Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- The new patch, a raid patch, should be coming tomorrow.

- And I got one of the things I wanted to get done before it came out done.

- I earned [Seat of Knowledge].

- That has to be the largest grind I can recall in a long time.

- I think maybe the BC reputations were the last time a grind took that much time and dedication.

- Or better yet, switching from scryer or aldor exalted to the other reputation and bringing it to exalted.

- Yeap, that was the last time anything was that much of a grind.

- In my opinion at least.

- I loved it and I hated it.

- I hated that one last piece that seemed to never come but I loved that it actually felt like I earned something.

- I love grinds, but I would never do something like that a second time.

- Same goes for the BC stuff, even now at 90, I would never do it a second time.

- And I love to grind stuff.

- I think that is a mistake blizzard made with this expansion, they made it so everyone needed to do some sort of grind, even if smaller the second time around.

- Most people are not like me, they do not like grinds.

- And if I do not like doing things like that a second time, why would someone that did not like getting reputations a first time want to do it a second time.

- So 5.2 comes and they still have not corrected that error.

- What are you waiting for blizzard?  A written invitation?

- Dear Blizzard, you are invited to remove the reputation requirements from gear and patterns, thank you, the people that pay you.

- There is your written invitation.  Now fix it.

- Back to grinding the seat of knowledge.

- I solved nearly 800 artifacts from the continent.

- That seems to be about average.

- I got the achievement for 20 of each along the way.

- I traded them all in for Tol'vir pieces.

- I still do not have the pet or the mount.

- I really do not have any luck with archaeology.

- Even less than my normal no luck.

- I love the title that comes with that achievement.

- What, you did not know it comes with a title?

- The achievement doesn't tell you but it sure as hell does come with a title.

- Seeker of Knowledge.

- That fits me so well I'd like to think.

- It might even be my favorite title.

- Speaking of titles there was one I had for a short time that I would have loved to keep.

- Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions.

- I really wish I could have kept that one forever even if I usually hate long titles.

- That one is just so good I can over look the fact it was long.

- Perhaps I like it so much because it was a limited time title.

- Or I like it because it sounds cool and funny at the same time.

- Also sounds like it would be the ultimate insult in PvP to kill someone while wearing it.

- Was in a dungeon the other day and someone mentioned trying to do the achievements.

- I said, sure, why not.

- We knocked out one and I explained how to get the one on the next boss.

- We did it perfectly and we did not get the achievement.

- Someone said, what is it called, I can not find it on the list.

- I looked and could not find it, but I know I did it.

- So we talked about the rest of the achievements and someone else mentioned an achievement they could not find.

- Two of the people, me being one, remember having it and looked for it.

- It was not there.

- Did they remove achievements?

- We looked in feat of strength and it was not there either.

- It is like they completely removed the achievements.

- Sort of like that fight in the temple of the jade serpent where where you help the lorewalker.

- I've done that fight so many times but only once ever saw a different one.

- I've never ran into another person that has seen one different from the one we see all the time now.

- I swear there was at least one other lorewalker fight there.

- I did it, I swear, I did it.

- Missing boss fights, missing achievements, I am either losing my mind or blizzard is removing things without noting them in any patch notes.

- I wonder what other achievements are missing from dungeons that were once there and are now gone.

- I can only remember two of them.

- I also remember an achievement for killing all the named hozen in the area we go to for the tiller quests, and that is gone too.

- Am I losing my mind?

- Maybe I should be called the confused elf.

- I swear there was a different fight in the temple of the jade serpent, I am not losing my mind.

- I am going to try something new, to get a jump on things for tomorrow.

- I am going to do all the dailies today and not turn them in until tomorrow, so I will not feel as if I have to do them tomorrow before I head to the new content.

- They will all be done already and I can just run around and turn them in and head to the new area.

- I wonder if that will work.

- Sometimes if you do something that is a daily with rotating dailies and go to turn them in the next day you can't.

- I tried that once with the august celestials and when I went to the white tiger I could not turn any of them in.

- I will still try it anyway because I know me, I will feel compelled to do all the dailies before I enter the new area and I do not want to wait to get into the new area.

- I know I can do every single daily in an hour and a half or less, but that is an hour and a half I will lose in the new area and I don't want to lose any time there.

