Friday, March 8, 2013

New Patch - Same Horrible Luck

I am not ashamed to admit I believe I am getting more and more jealous of other people the longer I play.  For simple little things too.  It is not an admirable trait and I need to work on it, I know that, but I hate my luck.

I see people walking around on the new direhorn mounts left and right it seems.  I've now killed well over 50 and not seen it drop.  All thanks to them having luck and me having none.

Ran into a group of three yesterday that I beat to a warbringer and two of them had the mount.  I asked how many they killed and they said five so far.  They got two mounts from five kills and are just going around to get the third for their buddy.  They will probably get that third before I get one.

The horde group I mentioned the other day that I grabbed a warbringer from after I watched them wipe, 6 of the 8 had the direhorn mounts.  Excuse me, 6 of them have mounts and they die in a group of 8 while I can solo the thing and can't get a mount?  Might as well add envy to my list of growing faults.  I am envious of bad players because they apparently are being rewarded for being bad.  Can't kill a mob with 8 people, 2 being hunters, but a hunter that is not a bad player can solo it.  Lets reward them all with mounts.

Speaking of being jealous and envious, lets add anger to my growing list of bad traits lately.  Ran into a Hunter that was having issues on dino island.  He asked me if I could help him, begged even.  I said, sure, but the first dino book that drops is mine.  You can have the second.  I will be farming here for a while being I am collecting bones.  He agreed, I invited him and started to slaughter the dinomancers and low and behold the first book ever dropped and the little shit needed on it and won it. 

He was with me for all of three kills.  I said something to him asking why did you need?  I said I would help you killing them but the first one was mine.  He did not say anything.  Two minutes later, having not even moved, I asked him again, why did you need when you agreed you wouldn't.  Nothing.  I dropped group, fuck him, I am not splitting my bones and pet drops with him when he is a prick who steals something and then will not even respond when I ask him why he did it.  I was not going to take the chance another would drop and he would need on that one too just so he could sell it.

I then went around killing watching him die over and over again trying to tame a direhorn.  Stupid jerk probably didn't learn the book and thinks just having it will let him tame it.  I blame myself for being a nice guy and inviting him.  I blame myself for not putting on master looter.  I blame myself for trying to help someone that looked like they needed help.  This jerk is the reason why people have the attitude of screw everyone else.  Next time I see someone having trouble that asks me for help I am going to say no.  I am just going to pretend like I did not hear them, just like he pretended to not hear me when I asked him why he needed when he agreed to me getting it first when I invited him.

My bad luck is turning into bad traits.  Jealously, envy and anger.

This is why I like the raptor I will get when I grind 9,999 bones.  I know, at a set moment in time because it is an exact number, I will get it if I put the time and effort into it.  I hate luck being a factor.  Luck sucks.  Things should be earned.  A group of three should not be running around with a better than 50% drop rare on mounts when I still can not get one.  A group of 8 that wipes on a single mob should not be getting lots of mount drops just because they are lucky and bad.  And some jerk that could not kill a dinomancer on his own should not have won something he agreed to not even roll on.

Do you want to hear how bad my luck really is, the kicker to all this.  Last night I join a group to do the three summonable bosses that you get the quest for and 150 valor.  I use my 3 shan'ze ritual stones first, we are downing the guy, world server goes down.  The F'N world server went down, just as the mob was about to die.

I am now out three stones, only two other people had stones and being they can now not complete all three, we break up.  So I get none of the three bosses I needed done, I lost my three stones, and the game screwed me over.  As if my luck was not bad enough that things will not drop for me, my luck has found a way to start taking the stuff I do have from me.  Guess I will not be doing that quest this week, as I no longer have three stones to offer to get into a group.  Maybe, if a few people in my guild get to the same point and need a DPS I can join in, but I won't hold my breath.  I just don't care any more.  My luck is so bad I actually have the game stealing rare drops from me now, 3 of them, all at once.  Thanks game.

My bad luck is becoming other bad things.  Jealously, envy, anger, and even despondency.

Looking at the bright side however, at least it gives me something to be grumpy about.

So what will the game steal from me today?  What bad player will the game reward for being bad today and let me watch them be rewarded for sucking?  Who will be the next person I foolishly decide to be nice and help only to have them turn around and screw me over?

I can't wait for the patch where blizzard removes luck, or at least, my lucky patch.   It has to come one day right?  I can't keep this type of luck up forever.  I wish they would just remove the luck factor from the game completely.  Let people earn stuff.


  1. I know the problem.....

    1) You are grumphy
    2) you are an elf
    3) there ya go.

    Everyone knows night elfs, especially grumphy ones don't deserve a mount.


    ps - glad you take a ribbing. most can't.

    1. But through persistence we can get one.

      Five years after everyone else has one.

      Which reminds me, need to run UP again on 11 characters and not get that mount either after all these years.

