Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I am alive, in case anyone was wondering.

- The storm that hit NY was pretty bad and is in part a reason for my absence.

- Hopefully in the real world things will be back to normal in another week or so.

- Some areas in NY are in pretty bad shape, as in extremely bad.

- I am not in one of those really bad ones so I am lucky, but still without heat, full power or the ability to get fuel with less than a 3 hour wait for it.

- But lets get to some random game thoughts.

- My luck is well known if you read here, I have none.

- Change that to a little sometimes.

- I went to turtle beach for the wanderers festival in hopes to catch one of the rare spawn pets there.

- They spawned, I tapped one, it was a rare.

- By the time my battle was over there were none left there.

- Yeap, they all disappeared that fast.

- I was so lucky to get a rare on the one I attempted.

- So finally I had a little luck.

- But it made me think there is something wrong with the system when it comes to rare spawns like that.

- People were starting a battle, not seeing a rare, forfeiting.

- All in an effort to start as many battles as possible to find a rare.

- This means they are taking away the chance for others to get one, even if it is poor, so they can get a rare.

- When you forfeit the mob disappears.

- So no one gets anything.

- And that one selfish piece of crap denies others their chance to get one.

- It did not mean anything to me, I got my rare, but I think of all the other people there that did not even get to attempt to get one because some jerk kept forfeiting to start another one.

- I feel bad for those people.

- They need to add a debuff when you forfeit, 5 minutes should be enough.

- So people do not start a fight and forfeit just hunting for rares when it comes to rare spawns.

- Every time you forfeit you should not be allowed to start another pet battle for 5 minutes.

- Simple enough.  Makes it so everyone gets a chance.

- If you want to fight a lot to fish for a rare, build a strong team so you can win the battle with the ones you do not want as fast as possible.

- I think this is one of the little things that needs fixing.

- Another thing that needs fixing is cooking.

- Don't get me wrong, I am a master of the ways on my main, have been for some time, but cooking really missed something this expansion.

- If you do not choose a way, you can not level your cooking outside of dailies and the monthly darkmoon quest.

- And there is no way to train cooking there.

- You can train the ways, but you can not train basic cooking to 600.

- Sure, upping one of the ways will up your basic cooking but why is there no option to just level basic cooking?

- Or even just to train basic cooking?

- You need to go to an old trainer to learn basic cooking up to 600.

- There should be some cooking recipes that are for basic cooking only, not part of one of the ways.

- This is a case of blizzard does not think ahead.

- Once the next expansion comes out if you level a fresh character through there and go to level cooking it will become a bitch for that short time.

- Some basic cooking recipes are needed, ones that do not require you choosing a way.

- Why does blizzard have a habit of treating each expansion as if it were the last expansion ever and never thinking ahead about what they will do with these things come next expansion?

- Cooking is one of those things.  They did not think about it long term.

- Love the chances made to archeology.

- Every dig gets you a skill point, making leveling it a lot easier.

- I still will never do it on another character.

- It is a profession that has no replayability.

- Do I really need doubles of the BoA items, most of which are completely useless?

- Do I really want more fun item on another character to clog up bag space I don't have to begin with?

- It is a one player profession, it is a profession that I can't see wanting to leveling on another character.

- Even more so with shared achievements.

- At least without shared achievement I could consider doing it, for achievement sake.

- Now, nope, it serves no purpose to level on another character.

- So while the changes are awesome for someone leveling it for the first time now I do not see them as enough of a change to level on a alt when you already have one maxed.

- I can really see this being the first account shared profession.

- Some day in the future, mark my words.

- No new 90s to report but now all but 2 of my classes, not counting monk, have entered the new land.

- Three are up to the farm.  My Rogue, Mage and Shaman.

- My guess would be my mage will be the next 90.

- Or my shaman, depends on the mood I am in.

- Do you use a crab for pet battling?

- They are survival machines.

- If you have a pet with no healing, you can not beat a crab.

- They might not hit for much but they don't go down either.

- I started to level my emperor crab and the thing is beastly.

- The fights take forever but I finish every battle at full health.

- Got him up to 22 now and he can win battles alone against three level 24 opponents.

- Even if one is strong against aquatics he can usually pull it out.

- One shell spell, one huge heal and one attack.  Makes for simple strategy.

- Shell, attack, heal on cooldown if needed, shell when buff is at one.

- Collect experience points.

- Might use him to help power level some low level pets.

- All I need to get one of every type to 25 is a mechanic and an undead.