- I play in prime time and it is hard enough to get things done when everyone else is around so I am sure it will take me a while when everyone on the server is in the same place that first day.

- So I don't want to waste time doing dailies otherwise.

- Not to mention, I have 9,999 bones to collect so I want to get to it ASAP.

- More than 9,999 actually, I want to pet too.

- Killing rares in the new area will offer 15 valor points also, how awesome is that?

- If I had to guess I would say I have killed over 500 rares already this expansion for nothing more than the chance at getting one of those little baggies.

- They did not need to bait me more with valor.

- Now, with valor and shared mobs, you can valor cap just rare hunting all day every day.

- There you go blizzard, now that is a choice.

- We could do it, but it will not be the best way to do it, but that little extra is nice.

- Blizzard needs to learn not to be so stingy with things.

- Let people cap easier, let people gear faster, let people play the game and have fun.

- There is no reason to make them feel like they need to log in every day.

- If you make them feel they have to log in every day, they will revolt and not log in at all.

- Make them want to log in every day, not have to log in every day.

- One day they will learn that concept.

- The 80/40/90 first run 40/20/45 second run thing is something that makes some people feel that must log in every day.

- Doing it 80/40/90 all the time, even for second and third runs, would make people feel like they want to log in and can do it whenever they want and not be forced.

- Trust me, if people log on because they want to, they will be happier customers, better customers.

- Someone posted on MMO-C about a new SoR coming out.

- I think it was a troll, but would like it if they did do that.

- I have an inactive account I would gladly use it on it for the free mount and the free level 85.

- Wonder what I would make a free 85.

- I already have every class at 85 or better, 7 of the 11 classes are even 90.

- What would I want another of?

- I am thinking a panda priest.

- Or a panda shaman.

- I would never use a free level up on a hunter when hunters are the easiest class in the game to level.

- I bet you can do 1-85 now in less than 18 hours if you wait for rested and only level on rested.

- Less than 12 hours if you have some of those 300% experience boost potions.

- You would spend more time traveling than you do actually questing.

- You know the leveling process is broken beyond repair when it takes longer to get to a zone than it does to out level the zone you traveled to.

- I wonder when the entire leveling concept will be removed from the game.

- All you really need to play a class, if you are at least a mildly intelligent person that is, is 5 minutes research online.

- Leveling for the smart player is a waste of time.

- The game does not start until 90.

- At least not for PvE.

- That is one case PvP rules PvE.

- Their content starts as soon as you can fight another person and a 15 vs a 15 is the same as a 90 vs a 90, just bigger toolboxes.

- There is no comparison for PvE.

- Running a dungeon at a low level is a way to advance to what is more important.

- Fighting at a low level is important itself.

- Makes me want to get into PvP more, seems like it has the potential to be more fun sometimes.

- One reason I never would however, is the personal progression part.

- Gearing is all there is really to personal progression, and you can not progress in PvP without conquest and the only real way to get it effectively is RBGs and Arena.

- Could you image if PvE was like that?

- No thanks, do not want to imagine that.

- That would mean you would only get valor from normal mode raiding and heroic mode raiding.

- And lets face it, if you are clearing enough raid bosses normal and heroic each week to cap, you have no use for valor.

- My "raid" character has no valor gear, (one piece actually) they got all their gear from raiding.

- That is what PvP needs an equivalent of.

- You should not get the top gear from RBGs and Arena.

- You should get the top gear from the lesser stuff so you can get into those.

- Just like PvE has it.

- If and when I can get most of the stuff done this expansion I would like to try some PvP again.

- It has been since wrath since I really played around with it.

- I think I am due.

- And as a Seeker of Knowledge I should do it, for research of course.

- Have a great day.


  1. You are absolutely right..there was a different fight in the temple of the jade serpent. I always thought you get a random fight based on the story being told but lately I always get the two swamp like creatures....I wonder if I should get my tin foil hat......

    1. At least I am not the only one that remembers seeing it. Thanks for letting me know you saw it too.

    2. There was something with a sun and some smaller mobs (six of them?). Pretty sure I only saw it on normal mode, not on heroic though.

    3. I never ran any normals ever, so I know I saw it on heroic. It was there, but I only recall seeing it once.

    4. Hi, I posted the initial reply. It is actually still in game. Yesterday I was leveling my monk when I got that scenario. I took a screenshot. Its something to do with 5 suns.

