Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- Two weeks since the super storm and things are still not back to normal yet.  But hopefully we get heat back this week.

- I hate doing underwater quests on a worgen, I can't get the idea of wet dog smell out of my head.

- I refuse to use human form either, if I wanted to roll a human I would have rolled a human.

- Kind of the same argument I have with cross realm zones.

- If I wanted to be on a packed server I would have rolled on a packed server.

- I still put in a ticket about the cross realm zone errors every time I am in one of those zones.

- It is just not as bad as it used to be because I am not in the zones all that much any more.

- Except when I am leveling my new panda monk.

- Decided to play my baby panda monk for a little this weekend.

- Just to use up my rested.

- Flew to redridge at level 15, my silver dragon went off as I was landing, so I went to kill a rare.

- I was 58% into level 15 before I killed it.  22% into 16 after I killed it.

- Holy crap, almost an entire level just for killing one rare 2 levels above me.

- I sneezed and I was level 22, and out of rested, so I called it a day.

- I only did about 6 quests to go from 15-22, does anyone else see something wrong with the speed of this leveling?

- Okay, I did kill three rares in that time.

- But still.

- Got another class to level 90 this weekend.

- My mage has joined my crew of 90s and I must say holy crap they kick butt out of the box.

- I had a few craftables, 450 PvP gear mostly, the engineer trinket, and the BoA neck and sword you can find in the world along with the archaeology offhand.

- 28K-30K on heavy movement fights, 45K-48K on standard fights, even 68K on one of the bosses in a random.

- My hunter was not that good out of the box.

- Mages are insane.

- Then I tanked three runs, pulled a mage in each run, none of them did over 22K on any boss.

- How?

- I do not even play a mage much and was blowing things up.

- Could it be the few crafted items I got?

- I think it might have something to do with it.

- Those 450s are leaps and bounds better than 437 and 440 quest items, and it adds up.

- Spend 1K gold people, buy some 450 PvP items instead of embarrassing yourself doing 20K at level 90.

- Not saying dungeons can not be done with people doing that, but I am saying people should not be doing that low.  Ever.  Not at 90.

- I enjoy mages a lot more this expansion over last.  Seems like they added some flesh to it, so it is not one button spamming as arcane.

- That adds some fun to it.

- Still an easy rotation, but not so easy that someone that does not know how to play can fake it.

- As those 20K mages in randoms prove.

- Can't wait to see what numbers I can pull if I gear it up.

- Tanked Sha this weekend, first time.

- No, not on my mage.

- Don't be silly.

- Had done adds before but the other tanks were afraid of tanking sha so I did it.

- Have to love vengeance.

- I pulled 64K, 4th in DPS, while tanking all thanks to vengeance.

- Peaked at 785K health, at least that I noticed, I could be an old school raid boss.

- I bet I have more health than original rag by the end of the expansion at the rate I am going.

- I felt like the hulk, each swipe or maul or mangle was a me smash moment.

- The harder the sha hit me the harder I hit everything around me.

- How can people say tanking doesn't have its fun moments?

- Sometimes it can be real fun to have your own me smash moment.

- That is one of those tanking moments that is just flat out fun.

- I did not win anything but with me would you think any different?

- So when are they going to nerf Garalon in the LFR?

- Not those BS nerfs they gave it, real nerfs that actually help randoms.

- I spent hours there this weekend and never downed him.

- The best attempt I had got him to around 15% and then everyone left the group.

- I wanted to scream Nooooooooooo!

- If the group just stayed together we could have had it next time.

- This is why there should not be any mechanics that can wipe people in LFR.

- How many times do I have to say it before blizzard listens.

- LFR is NOT for raiders.

- Which means you can not add mechanics, progression, or wipes to it.

- If the people could handle mechanics, progression and wipes there would have been more real raiders.

- They need to understand that if only 2% of the total player base raids that means only 2% of the player base are people willing to deal with what comes with actual raids, good or not.

- So do not make content like raids for the LFR.

- I was even with a guild mate, we did the pheromones, so that was zero problem, yet people still found new and interesting ways to wipe us.

- Crush needs to be removed, completely.

- Pheromones need to not drop puddles, at all.

