Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Thanks to the Lunar Festival and the new toy added I was able to get the toymaster achievement for getting my 150th toy.

- You ever notice that last one when you are stuck on it always seems to take forever?

- I now get to be a clockwork gnome.

- It looks so cool.

- Was walking around on my rogue as a clockwork gnome in stealth.

- Ohhh, scary.

- That 250th mount is still eluding me.

- Not from lack of trying either.

- Been soloing some of the faster raids like throne of the four winds and DS on multiple characters.

- Among other things as well.

- When are they going to add an option to skip all the role play in DS, I think it takes longer listening to all that stuff than it does doing the raid.

- I swear doing the trash before ultraxion on my rogue is a challenge.

- Can't get those things down, or dead, fast enough with just throw.

- I always end up starting the fight with something like 5 or 6 dragons still up breathing their fire all over the place.

- But like any person that thinks out strategy for soloing things I figured a way around that problem.

- I only kill the dragons that are blowing fire where I am going to need to stand.

- So when the boss spawns I usually still have a bunch of the dragons up with fire all over the place except the place I am standing in.

- Hey, whatever works right?

- Maybe someone that does not suck as bad on a rogue as I do can point out some sort of ranged tool I might have to handle them.

- Because I don't know of any.

- Do you know how many throws it takes to down one of those on 25 man with my crap gear.

- I'll give you a hint.

- Too many.

- Did the world boss tour on my druid.

- Figured I could solo nalak and the celestial bosses back in mists on my druid, so maybe my druid would be able to solo some of the other world bosses now to try to get mounts.

- Sha was my first victim.

- Would you believe me if I told you I soloed sha?

- You would be right not too, he can't be truly soloed.

- I did solo him as in I was not in a group and I pulled him alone, but I was not the only one fighting him thanks to a very large bit of luck.

- I knew he could not be soloed because of the mind control, I just pulled him for fun.

- A hunter flying by saw that and joined me.

- The hunter and I seemingly traded off being mind controlled until he was around 50% when others started to join in.

- As soon as others started to join in he went down fast.

- So see what I mean about with luck.

- The luck was that he never mind controlled both of us at the same time, otherwise the fight would have been over.

- But for all purposes, I did "sort of" solo him.

- I pulled him alone, so that counts right?

- I did not ask for help, people just joined in because they saw me fighting it.

- But this is not a boss I think I can put as a sure thing each time I pass by on my mount collecting tour.

- Can't really be soloed unless you get lucky and someone else joins in.

- I then went to galleon.

- Yeah, super easy to solo that one now.

- Although, like sha, as soon as people noticed me fighting him they started to join in.

-But I am 100% sure I would have been able to solo that one.

- He did not even ruffle my fur any.

- His hits felt more like he was petting me.

- Nalak was next, same as galleon, would have been easy to solo but people joined in.

- Never made it to Oon, I stepped into ToT to see if I could solo that instead and then called it a day after.

- Trash was no problem, the first boss however was a different story.

- He was not hurting me, no, not at all.

- But I could just not do enough DPS.

- See, as a tank solo I would need to have killed him before he picked me up, which means I need a LOT more DPS.

- As soon as he picked me up to throw me there was no one on his aggro list and he despawned.

- Otherwise I am certain I would have been able to solo him.

- Going to have to go in there with my hunter and see if I can get him to grab my pet instead of me.

- A task I will try later.

- But I will not be able to solo that on my bear, absolutely not, unless they fix him despawning when he picks me up or I can figure out some sort of trick.

- Maybe I could use a toy of some sort, but as my druid is not an engineer and most toys do not work in a raid, I don't think I will be doing that on my bear any time soon.

- Toys, engineer goodies, and other things of the like are the only tricks I have in my bag of tricks.

- Some work will need to be done on this.

- Sure I could look it up and see if someone else figured it out, but where is the fun in that.

- I like to figure things out on my own and this was my first time trying to solo it, so I will get there in time.

- Wanted to try for the horridon mount.

- In all the time we were running that I only saw the mount drop once.

- Speaking of mount hunting, I was not alone.

- Every warbringer spawn point had at least 1 person standing there waiting for it, camping it.

- In front of every raid I went to there were a dozen or so people just standing there.

- Like all the people on mammoths outside of throne of the four winds that just came out and are selling off the junk.