      Funny thing is that our of the multiple times I ran the instance it only come up once

    5. I think it was added back in 5.2 because I did a couple of runs this week and got it again.

      My guild mates where laughing at me when I said, see, I was not imagining the whole thing. Being it was a full guild run they played it off as if they were doing the other fight. Even said, 6 on strife, switch now. They did a great job of faking they were on a different fight. But they did admit it in the end. If I were not sure what I was seeing I would have really thought I had lost my mind.

  2. I would agree they changed that one. Not seen the sun things since after the first week or so.

    I am curious what achievements you are refering to. Can't say I have noticed any myself.

    I do not recall one for killing named Hozen.

    1. There were two for the end boss of SPM, one for being at full hate and one for no one in the group ever going over 50%. The 50% one seems gone. And in the same instance I could swear there was one where the guy splits in three where if you never kill the two extras you get an achievement. I even remember congratulating someone for getting it and asking them how they did it so I could do it and they said that only the original retains your DoTs so only ever attack that one but it seems gone now.

  3. I can't remember period. But I did a get a heirloom staff and bow yesterday!

    Anyone heard anymore about heirlooms being re-done for 1-85 and if so, what their cost will be?

    I wonder how much longer till heirloom gloves, bracers, boots and belts?

    1. I believe all the old 1-80 heirlooms can be traded in for 1-85 heirlooms now. That is the only thing I recall reading but I can't find any data on it now.

      They will probably add one new piece as a guild bonus per expansion, at least that would be my guess.

    2. aye, I think that was the new trousers, oops, excuse me, pants.

  4. I'm definitely not ready for the patch... At least I get to go tame a triceratops this week...

    I've hardly accomplished anything the last two weeks, progression wise.

    Earned maybe 600vp in two weeks. :) It's my revolt against capping constantly for many weeks. Goes with your point of "wanting" vs "needing".

    Grinded a xmog set based on the Beast Lord armor from BC dungeons and the new Shado-Pan Helmet. Armory page Still trying to get a better belt, cloak, and boots though.

    Been trying to get [One That Didn't Get Away] but not having any luck. I caught 1300 fish yesterday at the DMF... Supposed to be 1/800 drop rate... It's the only thing I need left for 'Salty'.

    Blizz really needs to implement scaling drop rates where your chances increase the more times you attempt something. Guaranteed drop after X attempts but you can still get lucky and get it earlier.

    Did MSV LFR with a couple guildies (raid leader is gearing his blood DK). I got 99.6% on Stone Guards on WoL. So close. But it's LFR so not really that impressive.

    Did a couple of dungeons with a really good group. Me and a guildie and the 3 other random players were great. Super fast runs; no one standing in poo; decent dps from the 3rd dps; good tanking and heals. It went so well, that we all queued again for a second one. That really just never happens. Especially on a Sunday afternoon...

    The last month has been awesome for xmog sales. I'm up to 925K. If things continue, I'll hit the 1M mark in 3 weeks. Then I'll start being frivolous with my spending. :D

    1. Cool, the HTML tags worked! Didn't know I could use them in comments.

      Watch out! Jaeger's going to start getting fancy!

    2. You can only tame it if you find the book that allows you to tame it first.

      I am looking forward to getting one, seems like it might make for a good tank pet. Can't wait to give it a try.

      I agree with the scaling drop rates. There should be some type of buffer to help people with bad luck.

      It is still good even if it is LFR. Don't let these elitist jerks that say it is "only LFR" get to you. It is still an excellent place to practice and get better. The watered down mechanics make for a nicer and easier learning experience. So 99.6% is still good. Now to use that experience and translate it to the real raid. It will be a lot easier to do that then just to learn on the normal only. Right? It might be "only LFR" but if you treat it as a training ground for yourself, it can be a great tool to get better.

    3. I know about the book but I expect it to be relatively easy to find, especially if I do the dailies every day.

      Regarding LFR, I just meant that it's not as impressive to rank in LFR compared to ranking in Normals. Primarily because most people don't upload logs for LFR and cross-realm players aren't ranked. But still, I was proud of myself. Honestly, I'm not sure how I got that high on that fight. The rest were the usual 75-85%.