- Now it is... maybe... looking for raid ready.

- I had some really good groups there, for looking for raid that is, many attempts under 30%, but it just got to be too much for healers.

- Too many crushes, DPS being way too low and taking forever to the point that I was running out of space to drop the pheromone puddles.

- That is even with stacking them basically on top of each other for minimum room coverage.

- There should never be any mechanic in any LFR where one person can grief the group with it.

- This has two, crush and pheromone puddles.

- One group had this paladin that kept running after me trying to take the pheromones and bring them to the melee pack.

- I kept having to fight to get them back, but he won, he wiped us.

- Had one attempt where one person just stood in crush and wiped us and then blamed the healers for not being better because this is just LFR and crush does nothing here.

- Had many people come in and see it was a group that had wiped and just said, screw you baddies and dropped.

- For those I am glad.

- Remember grumpys book of wow rules # 3, If someones first words are calling others bad, they are probably the bad player.

- Like I've been saying for ages, LFR is too hard for the masses as is, this one is way too hard for the masses.

- I gave up, so I never finished it in looking for raid.

- At this rate I will finish it on normal before I do LFR and I have not even stepped into normal yet.

- Speaking of not stepping into it on normal yet, I have not stepped into any raid at all on my hunter yet.

- Looks like I am going to be tanking, so I guess I have to start dailies on another character now that I am done with them all on my hunter.

- Oh joy.

- Can't you tell how excited I am about having to grind rep on yet another character.

- But then again, I do not have to, so to speak.

- My bear is up to 475 item level and I don't have any reps, so I don't really need them do I?

- At this rate my bear is going to pass my hunter in gear, if anything ever drops in the raids.

- So you can gear up without having to do reputations, if you are willing to put in the effort to do so.

- Just might as well do the reputation anyway.

- Just started the golden lotus.

- Wish my druid could be a human, I would race change just for that 10% bonus.

- It might not sound like much, but 10% bonus means done 10% faster.

- You know things are bad when I start thinking of race changing all my characters that I can to human just for that bonus.

- If worgens are human and they can be druids why can't humans be druids?

- Thinking of race changing my shaman to a panda.

- No reason, just because.

- Shaman should be next to 90, next weekend if I play it, but being I am starting a new reputation drive from the beginning I am not sure if I will have the time.

- Not like my guild needs any more shaman healers, we already have 5, 3 of which are in the top 10 geared on the server.

- I just like playing one and it is nice to be doing enhancement again.

- I leveled as enhancement in cataclysm but did not play it all expansion except on a couple of fights for fun when we were stomping through DS normal after the nerfs to get easy achievements for peoples alts and allowing us to play in roles we were not used to.

- Otherwise, I have not played enhancement since wrath.

- Have to love how you do things differently on each character, I notice it on my shaman after leveling my priest, mage and rogue recently through an area.

- All three of them took their time with mobs, my shaman went in and pulled 5 or 6 mobs at a time, no problem.

- I guess each class has their strengths and weaknesses.

- Enhancement really should be a tank spec.

- It has tank cooldowns.

- I can pull like a tank on it, somewhat.

- Maybe one day they will let it tank.

- I won't hold my breath.

- The game can use a mail tank.

- And a cloth tank.

- Warlocks should be the cloth tanks, where they take full control of their pet and their pets tank.

- So should hunters while we are on that topic.

- I found how why I could not figure out how to heal my pet on my warlock.

- Because I am affliction and affliction does not have health funnel any more.

- I did not lose my mind, it is really not there.

- I need to soul link and drain life to heal my pet.

- Sometimes I feel so stupid taking me forever to figure these things out.

- Why did they just not leave us health funnel?

- Hey, at least I kept asking around to figure it out instead of doing what most of the player base seems to do and just ignoring it.

- Still won't change the fact I hate warlocks.

- Perhaps a change from affliction will make it more fun for me.

- I've been affliction as long as I remember.

- It is the only spec I know how to play.

- Had one dance with demo and one with destro and went right back to affliction.

- Perhaps it is time for a second dance with them, for leveling.

- Just to try it out.

- Leveling is the best place to try new things out, less stress and you can really get to learn your full array of abilities.

