Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Molten Front Achievement Guide

Being I am basically done with the Molten Front Achievements (just waiting on one last guy to spawn for the bombing runs which could be in two days or two months) I figured it is time to write a full guide for those that might just be starting or might need a hint or tip on some of the achievements.

Pro Tip: Before we start, if you want to know what is the best route to go to get all the achievements faster, do Druids first.  When the time comes to open Wardens, do it that day only, do the two things needed in the wardens area and then never go back to wardens.  You need to do Druid dailies for the achievements, not wardens ones.

Pro Tip 2: When it comes to shops, if you want to get all the achievements faster. Open calling the ancients first  The other two really do not matter.

This is the achievement that will award you the Flameguard Hippogryph mount when finishing it.  It is also the easiest of the achievements to get.  All you need to do is quest.

What quests to do?

You will get a quest to protect Malfurion, protect him.
You will get a quest to enter the firelands portal, enter it.
You will then need to open both the druids and the wardens areas with 150 marks each.
You will then need to open all three shops with 125 marks each.
While doing druids, you will get an escort quest, escort him.
While doing the wardens, you will see an acorn drop with a quest, pick it up and turn it in.

Yeap, that is it.  Basically you did not even need a guide for this part.  If you just do all the quests you will get this one by osmosis.  Personally I do think the reward for just questing is too big, but have at it people, hippogryphs are the best mounts in the game and this one is a looker for sure.

This is an achievement of luck, and persistence.  This is also the reason you are going to be doing Druids first and doing Druids every day.

You will get a quest titled Fire in the Skies from the druids and it will require you to mount up and do a bombing run.  During that run you will see these huge fire elementals all dressed up in their sunday best armor just hanging out.  Bomb them.  Only one will appear per run, per day.  This means that if you remount and try again it will still be the same one that day.  No cheesing this one.

If you get lucky it could take as few as 12 days to do this achievement.  Do not expect that type of luck.  This is the reason you want to unlock druids first and do druids every day, so you can get the bombing runs.

If there are 6 mobs why 12 days, you might ask.  The answer is simple.  You will never get the fire in the skies quest 2 days in a row.  You will always have one quest one day and fires the next day.

Can I just do druids every other day, you might follow up with.  No, that will not work.  You need to do the one quest to get fire in the skies the next day.  Example.  If you do fires today and skip tomorrow when you go back you will have another quest, not fires.  It goes on a per person basis, not a same rotation for everyone like most dailies, it is a rotation just for you alone meaning you will always get it the second day of doing druid dailies.

Note: You do not need to kill the mobs, you only need to hit them.

This achievement will be easier for some then others but is really not hard at all.  You need to go to the area where all the spiders are, if you are in the molten front you should know where this is.

One of the stacks of rocks is the highest, easily seen, your job is to make it to the top of the hill which at first look is going to be a hell of a lot harder then expected because there is no clear path to jump up and around to get there. 

Actually, it is completely impossible to jump your way up but fear not young padawan, I will show you the way.

The key here is to use the spiders that are there to your advantage.  If you attack them they will web you to them like a death grip.

Say, thank you very much for the lift to the spider and you can precede to beat it's head in until it explodes like a watermelon at a Gallagher concert.

Rinse and repeat to work your way up.  There are wrong turns you can make so think your path out before hand.  Before you aggro a spider think of where you will be landing and if there is another spider that is in line of sight to get you after you get there otherwise you are going to have to jump down and start over waiting for spiders to respawn.

There is a little bit of fun for you once you have it done.  After you claim your achievement and do your rocky impersonation pumping your fists in the air while dancing in a circle use a ranged attack at the lowest possible spider and they will bring you back down, no fall damage at all.  That is quite nice of them considering you are only going to kill them as a thank you for helping you get down.


I link these together because you can basically do them at the same time.

First, Ludicrous Speed.  When you get the quest that transforms you into a bird, transform, abandon the quest (or complete it but do not drop out of bird form), go to the birds and fly high and call the hawks, the biggest birds, they give 15 stacks each.  Get 5 of them and get the achievement.

Being you can only get two of the hawks while on the quest the best way to get this done is being off the quest.

Second, And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor.  During the first part of the daily you will get quests to help animals.

For the bird part, you need to let the birds get the killing blow on Millagazor.  Not hard, it will fly away when it gets low on life.  Unless there are a lot of people attacking at the same time you are, this will happen naturally.

For the turtle part, kick one of them into the fire guys that where torching them instead of into the lake.

For the bear part, throw one of the bears at a sleeping core hound instead of the trampoline.

For the squirrel part, just run around the regrowth some and you will get it.  There are squirrels in trees throwing acorns at mobs.  If you are within 15 yards of one of them you will get credit for it.  Best place is the rock near the trampoline, there always seems to be a few squirrels there.  Just kill a hound near the rock and they will bonk him.

Third, Infernal Ambassadors.  This is the quest you get after helping out fine forest friends. You need to kill all the end of quests bosses while doing something special, so to speak, I got most without even thinking about it and you will too.

