Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- Still no heat in the real world for me, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this week.

- I was told that the part they need would be in today.

- I decided to start gearing up my healer this weekend.

- Instead of finishing leveling my shaman I went with my already 90 priest.

- As it stands I do not like questing on my priest but I don't mind on my shaman so with all that gear locked behind reputations using my priest as my main healer for the moment will make gearing up a small bit harder.

- My priest has one mists reputation, the tillers.

- I might do the others when 5.1 comes out but I am starting to fear that by then I might not need valor loot at all.

- See, this is the problem with locking valor gear behind reputation.

- It is made too hard to get during the one point you might actually need it.

- Even if I started hard core on reputation in the three weeks it would take me to open all the valor gear I will most likely out gear the valor gear.

- Yeap, locking gear behind reputation has just suddenly became a bad idea as it keeps the gear from the people that need it the most.

- I went into the weekend with a 452 item level, mostly crafted 450 PvP gear, the crated 476 chest and gloves made by a guild mate and a 476 cloth BoE head I had drop early on.

- After one days worth of work I got myself to 470.

- So from 452 to 470 in one day, and not even a full day, just a few hours.

- It took me over 30 minutes in queue, as a healer, I think that wasted more time than anything.

- It was like bizarro world.

- My item level might get higher if I decide to do the LFR HoF tonight and get lucky with drops.

- If I had been on a better server, I could squeeze into a pug for 489 and 496 gear.

- Even on my server, I am getting close to the point I can completely ignore reputation gear.

- Sure, it would be nice for a few pieces, but seeing my performance and seeing my item level rise, reputation is not all that important any more.

- Now we need something for me to spend all this valor I'll be making on.

- If you heal on a priest and are not using cascade, you are doing it wrong.

- I was pulling upwards of 40K-70K HPS on each fight with cascade as my #3 heal.

- Not to shabby for my first time walking into a raid setting as a healer this expansion in what I would call questionable gear at best being a few pieces had hit on them and were really meant for shadow.

- Those better than expected numbers were all thanks for cascade.

- All I can say is wow that is powerful.

- Imagine when I start to practice and get better what I could do.

- Expect a huge nerf to it coming soon because it is really that powerful.

- Powerful for doing damage as well.

- I pulled over 50K DPS on a few pulls in dungeons thanks to that.

- Yes, it is that powerful.

- The female panda dance is incredibly annoying.

- I know what it was made after but my question is why?

- Did they have a meeting and think what is the most annoying dance we can make and this is what they came up with?

- I think I found a new dance to rank bottom of my list.

- And here I was thinking nothing could be worse than the human female dance.

- Proven wrong again.

- Closing in on my 400 pet battle achievements.

- I have noticed that a lot of the achievements are bugged.

- Like one says I have 29/30 level 10 pets.

- I have at least 60 pets over level 10, maybe more.

- Or one of each type at 25, I need three types it says, but only really need two.

- Not sure why it is not counting one, but it isn't.

- Seems the pet battle achievements don't always work.

- If that happens to you, log out and back in, it will fix it, for most.

- Won't fix the two I just mentioned however, they still seem to be bugged.

- One of the 25s I need is an undead and the reason I do not have one is because I can't find one I like enough to level.

- If you are looking to gather different pets it is worth mentioning that worgen, goblin and panda races get their own pets that only they can buy.

- So if you want one of those three you need to have a worgen, goblin or panda out of the starting area and over to the beginning pet battle trainer to buy it.

- Lucky for me I have at least one of every race out in the world.

- For you pet collectors that want everything and don't, get leveling them alts to buy pets only they can get.

- I like that pets are tied to all accounts.

- Now if only they would do that with a few other things so we did not have to waste so much space.

- I would like a toy page.

- All our toys would go on that page instead of taking bag space up.

- Do I really need the turnip punching bag on every character if I wanted to keep it?

- Put it on a toy page and let all my characters have access to it.

- No bag space wasted.

- For alts that complete the quest that you already have the toy for, give them 5 extra gold instead.

- It would be a great way to thin out space and remove the redundancy of having to have the same toy wasting space on many characters.

- All those archaeology toys can, and should, go there as well.

- Hence the reason I said archaeology should be a profession that spans all characters.

- It offers so many toys and other things that you do not need 2 or 3 or 11 of, so make it a "per player" thing and not a "per character" thing.

- What is the use of having a second toy that turns you to amber, or a second BoE shield, or a second mount you can not even sell or use and are stuck throwing away?

- Toy page, now blizzard, it is needed.

- And it is only needed because you were the weirdos that decided that giving us toys, and food items with no sell price, from quests was a better idea than giving us things we might need, like gear or extra gold or extra experience or extra reputation.

- In the long list of stupid things they have done this one is really bottom of the list however.

- Most characters I throw those things away as I complete the quest.

- One question however, how come I can not sell the food I get from a quest when I want to but I can sell the BoA gear I find when I wouldn't want to sell that?

- How about putting a sell price on junk we don't want and leave a sell price off of things we might accidentally sell but we really do want.

- Again, have to wonder who the hell runs blizzard sometimes.

- Even the little things make no sense.

- Like why are there not as many poop quest this expansion.

- I don't think we met our quota.

- Oh wait, this is a good thing.

- Now I am confused.

- Have a great day.


  1. The achievement is to RAISE 30 pets to level 10, so you have to get them to tick over from 9 to 10 yourself, It's no good capturing a lvl 10 one. You have to get it to ding.

    I think.... or it may be bugged!

    1. That does make a lot of sense. Perhaps that is it. Ones I catch, unless I level them at least one level myself, probably do not count toward it. Possible.

  2. -Got Master of the Ways and Friends on the Farm yesterday. Selling off all my miscellaneous cooking mats and gave all the excess feasts to the raid team.

    -I was always Chef Jaeger when we were raiding DS but just don't have time this expansion to actually raid... really sucks...

    -Bought a the valor cloak since it seems I can no longer get drops in LFR. iLvL is 473 now.

    -Still need SP and AC but taking forever since I don't have time to do dailies except on weekends and maybe once or twice during the week.

    -One card away from a Tiger Deck. Need the 4 but people are price gouging that one. 10K for one card! Get outta town!

    -Toy page! Awesome idea. I just threw most of that crap away, personally. Add to the liast for Tabard closet, Pantry on our farms. Separate the AH and the mail system while you're at it.

    -BMAH is useless. Stuff on there is crappy or way too expensive. Sorry, not paying 18K for a pet that usually goes for 7K on the normal AH... They need to expose it to the API so TUJ can track it. It's a PITA to go there in game just to see the couple of useless items on it. I'd like to see the stats for the actual sales.

    -Should check out the worgen race pet on my druid. Don't have a panda or goblin but I could create them on another realm, right? No slots left on Drak'thul.

    -Haven't done any pet battles in a couple weeks. Except I accidentally clicked on one and had to forfeit... lvl 11 vs lvl 23... nope, not going to happen.

    -Should go login and check mail. Laterz...

    1. Yeah, a tabard one would be nice too. I would be happy with anything that gives me bag space.

      You never know with pet battles, if the match up is in your favor you can win some strange ones. Had my level 13, I think, (at the time) darkmoon tiger beat 3 level 18 mobs all by himself because he had the bonus for all of them and had an ability that kept him healed.