  2. You are starting to turn into your very own Sha. In fact you are the 7th Sha - The Sha of Grumpy Elf.

    1. I will be the extra heroic only boss after garrosh. The player that let his emotions take over and become infected with the power of the sha. :)

  3. To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the Night Elf engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

    1. I would be the night elf engineer. lol

    2. my other engineering observation didn't make it? just wondering, if it did and got delted or if I failed to post it correctly. The left hand doesn't know what the right foot is doing and the left foot doesn't care anymore. :( What about the right hand, you ask? Good question- it went to Vegas. :(

    3. I am guessing it failed to post. I've had that happen a few times.

  4. I'm the other grumpy elf... I was very grumpy Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn't even login on Thursday, and I'm debating if I should login tonight...

    I'll login anyways but my patience level will be very low.

    1. you are just reaching your threshold of enduring wow pain is all. I was there a few weeks ago (or a couple of months or so)(ask GE, he knows my bitchin').

      Honestly, a small break is all you need.

      It's like you start to learn the rules - really really good, able to play among the chaotic reasoning of blizzard and folks who parents never taught to "share" and be kind to one another. These are teh same who never knew life without a cell phone or a Play Station.

      In the immortal words of "Buck Benny", "It's all good."

    2. I got into a HoF raid last night. Got through 4/6 and did quite well for not knowing the fights. I hit one Wind Bomb but otherwise didn't make any mechanic mistakes. I was usually in the top 3 for dps and usually in the bottom 3 for damage taken. Part of that probably because I wasn't responsible for doing anything except dps; I wasn't kiting Garalon or handling CC on Wind Lord. Still, I think I did good, and that's what matters.

      We 1 shot Zor'lok and Blade Lord. Took us 5 attempts on Garalon though and 6 on Wind Lord before we called it a night. Not bad for an alt group with a couple of rookies.

      I have some renewed faith in the game thanks to guildies.

    3. Wirklich schöne Jäger!


    4. That seems like you got a little lucky with that HoF group. Even with the 10% debuff those fights are still not very forgiving.

      I would never even attempt to pug them on my server, even when everyone gets to 522 I would be willing to guess for the people on my server it would still be a problem.

      I saw someone trying to pug ToT on saturday and could not help but laugh and then someone said exactly what I was thinking. You can't even pug an MV normal full clear now with the debuff on this server, what do you expect to do in ToT, wipe?

  5. I feel for you.

    Since we are talking about bad luck, here's my example of it:

    I am only pursuing the legendary quest line on one character, since I am doing it mainly for experience, just to hear the dialogs, etc. Since I am a PVPer first and foremost, I have only really started the quest line early January.

    About a week ago I was able to move past one step of the line that was taking a very long time. Can you guess what that step was? No, not the 6000 valor point one. The one where you have to get 10 sigils of power and 10 sigils of wisdom! I have been clearing all raids for two months straight and up until last Sunday I had 55 (!) sigils of wisdom and 9 sigils of power.

    Glad I am not big on PVE, otherwise I can see how these strangely uneven drops could have driven me totally nuts. :-)

    1. That's seriously extreme.

      I got a few extras of one while getting 10 of the other but not 5 times as many!!!

      This is another example of how RNG just screws some people and Blizz just doesn't seem to care.

    2. But how and where do you draw the between "not caring" and wanting people to realize that random is random?

    3. Everyone realizes that random is random. The issue, as I see it, is that with so many things judged by random chance that a player is typically pursuing in the game, a few are bound to be easy as cake (eg, item with 1% drop chance drops on the first try), and a few are bound to be impossible (the same item refuses to drop in 200 tries = years of trying).

      I am not sure this concept of "fair" (which, again, boils down to: sometimes you are very lucky, and sometimes you are totally miserable) is a good thing. How is giving *everyone* reasons to hate the game good? And, yes, there are plenty of alternatives.

    4. Wow, 55 of one and still not 9 of the other. That is horrible luck.

      @ Anon

      Random is random, but that is why we complain about luck. Not the fact it is random but the fact we have bad luck.

      However, even with random, blizzard has it within their power to do something that shows they care and help the random not be so random sometimes.

      Just like it checks to see if you have a leatherworking pattern and if you don't it is there but if you do it isn't. Check to see if you have way more of one than the other and drop the other instead.

      If they designed it that way, it would show they care. Leaving it to random is random is them not caring. Because luck, as we see, can really suck sometimes.

  6. Off-topic.

    Just so you know, Grumpy, hunters are *the undisputable gods* of 1v1 in this patch (have been, to the lesser extent, in 5.0-5.1, even discounting the initial overtuning of BMs). There is very little doubt hunters will be very welcome in arenas as well. They won't be gods there, but being very welcome is more than many other specs can say (right off the bat: all tanking specs, two rogue specs, two shaman specs, ret paladins, holy priests, etc, are unlucky).

    If you were looking for the season to really start PVPing, this is the right one.

    1. Hunters have always been the undisputed gods of 1 v 1.

      I might not be much on the PvP side, but being hunters have such a huge toolbox they have something to use against everyone and one on one no one can beat them when they are played by a very good player.

      The problem with hunters, to balance them at least, is the saying, easy to play and hard to master. When mastered they are so powerful but very few master it. So they can not make them stronger for the masses, as in me, in PvP because it would make them too strong in the hands of the great PvPers.