Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Another valentines day event passed an another year without the mount.

- I think that has to be the rarest mount, holiday boss wise, in the game.

- Even more so when you think that for the last few years I have been doing it on multiple characters daily and still have not got it.

- Hope someone else out there had better luck than I.

- I've been doing a lot of mount farming lately.

- Seems like I have fallen into the "end of the expansion" mode already.

- Kind of sad if you think about it.

- I spend more time soloing old raids for mounts these last weeks than actually playing current content.

- Had a pug experience that was good and some what bad toward the end.

- Joined a fresh heroic highmaul.

- Downed the first boss, butcher, brack and then when we get to tectus, the raid leader kicks the tank.

- He was doing a fantastic job really, there was no reason to kick him.

- His reason?

- A guild mate needed something off that boss.

- So he brings his guild mate in for that boss to tank, we down the boss, he doesn't get what he wants, he leaves the group.

- The entire group falls apart after that while waiting for a new tank.

- What the F?

- Could he have at least asked the tank, do you have an offspec so my buddy that needs something off this boss could come.

- Could his buddy have just come in for that boss alone in an offspec.

- We were blowing through it, even if we carried him it would have been no big deal.

- And as it seems he only wanted that one boss anyway no one would have bitched, or even noticed that he came in for just a one boss carry.

- This was a group we could have one shot the entire thing with and he ruined it for a stupid reason.

- If his buddy wanted something off that boss he should have joined his own pug and not destroyed ours.

- I know, his pug, his rules.

- But it sucks seeing a great group get dismantled like that because of selfish people.

- I did not need anything and I stayed.

- Only wanted the trinket off butcher or weapon off brack.

- But I would have gladly stayed for the whole thing.

- Am I the only person in the game what actually plays for the fun of playing and isn't just a self absorbed prick?

- I hate people like that.

- Have a few "new" people in guild that seem to be under the impression that if they sign up for the raid they will get an invite on raid night.

- Let me break it to you softly, I will invite you to test you only.

- If you fail the test, you need to earn your way back into my good graces before you get an invite again.

- Signing up does not mean you will automatically get invited.

- No, I do not care if it is flex.

- If you are nor raid ready, you are not raid ready.

- Signing up does not make up for poor preparation, poor performance and poor raid awareness.

- So no, absolutely not, signing up does not insure you get a spot in the raid.

- All it does it let me know you are interested, and I will invite or not invite based on my need for you.

- Want to make sure you get an invite after signing up.

- Play well, be a team player, come prepared and on time, and don't be a dim wit on voice chat, and you will get an invitation.

- Then there is the "other" type.

- Decent gear, 665, for heroic BRF.  Not great but doable.

- Still some soft spots in their gear that they can use upgrades for.

- Decided to do a heroic highmaul run this weekend to get some new people some gear, and this person asks to bring his alt.

- You are under performing in your 665 gear doing only 15K.

- There are upgrades to be had here for many slots for you.

- And you want to bring an alt?

- Welcome to my shit list and being one of those people that no longer get invited to BRF raids.

- You need gear from the raid, you need practice on your character, and you want to bring an alt instead?

- You, my friend, are not a raider.

- Heck, I did a pug this week for butcher and brack, the only 2 I needed gear from in there, and I was still going to do it again to waste a coin there even if I were loot locked anyway.

- And I know how to play my character. not doing 15K at 665.

- But there were upgrades to be had, they were easy enough to kill and get a chance to get, so I went in to try and get them, to be better for myself and for my team.

- When you place yourself ahead of the team when your main still need a lot of work, you most definitely are on my shit list.

- If I need to fill a damage dealer spot for the next BRF day I would rather pug than bring you.

- Maybe the pug person actually spent some time trying to get gear this week and playing his main so he can get better at it.

- How you like them apples?

- Did a blackrock normal inviting whoever wanted to come, a come as you are raid so to speak.

- After we downed the first boss we moved to the second and it felt like herding cats.

- I explained in perfect and complete detail how the guy rolls, how to tell why he rolls, which boxes to kill to determine his path, which way to run to avoid getting hit, even put a marker on my head so people could follow me, and still more than half the raid died every time.

- I swear when that run was done I wanted to quit raiding ever again.

- And this is supposed to be normal?

- This is supposed to be the place where I can bring the beginners?

- This is the raid that is meant to be for friends and family?

- I actually threw my hands up in the air in frustration and yelled at my computer, "I F'N give up.".

- Well, if blizzards intention was to make you want to rethink your friendships and disown your family, than it is working.

- If this is the state of normal raiding where we could not even down a simple boss explained to the absolute fullest after a dozen attempt, I never ever ever want to raid again.

