Friday, July 15, 2011

We're All Stupid Sometimes.

Whenever someone does something wrong we are always quick to call them stupid.  Sometimes we are wrong.  They just don't know.  While it is true that there are genuinely stupid people out there and it seems that most of the worlds stupid people play WoW you have to think that there are different levels of stupidity and whether you want to admit it or not, you too have stepped into the realm of stupid on more then one occasion.

The levels of stupidity vary a great deal but we are not going to talk about the really stupid people.  We all hate those really stupid people and it is Friday so let us have some fun and ignore the really stupid people and talk about the other versions of stupidity that we all suffer from time to time. 

I am sure you will be going over all those little stupid moments you have done or seen as you read this.  I know I am going over mine as I write it.  Some stupid moments are just to funny or enjoyable to forget.

Oops, Stupid -
This is the version of stupid many of us experience.  It is the most common version of stupidity that spreads through normally not stupid people.

Example: You mount up on your land mount and go to take off only to end up as street pizza.  Oops.

Did I do that, Stupid -
Auto run usually is the culprit in the case of did I do that stupidity.

Example:  Running back after a wipe and auto running into the boss.

Oh crap, Stupid -
This is the one where you have an otherwise intelligent idea that apparently you didn't think out completely and missed something.  But it was a good idea in theory.

Example:  Falling off the boat on Vanessa in Deadmines.

Damn, Stupid -
This one usually comes when listing auctions at the auction house.  You list something either higher or lower then you meant to and have to take it off effectively wasting money having listed it.

Example:  Listing arcane dust for 40 gold each instead of 40 gold a stack.

Misclick Stupid -
Ever hit a key you did not intend to hit?  Then you are misclick stupid too and there is nothing be be ashamed of.

Example:  Blowing heroism on some simple trash mob.

What? Stupid -
This is when you either misheard something or didn't quite understand what was said.

Example:  Standing in front of BWD when everyone is in BoT waiting on you.

Oh Shit! Stupid -
This is one of those moments you want to file a ticket and hope and pray that a GM can help you.

Example:  Selling that huge upgrade you just got by accident instead of the old item it was replacing and not noticing it until you next log on.

Sorry, Stupid -
This one happens only to dual spec people often but can still effect pures on occasion.

Example:  Healing as a boomkin, shadow priest, etc.  Tanking as Fury, Ret, etc.  Basically running in the wrong spec for at least one trash pack before noticing.

Forgot Something, Stupid -
Some people need supplies, some people forget them sometimes.  Sucks when you do not notice it until it is to late.

Example:  That rogue standing in the corner applying his poisons mid battle might be having a forgot something stupid moment, don't you think?

Lag Stupid -
This one is more about your computer and connection then you and can effect even the best player in the world.

Example:  Standing in the fire when you think you moved because of lag.  Sure, it looks like you are out to you but to everyone else they are screaming, get out of the fire.

Wait, Stupid -
This is the version of stupidity where when you do something you notice you should have waited for a second first.

Example:  Tank pulls while the healer is still drinking.  Outside of the door of the locked battle.

Miscommunication, Stupid -
This is often seen in randoms and is even more prevalent in groups that are smarter and better then average because everyone knows their role and class well so there is little need for communication.

Example:  Both hatchers being killed because it was not clear which one you wanted dead first.

Lack of use, Stupid -
Every class has talents that are used so rarely you sometimes forget about them when doing what is considered trivial content.

Example:  A druid using sooth.  A hunter using masters call.  A whatever using whatever they rarely use.

There are many types of stupid, we have all had our moments of stupid.  I know I have disengaged off the deck on Vanessa once and seen people fall a few other times. 

You can call the elevator boss a provoker of stupid actions from normally not so stupid people.  How many people that you would consider smart players say, I think I can make it, and only see their chalk outline at the bottom when you get there?

Personally I think that normally smart people making stupid actions or decisions is probably one of the enjoyable things in the game.  It is really funny to see some people make mistakes and then joke about it at a later date.  When stupidity bring laughter later on then it is a good type of stupid.

We've all had our stupid moments.

Sometimes being stupid can actually be fun.  If you have a sense of humor at least.  If you land at the bottom of a mountain while still riding a ground mount and do not laugh, you need to have your funny bone checked out by a doctor as soon as possible.  You might have just had a stupid moment but it was a damn funny stupid moment, admit it.


  1. Way more often than I'd like to admit :)

    My current favourite is switching to Unholy aura to run somewhere and then being completely bemused when I can't keep aggro and and blowing survival cooldowns on trash just to stay alive.

    My other top *doh* is fat fingering lay on hands instead of rebuke. I really need to move that keybind.

  2. I had to unbind heroism because I kept accidentally hitting it. I know your pain.

  3. Xayíde@GurubashiJuly 18, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    I sure had my share of stupid.
    3 years ago, when I was leveling my first serious character together with a friend, we were strolling around STV and aggroed a bunch of mobs. My Voidwalker ended up doing some strange pathing through the mountains and in the commotion I didn't realize I had lost him. Then, out of the blue, a VW appears in front of me, and then I ask "Whose VW is that?" on vent, just before I realized it was mine when he stopped by my side.
    To this day, my friend mocks me for this. XD
    And give me a break, I was still a noob.

    I did get my revenge though. I was leveling a hunter with him again when kind of the same thing happened in STV, only with my wolf. He then asked "Where did those wolves come from?". I started laughing so hard because not only didn't he realized it was my pet, but he also managed to see more than one. XD