Friday, March 15, 2013

Your Third Profession

I recent comment by ghostcrawler, I believe it was him at least, that mentioned they were thinking about the two profession limit made me wonder what professions would I add to my characters if we were given an option to learn a third.  Letting us learn a third profession is at least what I think he was getting at and for this post that is the assumption I will work on.

Some professions seem almost natural together.  If you have an herbalist that is also an alchemist or has inscription adding the one you do not have make sense.  You would have the one gathering profession and the two crafting professions it supports.  Almost seems like a no brainer to me.

However, there are other options out there for that third profession and one that is standing out to me more and more lately is enchanting.  For everyone.  Not just for the people you would expect it to be on or with the professions they are usually matched with.  Like tailoring and enchanting is a common match up and so is jewelcrafting and enchanting, I guess from people that want to handle their own stuff.  But enchanting for everyone.

I think that if they add a third profession everyone should be an enchanter.

With the looking for raid and the new changes that the older raids now have increased drops and the tokens are so easily attainable, so much so you can get 15-20 elder charms a week easily, having an enchanter seems like a great idea.  Run old raids, get tons of sha crystals. 

If weapon enchants are anything like they are on my server you could be making two or three a week with some luck in the LFR, the increased drops and coins getting you even more drops.  At 10K a pop or more, that means you can make at least 20K a week just running the LFR thanks to enchanting.

If you are going to do them anyway to get your valor, why not maximize what you get out of them by doing them with an enchanter?  Earn your valor and get a whole mess of sha crystals.  Sounds like a win / win situation to me.

I've already gotten into the habit of making any new characters I create that might be good soloing characters into enchanters.  That means every DK or hunter will be an enchanter for sure.  Might as well get sha crystals off all those easy kill jade forest rares when they drop their 420 epics.  Free and easy sha crystals and a chance at a baggie to get you more goodies.

If we are allowed to add a third profession thus far, in my mind, enchanting seems the way to go for every character in my slew of characters.  I can't think of any other profession that would be such a boon to have on all your characters.

I would not mind having engineering on all of them but could any one profession ever come close to enchanting in its usefulness to all characters with all content you do?

Knowing that there will be no new five man content this expansion we know that there will be no easy access to epics for disenchanting purposes like we had in wrath and cataclysm when you could just spam heroics and end up with piles upon piles of crystals.  Now the only way you will get them is from epics which can only be attained from raiding, at any level.  That makes the LFR our new farm place for crystals and unlike in the before when you could disenchant and end up with them in a random in cata, if you are not an enchanter in the LFR you do not get any enchanting materials.

This means that the life of the crystals will be longer this expansion.  Less people will be getting them and there will not be a free for all when even non-enchanters can end up with stacks of them just from doing randoms.

Add to that, thanks to the LFR, there is another tier people will be getting weapons in.  There will also be more chances in there for them for various upgrades meaning more need for enchants.  So LFR upgrades, normal upgrades, heroic upgrades, perhaps two or three per set, could mean people needing lots of enchants that need many crystals and now there will be fewer, much fewer crystals going around.  So having that third profession, if it is added, being enchanting is becoming a huge advantage in the money making department.

If they do add a third profession and if they do keep with the system like they have now of no new heroics with epic gear and extra drops in the LFR with coins as well giving you more chance at loot, enchanting has become the most powerful money making profession you can have when taking about minimal effort.  You are going to do the LFR anyway to get valor in many cases, now you will make money by doing it.

So if you do not have professions, are undecided about a profession or just thinking about what a third would be, think enchanting.  It has become the rising star of professions all thanks to there being no new five man dungeons this expansion to give everyone free crystals.

While it might seem nice to have my herbalist / alchemist add inscription that is not going to happen if they add a third profession. They will be an enchanter.  All my characters will be an enchanter.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  Enchanting rules in the current world.


  1. In terms of making money with little effort: alchemy and, to a lesser extent, tailoring, are good choices too, thanks to their transmutation cooldowns. We could add jewelcrafting to the mix, with their new daily cooldown to get rare gems (perhaps a similar cooldown for epic gems is going to follow as well).

    I tend to have many characters which I don't play on any given week, and in that case I'd argue alchemy would be a better choice.

    One thing I know I'd do if they add a third profession is concentrate all gathering on a single character. Tauren druid: herbalism, mining and skinning (thus, feral, since we have to get close to our prey to skin it anyway)- what's not to love?

    1. I do the same, alliance side it is a worgen druid as my gathering, skinning of course, and horde side it is a tauren, herbalism of course.

      Otherwise hunters are the next best gather.

      I would not mind having a triple gathering hunter or druid running around as my get all for my others.

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    1. oh I had something but it wasn't in the spirit of the post. [hic!!!]
      it was what I would have had if we had a 3rd profession.

      What's more important, I hope they do away with the artificial requirement to have to level to be able to craft items or deconstruct items. Better yet, remove "soul bound" from items!

      But I can and understand why you believe enchanting is important to have. Yes, I can.

      I wrote a song about it, like to hear it... here it goes...

      [key of blues]
      "out on my hunta the otha day.
      Saw a rare basking in the sun
      hurting no one, so I say
      you gonna die....
      AAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAA thank u very much"

    2. I would love to see the whole binding things removed. It would really help with gearing up.

  3. Replies
    1. I can't see me doing that too often however.

      I would have one per server, druid or hunter.

  4. Since I already have enchanting... I'd pick up jewelcrafting. So I have both gear improvement professions on my main. Yep. I'm that lazy that sometimes I just buy gems from AH instead on switching on my alt.
    The only drawback - my bags are already full, where would I fit in all those shiny gems.

    1. Bag space is always a problem.

      And I would not call that lazy I would call that smart. Being able to take care of yourself is very important, at least to me.

      I hate having to buy stuff from the auction house.

  5. I'd add Engineering to my Hunter just for the fun factor. He currently has Herbalism and Alchemy.

    I don't make money from professions though; it just seems like too much work. I sell xmog instead using a bunch of low lvl alts and that works for me.

    1. I don't make much off professions either. Just as a by product mostly. I do not want to go out of my way to do it.

      As you said, it can be really time consuming and there is just so much more stuff to be doing in the game then sitting around the AH crafting and buying and selling. At least for me.