- I do the same as soon as I get out.

- Love doing that on my druid.

- After I sell off everything I run my mammoth off the platform and start falling to my death.

- But I go bird and my poor vendors just keep falling.

- Probably cursing some words I should not repeat here as they see my fly away and they fall to their death.

- Isn't it way to early in the expansion for everyone to be out farming old stuff?

- Maybe this is a testament to the lack out outdoor content on draenor.

- Not like it comes as a surprise to this elf.

- I am one of those people farming old content instead of new stuff.

- I am also one of those people that said this would happen.

- So it amazes me even more that 6.1 does not contain some sort of content designed to keep us on draenor.

- I figured, at the very least, some sort of new quest hub with some dailies to keep us active and doing something on draenor would be added.

- But I am happy with having the free time to go mount farming.

- You know what would make me happier?

- Actually getting one of those mounts.

- It has been a while, I am due.

- I actually logged on to one of my leveling characters.

- I have basically all but given up on leveling more this expansion because I do not want to add any more to the hell that is the garrison grind.

- I have enough characters to cycle thought with garrisons as is.

- But I have been learning to behave myself lately.

- Not log on to garrisons every day.

- So maybe I could slowly work on getting a few more characters up without burning myself out.

- So I logged into my paladin with its forge and figured I would make myself some 640 gear to level with.

- I mean I had been collecting the materials all this time, might as well make me some leveling gear.

- It was then that another one of blizzard major errors started to get noticed.

- My paladin can not make the 640 gear with the forge until the forge is level 3.

- For a forge to be level 3 I need to be 100.

- Once I am 100, I no longer need crafted gear.

- Could use it?  Maybe, but need it?  No.

- You can get better than the 640 crafted gear from LFR, you could get close to the 640 gear from dungeons for free basically, you could get equal too or better gear from challenge modes and garrison invasions.

- You see what I am getting at here?

- For my paladin to get the maximum use of a forge, or any use at all really as a forge can not make upgrades for gear, it would need to make the 640 base gear for leveling at 91.

- But it can't, because you need to be 100 to make it.

- Why do you need to be level 100 to make gear for a level 91 with the forge?

- It is a serious question.

- I went on my blacksmith and made a head, hands and shield.

- When the patch comes out tuesday when the shield no longer count toward the crafted 3 I will put on the darkmoon trinket as my 3rd piece.

- I chose the head, hands, shield and trinket for a reason.

- Do you want to know why?

- Hell if I care, I am telling you anyway. ~wicked evil laugh~

- Follower missions only offer one 645 trinket and no helm or hands or shield.

- At least as far as I have ever seen.

- So as I do not intent to play much with this character if and when it hits 100, I might as well make the crafted pieces that would complement any gear I get from follower missions.

- And to do so, I made the slots I will not be getting from missions.

- Hey, it made sense to me and sounded like one hell of a well thought out approach.

- To me at least.

- Back to gearing it and making those items.

- I had a blacksmith.

- I had the extra materials.

- What if I were a solo character?

- What if I were on another server with that character with no support?

- What if I had no gold?

- What if I wanted to make the gear for leveling?

- I would be completely screwed because you need to be level 100 to make level 91 gear.

- Another blizzard math fail?

- Wow, what a surprise.

- That was sarcasm for the sarcasm impaired readers.

- Blizzard never really had a good relationship with math.

- I am sure it is intentional, not a mistake on their part.

- I just do not agree with it.

- I believe if someone with a forge but without the blacksmith profession wants to make some pieces for their leveling experience they should be able to.

- They should not need to have to buy them because they can not make them.

- Or be put off to make them to the point where they might not need them any longer.

- I did one zone on my paladin with its three crafted pieces and a 620 archaeology weapon which is better than the garrosh heirloom because unlike that one that goes up in level to a max of 620 the archaeology one is 620 right from the start.

- Needless to say even having not played it in so long it was super easy to grind stuff in tank spec as a paladin.

- I only play tank spec for my tanks.

- Meaning druid, DK, monk, warrior and paladin all level as tanks.

- Admittedly DK and bear leveling as tanks are best of them all.

- DKs are insane tank levelers.

- I honestly think anyone that levels as anything other than blood is slowing themselves down.

- Blood can pull more, take less damage, do more things, survive easier and on top of that do more DPS than any of the DPS specs.