      Looking at the log, my dps was quite steady and I didn't have a huge burst at the beginning, which would normally be bad since so much dps comes from the burst. It was all single target since I can't do 2-3 target AoE effectively. A guildie went Fire and absolutely destroyed the meters, doing almost twice my dps. It's quite odd really. Just noticed that I was last on Damage Taken, that's cool.

    4. If you are a normal mode raider I would say anything over 72% on normal is good. Have to figure there are better players, people in better gear, and people that stack to try to rank, add to that hunters are one of the most popular classes in the game and ranking will be hard.

      I would say 70% rank as a hunter would be like an enhancement shaman ranking 115%. Just because there are so many more hunters in the mix.

      I ranked #1 on Sha in LFR, it was funny, and I really did like it, but like you, I took it with a grain of salt. Still, over 96K on that boss was pretty good. Too bad I never got to it on normal and the new patch comes out today.

  5. There was a second fight for the Library in Jade Temple. The 5 suns/Sha fight.

    Had an implementation issue that they couldn't actually eliminate and it tended to be much harder for PUGs.

    Everybody going all random DPS meant all the sun kill Sha would be up at the same time, and the encounter couldn't be tuned right for stupid.

    1. I only recall doing it once and had no problems. But never underestimate the ability of random people to do random things and some of those things be really stupid. So I guess that makes sense.

  6. I only saw the sun thing on normal mode. I was actually convinced it doesn't show up on heroic and that one is the easier version for normals.

    Did SPM for Hero achis 1/10, meaning they removed an achi or two in less than a week. For the life of me, I don't recall any other achis in Pandaria Hero, started google-ing to find out what I missed.

    Also, I prefer to learn my class by feeling it through leveling up rather than reading about it at max level. To each his own.

    1. It absolutely was there on heroics as I had never done normals and I saw it. I personally think they designed normals horrible. They are not good experience for leveling, the quest rewards are less than you get from questing, and they are not really any easier than the heroic version. Not even sure what normals exist any more.

      Okay, so you noticed that they removed a few achievements too. Glad I am not completely losing it.

      I prefer to do it as I level as well but it really is not required. You could hit max level and switch specs to something you have never played and be perfectly ready to go after a few minutes or reading, setting up your binds and bars and a test run or two on a dummy.

  7. The fighr in Jade temple was removed for being too buggy. half of the time you could go to p2 of the fight, resulting in the group having to be disbanded.

    As for the Achieves you are reffering to.
    I'm pretty sure the achiev with the named Hozens existed at some point in beta, but it never make it live.

    For the 2 you are reffering in dungeons, I never EVER saw them and I follow reaaaaaly closely all that is achievement related.

    1. I was thinking it might had been removed because of some bug. It was the only logical thing that made sense to me.

      The hozen one could be me remembering it from the beta. The dungeon ones could be the same, but the one with the guy that splits in three was absolutely in game. Like I said, I remember asking the person how they did it after they got it. I also remember more than one occasion in a random where the tank said, let me hit him, so we can get the achievement. That one was there. I am sure of it. The other could be remembered from beta as well.

      They remove a ton of things from beta that never make it live. I had wished they would have kept the unlimited mode from peacebloom vs zombies that was on cata beta in live but they did not. That made me upset. :(

    2. There is actually a way to bug the game into edless mode for plant vs zombies.

      You can even get the FoS for them.

    3. O_O Please, do tell.

      I liked that little mini game. Should have been a daily even if it was kind of out in the middle of nowhere.

    4. I haven't done it myself, but you can easily find how to do it on WoWhead in the comment of the FoS.

      By the way the mini game is a daily again since Mop as far as I know.

    5. Coolness. I am going to have to do that one day when I get bored. Hope I do not get in trouble for it. Seems like it would be fun to see how far I can get it.

  8. I wondered about the sun fight. Had it a lot as i leveled my main and grinded that dungeon at 85-87 or so back when Mop came out . Then out of the blue- i believe it was right after new years-i ran that on heroic and got the sun fight. So go figure

    1. As someone else said, they think it was removed due to a bug. I wonder if it will ever come back. Glad to see others saw it too. I was starting to think perhaps I was dreaming about warcraft and making up the fights myself. lol