Note:  To get credit you need to be the one that summoned it.  Do not join in helping someone kill it.  You will get credit for finishing the quest, but not the achievement.  You need to summon it for the achievement.  This is important.

Nemesis - You need to not get hit by his flame.  Easy enough.  When the turtle puts up his shell, stand under it.  Easy peasy.

Millagazor - The one you are letting the birds kill remember?  He puts stuff on the ground, move from it.  Real hard huh?

Galenges - You need to kill him before a second spirit of malorne hits him.  If you are not a DPS class or do not think you have enough DPS to do it, ask a friend to help.  As long as you summon him you will get credit and he does take increased damage when a spirit hits him.  Just need to kill him before a second one does.

Pyrachnis -  You need to kill him without debuffing yourself of the poison.  No problem really if you burn.  The poison is not going to kill you any time quickly anyway so even if you are not the high DPS type it should still not be a problem.

Lylagar - He does a breath effect you can see coming.  Once he starts the cast he does not move, so when you see him starting to cast, move away from the front of him.  Nothing really new here either.

Nice and easy three more achievements closer to the meta for you now.

To get this achievement you need to go out and get an old gaming system and buy a mortal kombat circa 1990s game and... oh wait.  That is not it.

This achievement requires you to solo a Molten Behemoth without getting hit by any of his special abilities.  Some classes might find this a little harder then others but it is not hard at all.  The hardest part is finding one that someone doesn't feel the need to help you kill.

Note:  I've heard reports of people being in a group and even if the person in the group was in stormwind they still did not get credit.  Might be a bug but just in case don't even be in a group while doing it.

The behemoth has two abilities to watch out for.  One melee and one ranged. 

The melee one is a stomp.  Just step back, even backpeddling is fast enough to get out of range of it.  He does it often, so you will be moving a lot.  Be aware of where you are kiting him or you will end up fighting two of them.

The ranged one is a rock throw.  A black spot appears on the ground.  Move from it.

As a hunter myself this was super easy.  Pet tanks, I move, death behemoth.  Any hunter that can not get this on their first try deserves to have their hunting license revoked.

Note:  Do not try using the ones that are quest mobs.  Go into the open lava area.  The quests ones are guaranteed to have someone helping you, even if it is just an NPC you will not get the achievement.

This is another super easy one.  Just follow the quest line and it will come on its own.  The last part of the quest line will only come after you have opened the moonwell.

- Gang War - 

These are all grouped together because you can do them all at the same time.  All can be done while on the protectors of hyjal quest.  Actually two must be done while one it, the last can be done at any time.

First, Gang War.  Find a friend, dual them, be aware that the helpers you have for the quest you are on will help, so burn your friend fast before they burn you.  Having them take armor off is the fastest way.  It is also good form to trade kills with someone else that needs the achievement.  If they let you kill them do the right thing and let them kill you.

Second, Have... Have We Met? While on the quest everyone gets a few helpers.  One is a named character, there seems to be dozens of them but only 6 matter to you.  You have to wave to them while at the roost.

Personally I just hung out there for a while and spammed my macro until I got them all.  Some are harder to find then others.  You can wait it out and try to get them all while hanging out there or you can do it every day looking for them.  Your choice.

This is the macro I used.  Once I found someone, and waved, I opened the macro and edited out their name so it would not look for them any longer.

/tar linken
/tar chromie
/tar thassarian
/tar nat pagle
/tar mankrik
/tar hemet nesingwary
/stopmacro [noexists]

Third, The Fiery Lords of Sethria's Roost.  Don't be a fool like me that wanted to get things done so fast that I actually did this one before I ever got the quest for protectors of hyjal.  If you wait until you have that quest you can use all the helpers you get from it to help you beat the four elite mobs you need to beat.  I soloed it, alone, and suffered many a death in the process.  At least when I did it I was the only person in the area being no one had the quest yet so it is not like I had any competition for tagging it.

Note: Even if the title does not turn gray, if you are not the first to hit it, or in a group with the first person to hit it, you will not get credit.

Note: None of the mobs are aggressive until you attack them.  So you can position yourself as you see fit without worry of pulling them before you are ready. Clearing the area first is a smart idea however.

Note: If you can group with even one person that is also on the quest these things become super easy with all the helpers you have combined.  Five people grouped while on the quest and they will go down faster then the US stock market on the day of the great crash.

Andrazor - He is a bird that flies around the roost, best to take him on a little mountain peak.  With your helpers it should be easy.  Even soloing this was the easiest fight.  Just move from the fire circles that he keeps throwing under you.

Fan Jarakk - He is a molten giant located on the second ledge where there is usually just one molten guy and has the same abilities as the normal ones.  Get away from the stomp, move from the black spot where he is throwing the boulder.  Be aware, your protectors are not all that smart.  They get knocked off the ledge really easily because they do not know how to position themselves.  So burn burn burn before you lose all your helpers to stupidity.