- I wonder how so many people get to max level and still know nothing about their characters.

- Leveling might be easy and all but it doesn't mean you can not play around with things.

- Like on my shadow priest the other day, and shadow is still new to me, I do it in healing gear.

- I saw a magic effect on the enemy I could strip off so I looked at my bars.

- Where the F did I bind that thing and what was it called.

- This shadow set up is all still new to me even after leveling with it.

- Between fights, I looked for it and noticed, oh yeah, I do have it on my bars, it is not bound to anything, but oh well, at least I know where it is now and I can click it next time if I need it.

- See, this is a level 90 questing and I am still learning things.

- Am I the only one that attempts to interrupt everything, dispel magics, CC, kite, and basically uses all my abilities while questing?

- Sure, I could blow things away, but what the hell does that teach you.

- I could take the extra damage on my priest and just heal myself afterwards.

- I could, but I don't, why take the extra damage when I can remove the magic effect or interrupt something.

- I think people just forgot that questing is meant to teach them.

- Sad thing is blizzard can't make it any harder, some people still have problems as is.

- Kind of like when I was in the summit on my rogue, at 87 of course, and everyone around me is 89.

- 89?  You are supposed to be in the wastes by now.

- They just can't handle it, so they stay where it is easier.

- I don't get it, use your class to its fullest and quest in an 89 area when you are 89, not an 87 area.

- Perhaps if you spent as much time learning how to play as you will waste killing lesser mobs and doing lesser quests, you would be a better player.

- Maybe I just like the challenge and then blowing through it because I learned how to and others just want to take it easy or experience entire zones.

- That I can understand, but nearly everyone?

- I would bet most are just taking the easy route.

- But don't reach 90 and enter heroics if you can not even do an 89 quest when you are 89.

- You are not prepared, to steal a phrase.

- See, that is why you see so many lesser skilled players in randoms, they are the people that could not even finish an 89 quest at 89.

- They have no business being in a heroic, which is considerably more difficult than a quest wouldn't you say?

- If I can't do an 89 quest on an 89 I do not turn and think the quest is too hard, I turn and think, what am I doing wrong or what can I do better.

- I don't say screw it and go back to doing level 87 quests.

- I wonder if they could ever make it that you only get experience for doing quests of appropriately level.

- As in, if you want to make it from 89-90 you need to do all the quests in the wastes.

- It will never happen, but I bet you that if it did there would be half the amount of 90s in the game right now.

- People should be using those quests to learn how to get better, not avoiding them so they can skip them and go right to heroics.

- Maybe I just think too old school for my own good.

- I need to adapt to the modern way of game play one of these days.

- Nah, I'll just stay grumpy about it.

- Have a great day.


  1. Can definitely relate to LFR. It's just too hard for uncoordinated random groups.

    I was trying to do it this weekend. I know, "weekend LFR", bad idea, but anyway. I could not for the life of me find a fresh group. Every group was on 3rd boss, stuck on Garalon or Qin-Xi. I got in a group that downed Garalon but only after several wipes (not sure how many they had done before I got there). Personally, I think my DPS sucks; I just can't get a feel for all the new abilities. In LFR, I'm usually between 40-45K, when I feel I should be more like 50-55K, but I was still 5th on that Garalon fight...

    Just saw the comment that pets will benefit from weak points on Garalon after the hotfix, which is good.

    I haven't stepped foot in a normal yet; just don't feel the desire and I'm not satisfied with my dps anyway.

    Seems our guild can't fill full teams right now. We had 3 10-mans for DS but some people got poached into the top guild on the server, others quit playing, and seems quite a few are just burnt out (that's the category I fall in...).

    I've done SP dailies a couple more times now. They're OK as long as I don't get sabotaged by Protector Yi... he's definitely going to be the last one I do for that achievement... Hopefully, I'll be very over geared by then...

    Got 3 cards for the Tiger deck. Trying to snatch them up when they're cheap. I'm not paying 50K for the full deck/trinket; I can afford it no problem but that's just insane. TSM dealfinding lists combined with email notifications from the desktop app plus the mobile AH = Pure Awesome! I need to setup more lists for epic gear, rare mounts, pets, etc. Project for another day.

