when they need a healer I will whisper them telling them I am a healer but do not have the achievement (even if I do) and when they whisper back saying it is okay I do not need the achievement I will say, cool, let me switch to my hunter. 

Now that could be a lot of fun.  Oh, I have another I could do.  Join the group and let them get all ready and all buffed up and just about to go in and say, oops, sorry I have to leave.  Just to waste their time like they waste my time by not sending me an invite on my hunter.

I am just bored to sin.  There is nothing left to do in the game.  I leveled.  Doing it again is useless because it will be the same thing.  I worked on professions.  Nothing more to do there really.  I am not a sadist so the fishing and archaeology stuff will take a while and I will only do them while waiting on raid time or while doing something else like watching football or talking to people.  I refuse to do dungeons outside of guild just for something to do because the player base over all is still way behind me and while I do not mind helping a new people I hate having to deal with four people that never even read about the dungeons online before joining one. 

My server sucks so I can not raid as there is no one to raid with.  Even the top guilds would not invite me if they had a space open because they all have hunters and I might win something one of their hunters need.  I can bring my healer if I want to, or so they say.  Nope, you don't take my hunter then you can't have my priest.  Kind of simple there isn't it? 

I think it goes back to a long time ago.  I was invited by the top guild on the server at the time to run with them.  I said I never did the fights before and they said it was okay.  Not only did I never die once, I took the least damage and was top DPS by a long shot.  I was beating people 500-800 gear score higher then me by 2-3K.  I never said a word on vent so it was not like I offended anyone.  I never talked numbers or posted recount because I think anyone that does that in a group is an asshat.  I just never got an invite to another one.  Reason being.  I totally embarrassed all the DPS in the top guild on the server by having never even done the raid before and still destroying all of them in every possible way. 

Maybe doing the best you can do it not the right thing in this game, at least on my server.  Maybe I need to feed the ego of the people in the top guilds and tell them how great they are and make sure I never do anything to show them up.

Yeah right... better chance of me winning the lottery without even buying a ticket then that.  I would rather not play at all then kiss anyones ass.  I am a noob as far as I am concerned.  If you have been playing longer then me, have a better gear score, a better spec, and better people to back you up normally and I still beat you in DPS then you suck.  Plain and simple.  I am not going to kiss ass.  I am average at best.  You should be better then me.

I am just burnt out.  I log in and do my dailies and then what?  There is nothing left to do.

Switch servers to a server that pugs some?
Level a healer even if I hate the leveling process now?
Take a week or two off?

I don't really think any of that will help.  The problem is with the game and not with me.  So many people are in the same position as I am right now.  All dressed up with no place to go.  That is the games fault, not the players.

All I want to be able to do is to have something to do when I come online to play.  At the moment, be it my server or the game as a total, once you are done with your dailies there is nothing to do in the game any more.

Has every expansion been so horrible this shortly after release? 

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