- Sorry, but even in a mixed group of friends and family, no boss except maybe the last few should ever take more than 4 or 5 wipes to figure out.

- That is why it is called normal, that is why it is refereed to as friends and family raiding.

- Did blizzard really over tune this for the audience it was intended for?

- I think so.

- At the stage it is now I say, just remove normal completely.

- Normal mode raiding serves absolutely no purpose what so ever in the game at the level it is.

- Make LFR flex, and let the friends and family guilds walk into LFR without filling the group with randoms.

- So a guild can do a 12 man LFR run if they so choose.

- That would be leaps and bounds better than the normal that is in game now.

- I give up on normal, I never want to touch a normal again, normal can go jump off a cliff and die a horrible death for all I care.

- Because normal is not normal.

- Not as they advertised it.

- It was a nightmare.

- I think I woke up in a cold sweat screaming that night.

- I can't believe that the next time I decide to do normal I am going to have to be ultra picky about who I bring.

- I thought that was intended for heroic and not normal.

- I think I am all but done with this game.

- Not sure why I am still even playing.

- I can not down bosses fast enough on heroic because each week I have different healers and different tanks and we need to learn the fight all over again and start from the beginning.

- Making no progression on new content sucks, even more so when you were always used to do it.

- I can not even down things on normal because apparently I can not bring lesser players, as it was intended for, to get it done or we won't get it done.

- I can't do mythic because there are no guilds on my server that are capable of doing it that I could join.

- I can never get my two partners on so we can do threes for arena.

- There is no content really to do in the world leaving me to finish off old things.

- All the old things I need to finish mostly require rare drops.

- I am about as sick as I can be with the RNG not giving me any drops.

- So it is another effort in wasting time to farm old content for mounts when I will never get them.

- As fun as it is, cycling thought a dozen characters and soloing DS each week gets tried real fast.

- I can't find a challenge mode group for the life of me.

- I usually end up with a group that has been me and the tank doing 24K and the other two damage dealers doing 10K, or three sold damage dealers but a tank that can only handle one mob at a time, or a group that is really solid but has a healer that probably could not keep us up in a level 30 instance.

- I am sick of trying to find decent groups, because there are none.

- So once again, can someone tell me, outside of the friendships I have made in game, what does this game have to offer me?

- Because right now all it seems like it has to offer is frustration, annoyance, and boredom.

- I'd say I was burnt out, but I have been playing so little lately, what is there to burn out from.

- There just isn't anything worth doing in game any more, for me at least.

- And it is not like I ask for much.

- I just want to have a weekly group I go and kill some internet dragons with on a regular basis to have some fun, in raids, in challenge modes, or even as a group in ashran.

- And I can't find that.

- It makes for a very sad elf.

- Have a great day.


  1. I think the problem with normal is how people interpet "Friend and family" raiding.

    Some people want F&F raiding to be about "bring anyone, boss will fall without trouble" whereas blizzard see it as a F&F progression.

    The essential difference here is the first one is essentially what you say : LFR without random (I would totally support that idea) while the other is what normal is now.

    Understand that blizzard see it that way : F&F guild should take more or less the same amount of time to clear normal as an average mythic guild would take to clear mythic, akak : it's their progression path.

    That mean you should kill maybe 1-2 boss every week/other week.

    At the end of the day I don't think it's a bad reasoning, and there ARE people that genuienly enjoy progressing normal.

    1. It could be how it is interpreted.

      I think of it as someone that has lesser gear, lesser skill and maybe does not have the best of connection. Also being they are not "raiders" they are not that quick to pick up on things. But otherwise they are adequate enough to raid in a non pressing situation.

      Now that is how I see it and with that said, normal mode is NOT friends and family.

      I do not mind F&F progression, but some of the fights just seem to be a bit much for the people that want to come alone.

      And as a raid leader I no longer have the excuse "we are full" to fall back on and m put in the awkward situation where I basically have to keep telling people, "sorry you can't come because you suck". Where is the chance for them to get better if there isn't a place where I can take them so they have a chance to learn? That is my problem with it.

    2. I fully get it don't worry.

      At the end of the day the problem is taht there are infinite levels of players skills but only a finite number of difficulties. There will always be some for which difficulty X is too easy to teach them anything and X+1 is too hard for them to learn. I doubt there is anything anyone can do about that

    3. seems like normal SOO was tuned right when they added mythic prior to WOD launch.

      I tanked a lot of PUGs in SOO and the difference between Heroic and Normal was noticeable in a good way.

