Monday, December 6, 2010

A Whole New World (And I am not talking Cataclysm)

As I had mentioned earlier I have the whole week off from work.  My main, and the other two characters I am preparing to level after I am done with my main, are all set up and ready to go.  Not much to do with them really.  That just leaves me to play around with my alts some.

I have my Warrior at 71 now.  His jewelcrafting and engineering are high enough to just move into Cataclysm now so I will not stress the last few points.  So I decided to do the Dalaran fishing daily.  Even though my fishing skill is for the bird and I knew it would take a while.

Then something really odd happened.  Trade chat was mostly quiet.  Not much at all being said.  Whenever someone did say something it was coherent.  No idiots spelling you're as ur.  No morons answering questions with smart ass replies.

What game did I log into?  This is not the World of Warcraft I have been playing for over a year.  This place is... civil.  Polite.  People saying thank you when their question was answered and more importantly people answering them and not insulting the person for asking.

I am not sure what strange new world I walked into this morning but I like it.  I like it a lot.  Why can it not be like this all the time?  I have never had the chance to play during the day before like this when kids are at school.  I love it.  Love is actually an understatement.  It is amazing. 

It makes me think of how much better a game this would be, how much better a community it would be, if only Blizzard actually policed the trade chat a little more.  If it could be like this all the time it would be heaven.  Perhaps they should just start trade chat banning everyone that is being stupid.  Put a no BS policy in effect.  Seeing how great it can be without all the kiddies around makes me wish it were like this all the time.

I like this new world.  Sadly I work which means it will stay a world that is mostly unattainable for me as I have to play when all the kiddies are playing but I will enjoy it now while I can.  I really like it.

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