    I was probably one of those 88s in an 87 zone right after launch but I was doing it for the questing achievements and to get all the blues I could find. In Cata, I rushed through and only finished the zones much later so it wasn't as good of a lore experience. This time I decided to just complete them all sequentially. Then end of zone quest chains were good at least.

    1. I am so jealous that you got it down. I must have stuck around for 15 wipes and each time the group got worse when the better players left and were replaced by lesser ones. The fight is just not meant for random people and blizzard should have known better than you design a raid encounter that needed communication for 25 people that are not communicating.

      My DPS is still all over the place too, I know it is not where it should be. I can pull 60K on a boss one attempt and 45K the next. All thanks to those wacky random crits. I still think I am doing something wrong with the BM burst. I've seen other hunters in the same gear bursting at the start for 200K+ and I usually only burst 140K at best. So I know I am doing something wrong. It is all a matter of getting used to it, we both will in time I am sure.

      My guild was the same, we had 2 stable teams and a third that ran sometimes. Now we have about 14 players for 10 spots and it is the tricky time to keep everyone happy while we are trying to get that second team running. At the moment is okay because we have a group of team players but I can see it being an issue if people still have to keep rotating even after another month or two.

      A few of my guildmates and I teamed up, all made tons of cards, and tradeed. We got all our healers cranes, my tank an ox, most DPS the tigers and one caster a serpent just from mixing and matching what 5 people made. We also still managed to make at least 50K each selling the extras after we traded. The only way to cost effectively make cards is to do it as a group effort. An no, we did not charge anyone in the guild for the cards we gave them. Raiding is a team sport, you do not charge team mates.

      I do agree with you about buying one. I can afford 50K but I would never pay it on general principle. Raids drop 496 gear, so paying anything more than 3K for an item 20 item levels less is insane no matter how good it might be.

      I can see people trying to finish entire zones, just can't see that many. I swear my shaman went through the summit this weekend on her way to 88 and I was the only 87 I saw out of a possible 100 people I saw there. I would find it hard to believe they all wanted to finish the quest line. Most people just level as fast as they can and even people that like to finish it all in order only do that on one character.

  2. I'm going to take a look into this for openers:

    I haven't really been using readiness because it just seems that by the time I would want to reset cooldowns they've reset on their own... I use it more for 'oh shit' moments. But that may be how they're getting the extra burst at the beginning. I don't know. I really don't pay attention to burst dps. I only look at recount after the fight is over.

    Apparently, I can never get the 'super' crits though...

    I really wish I could macro Glaive Toss with Arcane shot or something though. I already switched from Dire Beast to Fervor and macro'd it to Cobra Shot to cut back on the buttons but it's still not smooth for me.

    -Give us a lvl 90 talent option that doesn't trigger a GCD
    -Give us a lvl 75 talent option that doesn't trigger a GCD
    -Take Focus-Fire back off the GCD so you can just mash it when its at 5 stacks without waiting for your shot to finish or consuming a global

    Do something! I don't like whack-a-mole.

    I'm tempted to finally finish lvling my 61 mage up just to try out their lvl 90 rotation. I could lvl my 85 DK up but melee ::shudders::... Maybe I'll try things on PTR if I get time, I think they have lvl 90 pre-mades. But it's disgusting that I'm talking about playing other classes... I'm a HUNTER, damn it!

    1. I hate the whack-a-mole feeling it has now as well.

      As for burst, you should pay attention because in the end it really matters. For arguments sake a fellow hunter and I went against each other. He hit burst way over mine. 4 minutes later he was still above me. 6 minutes later we were even. By 8 minutes I well above him to stay and just kept extending my lead.

      See, in the end I was better at my rotation so I held up consistent DPS but it took 6 minutes for the burst he had to fall enough for me to pass him. If I used a potion like he did and did the burst like he did I would have been ahead of him the entire time.

      Now, being most fights will not last long enough for me to pass him, he will always seem better even if I am actually doing better, if you know what I mean. So using potions and mastering the burst is essential to being the best you can be.

      I saw that the other day and was thinking of taking a look and playing around with it to see if it is any different from what I do but monday is an alt day for me so I did not even log on to my hunter. I might play around today some.