      Now I just tank for the guild and we can't just bring just anybody and carry them in normal as we were able to in SOO.

      I'm glad they nerfed LFR in WOD, but I'm surprised with what's going on in Normal.

      I don't quite buy the progression idea because the progression path used to be lower difficulty --> higher difficulty. Training wheels progression. It shouldn't take you a whole tier to do normal. Mythic on the other hand I never though should be targeted at the general audience. It pained me when they nerfed Heroic (now called mythic) bosses MOP, and I'm sure they will continue the tradition by nerfing Mythic bosses later.

      Stopping now before I get any more rambly.


    4. @Anon 1

      I do think they could make normal more F&F friendly as they said was their intention, so we can bring along these new players, part timers, lesser skilled players, so they have a chance to learn and get better. We can't just tell them do LFR to learn. That is how things got this bad to begin with. Everyone thinks "raiding" is LFR and it is not.

      @Anon 2

      I agree, SoO flex which is now normal, was tuned much better. Even a rag tag group could go in there and down the first 2 at the very least. A little effort they could get three and for, and with some gear they could get 5 and 6. The actually "challenge" for flex where people needed to start getting better started half way through. However, you could still carry a few people for it. But each boss after shaman was a minor step up which allowed flex to be the perfect entry level raid for new raiders, raiding looking to gear up, or those F&F people that only raid once in a blue moon.

      Normal BRF compared to flex SoO, which they should be the same, is like a level 100 trying to solo HM compared to a level 100 trying to solo DS. HUGE difference. One is not going to happen, the other will, even if you mess up, in time.

      That is what normal should be like. Some messing up and some wiping, but not real "raid" problems until the late bosses. I swear I don't think I will ever train any of these people that rolling maze and I have absolutely no desire to do so any more. My will to raid and teach is gone. I can't do it any more.

  2. I think I saw a blue this morning that indicated that blizzard believes that normal BRF is tuned too hard right now. They are "looking into it." Take that as you will.

    On another BRF note, are you finding any of your raiders experiencing nausea, headaches, or vertigo on the Hans and Franz fight? I'd say about half of our raid -- including myself -- is. After a few pulls, I am sick to my stomach and on my way to a terrific headache. I really hope that they change some of the artwork or mechanics to change this. Otherwise, I may have to skip this fight going forward altogether.

    1. They should not need to "look" into it. They have been making this game for over 10 years, they should know better that anyone that is not made for people that are not "raiders" to begin with. It really should be entry level but right now I can not take anyone that is entry level skill wise or gear wise or it becomes wipe city with more than a couple people like that in there.

      Most people are having or did have issues or some sort. Even people that never did before. No one (knock on wood) has gotten sick over it. But I would think if anyone is going it it will probably be me. lol Good thing I play with my camera free roam, so I can easily avoid looking at the floor.

    2. and blizzard would expect someone like me to raid this? I think not.


    3. You would not be alone. A lot of people can not do that fight.

  3. I did had some problem with the H&F fight, the way I solved it was by puting the camera closer to the ground so I had a broader view of the room and less of the screen is moving.

    There is not much fire to avoid anyway.

    1. I do it opposite, I move it higher. I find it easier to manage, but to each their own. Over the years there have been a lot of fights I had issues with being color blind, most I usually find my way around, so to speak.

  4. Oregorger is ovetuned on normal (and on heroic compared to the other two possibilities) right now that is true. But you don't need to do Oregorger as the second boss. Go to Hans&Franz or Beastlord Darmac for easier kills.

    1. I understand what you are getting at, but they will need to learn it sooner or later anyway. So while we were down there I figured, what the hell, lets knock it out. Didn't quite go as planned.

      Funny part is, After banging their head against it while I tried to explain the pattern I said, lets just go do something else and they one shot beastlord and took only 3 attempts on operator.

      I am just sick of fights like that one. Blizzard has burnt me out with horribly designed fights like this crap that make life hell on explaining it to new people. Fights like that are horrible for F&F guildsand they suck even for regular raiders that can handle it. Can I do it? Yes. Do I want to? Hell no, I would rather poke out my eyes with hot needles than bring another person in there and try to explain the pattern to them.

      This fight has made me given up my will to be a raid leader. I want to quit my guild and go find another raiding guild and just sit quietly in the background doing my job as a hunter and just kill stuff while doing top damage and taking the least. I never want the responsibility of having to explain this horribly designed shit blizzard comes up with to another person.

    2. There is a new addon in town that you might be interested in for your raid:

    3. Thank you. I will tell everyone to download that. Amazing they can do the other fights, but still can not get most of the non regulars to get a hold of it.