- Why would anyone in their right mind do frost or unholy when blood is around?

- I wish they would bring back blood DPS.

- I never really liked the other specs.

- Not sure why I liked blood, but always did.

- Back when all three specs could tank or DPS I was blood and blood.

- It is just the one that clicked with me.

- Playing something that clicks with you is amazingly important to your enjoyment of the game.

- What do you do when the spec you enjoy you no longer enjoy?

- Or it is no longer viable?

- I think I should make a topic exploring that.

- Have a great day.


  1. Galeon has enrage timer though. I recall trying to solo him at 90 (soo gear) and I hit that. Didn't try at 100.

    1. I could not do him at 90 but at 100 it was easy. I don't think the 2 people helping me mattered all that much in the end. Maybe they made it faster, but I don't believe I would have hit enrage even if I were solo the whole time and no one joined me.

  2. Try shuriken toss on your rogue?

    1. Awesome. Thanks.

      As I mentioned, I am a very poor rogue and do not know their lesser known parts of the toolkit. This will help me next time. I had not even considered that talent. Completely forgot about it.

      Again, thanks, it will make it much easier next week.

    2. Glad I could help. Tell us how it goes next time, never had a chance to use it myself.

    3. Will probably do it this weekend and I will surely let people know in the next random thoughts if it works.

  3. Spent most of the afternoon/evening yesterday farming elder charms. It takes way longer than it should. I got 75 on my hunter and I think 30 or so on my mage. Still need to get to 75 on mage and then I have druid, dk, and priest left...

    I just want to get some heirloom upgrades. I'll focus on cloth pieces since I can use those on priest and mage.

    Pro-tip: if you are Alliance, ignore the Elder in Undercity. Horde were camping him and on my lvl 90 mage, it was instant death.

    The other ones in Kalimdor weren't really a problem. Guards killed me at one location, but that was it.

    I didn't have time during the week to do LFR or Ruhk'mar, so I ended up doing them yesterday. Luckily, Sunday LFR isn't as much of a nightmare as it used to be, but the 1hr queue was annoying. We wiped once on Furnace but otherwise did OK.

    I of course ranked in the top 100 on WarcraftLogs on every fight... LOL... Not much competition for LFR logs as a BM hunter.

    BM is supposed to be kicking some ass though with the 6.1 buffs, so that will be cool.

    Regarding alts, I really just need to level up DK and Priest so they can have lvl 3 garrisons to do more workorders so I can upgrade my engineering gun and DMF trinket. Then I think I'll just let them collect dust and I won't bother leveling the Mage or Druid yet.

    There are a lot of things to do in game, but they just don't excite me.

    I need to continue playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, I could play D3 Season 2, and in a month, I'll be able to play Elder Scrolls Online since it goes B2P on Mar 17. Then The Witcher 3 is coming out in May...

    So many games, so little time.

    1. It does seem to take a lot longer than I recall it did when I did it ages ago. And that was before flying in the old world.

      Is it just me or does it seem like we fly a lot slower in the old world now?

      BM seems to be best in 6.1 but I am not moving back. It has different stat priority and I do not feel like having 2 sets of gear. And it is too expensive to carry extra gems, enchants and reroll stat items for every time I want to change specs. So I will keep SV and MM which use "basically" the same secondary stats. I miss reforging so much. :(

      I think you nailed the problem everyone is having. There are a lot of things to do. Just not very much that people are excited to do. Having stuff to do and wanting to do it are two completely different things.

  4. Don't druids have these little tree friends as a talent? maybe those can hold the attention of the boss until the throw is over?

    1. I was thinking about that for the next time I try it. It did not pop into my mind until after I had went back to my garrison but it could work. In theory anyway.

      I never used them personally so I do not know how often them are available. If they do not despawn when I am picked up and I can call them for every throw, then it could be done that way.

      Will have to give that a try.

  5. ok, so what you are saying is if (and if) I was to play my one and only DK, is to change her from unholy to blood and to pull the tanking spec. Ok, where can I go read up on this? Thanks in advance.

    -roo trying to play something else other than a hunter

    1. Really not sure of any good tanking guides for blood. You can check over at MMOC for a sticky maybe.

      You can run as you like, but I really enjoy blood. You might not, we all have our tastes. But I feel more powerful and survivable as blood. I felt so squishy even wearing play as unholy and frost.