- Not sure which one of those types I want to make my first 25s for them.

- Beasts seem to be the easiest to get to 25, for me at least.

- Of course I got my tiny sporebat to 25.

- Everyone knows sporebats are the best pet ever.

- They make rogues bleed from their anus.

- And death knights too.

- I tell you, that pet battle crap is addictive.

- I can't stop, or I would have 3 more 90s by now.

- Have a great day.


  1. Glad you are still alive. You can have an elemental crab, a undead crab, and a normal crab,( you lose out on healing with the others but still have the shield) but then you'd be crabby rather then grumpy

    1. I am glad I am still alive too. What a coincidence. :) Thanks.

      I might make an all crab team for fun. Love battlepetteams for making teams to easily switch between, it is an awesome addon.

      I've noticed I really like the tankish pets even if the fights take longer.

    2. Crabs, ehhh. I will try that too. But, where are "undead" crabs?

    3. Spirit crabs near the blood elves, on the coast in the Ghostlands.

    4. I had looked there, found the little trees but not the crabs. I will need to take another look.

    5. "little trees"??? wot the heck are those? So, a special trip to BE land for undead crabs... any particular spot since I will have to ride there as I am alliance.... I feel so dirty now... I need a bath. >.>

      Thanks obscurefox and grumphy :D


    6. They look like little druids in tree form, around the main city of silvermoon. Ruby "something" is their name. They are cute, still have not found a rare one however. The trip there seems to take forever so I do not go back often, not even on my horde characters.

  2. Grumpy - I wish you had a regular web and could explain how in the heck you can go from 1-80 in 48 hours of playing time. Heck, I have all heirloom for 1-80, then a cape and helm for 85 and it still takes me a long long time. I bet it has to do with dungeons, huh. :( But anyway, even with my limited exposure to Cooking Panda Style, I was wondering why my regular cooking was only going up by doing dailies and Darkmoon Faire. I've given up on MoP-I'll get my next 8 toons up to 90, but I have given up, outside of tracking down the rares that don't require doing a scenario. It's requiring figuring out things I lack the mental skills for. :( As usual - Good hunting to ya.


    1. Hell no on the dungeons, they are the worst, repeat worst, way to level effectively. Maybe doing them once when you have the quests for them but that is it. Nothing more dungeon wise ever.

      Just quest. That is how I did it. The last character I leveled before the expansion I made it to 85 in 36 hours. Extremely limited rested too being I played a little every day for 2 weeks. I probably could have made it faster if I had not leveled fishing and cooking along the way as well, fishing eats up a crap ton of time.

      Just quest, quest and quest some more. Kill everything in your path to and from the quests. Knowing all the quest hubs and knowing where all the objectives are helps me speed level.

      Not to mention, hunters are made for leveling. I always level hunters much faster than anything else.

  3. Glad you are back, I missed my dose of Grumpiness last week. I too spent most of the weekend Pet Battling, I will have to check out a crab, been using a turtle as my main which is quite similar it looks like.

    1. I've also been leveling a snail. Not as effective as a crab but seems to be a decent pet.

      I do tend to spend some time on the weekends on pet battles. Its when I have time and it is so addictive I need that much free time to do it to get my dose. lol

  4. -Glad Grumpy is ok. As others mentioned, I missed my daily Grumpy.

    -Very little time to play WoW recently. Surprisingly, I'm not missing the game much.

    -Hit my gold goal of 700K. New goal is 750K! :D

    -Battle pets are only up to lvl 11. All rare companion pets I got from before: 3-11s, 2-9s. Dark Whelpling, Gundrak Hatchling, Shimmering Wyrmling, Clockwork Gnome, Pengu.

    -I have 168 pets but I've only captured a few since MoP came out; most were collected the old fashioned way.

    -The pet color coding on seems messed up for some pets...

    -I can't really get myself to do the SP dailies anymore. Tillers and CS are exalted. Klaxxi, GL, and Anglers are revered.

    -I still do Tillers to get rep with my "friends" and for the ironpaw token.

    -AC dailies are fine and I do Anglers some times.

    -But have no desire to do SP or go back and finish Klaxxi or GL. And I don't do dailies daily; maybe a couple times per week...

    -Wasted enough time... Back to real life crap...

    1. I do not mind the shado-pan ones, nice and quick, the golden lotus ones annoy me to all ends. I dread having to do them on other characters to open the hubs I want. :(

      Glad to be back.