Thursday, March 14, 2013

Community Differences

This is not going to be a huge post about the differences with communities.  I could write about that and go on for thousands of words as it seems each server has their own way of doing things.  Like one of the servers I am on, if someone posts in trade something that is not trade or group related, they get blasted by the entire community while on my main server seeing someone post LFG or trade in trade would be a cause for celebration because all there ever is are people trolling, insulting each other, or being downright rude.

This is more a question of how your server handles the rares on the new island.  Is there an etiquette to how your server handles them?

I did them on a few servers yesterday and what I saw between them was vastly different.  On my main server, the one with the crap community in trade and probably the worst collection of human beings I have ever had the displeasure to play a game with, they always announce when a rare is up.  Someone will usually keep telling percentages left too so people know if it is worth the run there.  My community, the crappy one.  What is up with this?

On another server I am on with a much larger community I did all the dailies and even took my time doing them and I could hear crickets.  Not a word was said.  This is one of the best communities I have a character on.  Their trade is not very bad, there are always people looking for groups, when someone asks a question they can usually expect to get an actual answer and yet on the isle of thunder no one says a word.  At all.

It took me an hour of doing dailies and looking for a treasure chest before I found a rare myself and I stood there in front of it and thought to myself, self, should I announce it is here.

I was actually wondering if it would be a break in server etiquette.  I do not play on that server a lot even if I do have a 90 there.  I do not know if they follow different rules there.  Just like the one server I am on where people get blasted for using trade for things that are not trade related, maybe this server does not announce rares.

I waited like 5 minutes and no one else came by so I figured I would just post in general saying the rare was up and I did.  A few minutes later four or five people came and we started to kill it.  A few more came during that time.  No one announced what it was at, no one was nice enough to mention when it was down, no one said anything and I did not want to either.  I was not sure if I had already broken some unspoken rule by mentioning it was up, I did not want to compound it further.

It is amazing how my main server, the horrible one, is so helpful with the rares, everyone keeps everyone else informed, yet on a better server community over all, it was silent and no one even mentioned anything about rares.

What is your community like when it comes to the rares?  Does it deviate from what your normal community is like as it did in both cases for me?

It is weird how different communities do things different ways and develop their own set of rules over time.  Who would have ever thought that my main servers horrible community would be the better community for the new area.  Color me surprised.


  1. To hell with server etiquette, I don't care what other people are doing or whether they think it's right, the important thing is feeling that you did things right. Plus, YOU can effect how things are done. You do something nice, like calling out that a rare is up and waiting or dps'ing slowly for people who want it for their key/stone/lock tome and not only does that make you feel happy with yourself for helping people, those people who got their rare kill and possibly some loot thanks to you are more likely to do the same thing when they spot a rare. Which makes more people inclined to, which...yeah, you know where I'm going ;p

    My own server is fairly a mixture of the 2 you've described, but even that can be changed slightly. I went to get my scenario key on my warrior yesterday and nobody was saying a word. I kept talking and looking, working out a rough order for the rares by seeing which was killed when, then let everybody know it. By the time I left, there was a group calling out spawns. I hop over to my mage, nice and easy kill as a rare was found, announced and 6-7 people stood looking at it for a few min while waiting on the 2 who'd asked not to kill it before they got there. A couple of hours later I go on my shammy and it's all gone, no cooperation, so I start tracking around and calling out again, finish up, do my scenario and hop to my lock, arrive on the isle and rares are being called out, all flowing happily.

    Don't let your server dictate how you behave, act how you think you should and let them follow your example.

    Katzbalger-Arthas (US)

    1. It is true what you said, after an hour there with no one calling them out and I did before I logged off I saw someone else call one. I wonder if perhaps it was me sharing the one I saw that made him share that one a few minutes later.

      It would be cool, in my opinion, if more people were like that. What does it hurt anyone to share the kills now that they are not tagged targets.

      I can understand not calling out a warbringer, you do that you lose it, but those rares, I will always call them out.

  2. could it be that most don't call out or share, because to be honest - how do you know what is shareable or not? I remember the first day of 5.2 when this one person was killing a rare (it was still red to me, not tagged) we killed it, but they walked off with all the loot. I didn't even get exp for it.

    No biggie, but it just begs the question - what is share-able, is loot or exp shared or even an achievement?

    -roo "Aye, laddie, scot thru and thru but March 17th will be [shudder] Irish for the day!

    1. That is actually one of the biggest problems with the game, as I see it.

      They do not teach people stuff in game. You need to look outside of the game to learn all these little things. The game would be better for many people if they actually taught people anything in it. But they don't. They figure, if you care you will look outside to learn and everyone else can screw themselves.

    2. and that's wrong. This is one of the weirdest games for that. Everything else I have played, had it written down in a guide. But not WOW - they depend on the players.

      But one has to know what to look for to find it. Oh well.

      Thanks GE.

    3. I agree. They can really use more in game explanation. They kind of leave it up to the player to find out on their own. If someone plays "just for fun" it makes it nearly impossible for them to get the most out of the game.