Searris - He is a fire elemental in bondage gear that spawns where you fought Sethria way back when.  He paths back and forth, best to wait to take him back at the spawn area however as every other place there is kind of crowded.  Handle all his minions and burn to avoid it going on to long and this is not a bad fight at all.

Kelbnar - He is a hell hound that appears on the first ledge.  I would say it is best to bring him up the hill as there are a lot of mobs that can join the fray if you take him at the bottom but doing that brings along its own problems.  He hits hard and has a knock back which will of course make you lose some of your helpers.  Again, they are not so great at positioning themselves.  If there was ever a need to group up, this is the guy you want to do it on.  Otherwise, burn burn burn and hope you kill him before he deposits all of your helpers off the ledge and into felwood.

You need to do the druid quests to get access to this one.  I did this on the first day I could and was the only person there which was both good and bad and that information can help you decide on how you want to do it.

You need to defeat the three types of mobs in the lower druid questing area with some special requirements.

Doing it all alone there had the advantage of no one helping me thinking I needed help.  Doing it all alone also meant that the respawn timer was horrible.  Being not all the mobs will always do the special ability you need to avoid, waiting on new ones to spawn can take a while.  Took me two hours to get a hunter to even cast wild barrage.

If you want to do it alone, which I still suggest, try at off hours on your server.  If you hate waiting then try when lots are on, at least there is a quicker respawn timer.

A second good thing / bad thing about them is that they die fast, really fast.  Except for the sentinel the others die in 3 shots for me.  Good thing being if you need to kill them off because they are not doing their special they die nearly instantly, bad thing is you can accidentally kill them to fast which happened to me way to often for my liking.

The Hunter - I found this to be the hardest because the hunters do not like to cast wild barrage.  When they do however, they do it fast, really fast.  A tiny black dot will be on the ground and that is where the spear will land and he does that a lot when channeling it.  You will have to avoid the black dots on the ground to get that part of the achievement.  If you get hit by even one, kill him off and start again.

It is interesting to note that you do not need to kill him after you avoid the wild barrage, you just need to avoid it.  So if he starts to cast it and you start running and run into other mobs and silently scream oh crap to yourself don't worry to much.  As long as he finishes casting it and you never got hit by it you will get that part of the achievement and then the trail of mobs you picked up while running will slowly rip you limb from limb but at least that part is done.

Note: Stagger your running.  It seems it tries to anticipate your movements, so do not keep moving in the same direction.
Note: If the hunter does not do wild barrage in the first 5 seconds, kill him and find another.

The Shaman - This one is the easiest.  Just beat on the bum, get him low, let him do his special ability and then just stand in the fire with him.  It does not hit for much but if he is low he will die and you just need a bandage for your boo boo.  They also seem to use their special ability more often.

The Sentinel - You are going to need to be a pet class or have a friend for this one.  You need to kill the sentinel while he has someone in your group in his grips.  You see, the sentinel has a great sense of smell and you know what, there are no showers in azeroth so you freaking stink and he wants to give you a bath in lava to burn the stick off of you.

I used my dog and he really has that wet dog smell but the sentinel just did not want to give him a bath, maybe an animal lover?  Unlike the others he does not do his special ability at the beginning, so you need to beat on him and wait and then burn him as soon as he picks up your pet or group member.

It is best to aggro him and just let him beat on someone.  I helped a friend get it and sent my dog in waiting for him to be picked up and with only my dog attacking alone my dog kept killing him.  It seems he does not do it all that often either.

Note:  If the fight goes on for more then 45 seconds and he does not do it, kill him and find another.

For this achievement you need to talk to people.  Below is the list of who you need to look for and when.  Talk to them using the chat bubble text option.

Matoclaw - At the sanctuary of marlone.  This should be the first one you talk to.
Dorda'en Nightweaver - Matoclaw will give you a quest to go talk to him at some point.  Talk to him when you talk to him.
Malfurion Stormrage - At Malfurion's Breach.
Taldris Moonfall - At Malfurion's Breach.
Jarod Shadowsong - At Malfurion's Breach.
Arthorn Windsong - In the Furnace after you open the druids.
Thisalee Crow - In the Molten Flow after you open the druids.
Deldren Ravenelm - At the Forlorn Spire are you open the wardens.

Probably one of the worse named achievements in the game and also the only one that might give some people a problem.

You need to do the quest titled Calling the Ancients to open up the Strike at the Heart quest which is what requires you to fight these mobs.  There will be a random mob you need to fight each day.  If you get lucky you will get all 5 in 5 straight days, or if the random number generator does not love your server you could be stuck doing the same one for 12 straight days.  Best hope that your server sends the random number generator some candy and flowers.

Each of the five mobs have special abilities, the idea is that you do not take any damage from any special ability to get the achievement.  All of this stuff is extremely telling and easily avoidable. 

Note: If you fail you can just wait for it to respawn and talk to the tree again and it will start the quest again even though you already finished it, so try and try again until you do it.  No need to abandon the quest and get it again, that will just be a waste of your time.

Help will be supplied for you. A mob will tank and others will DPS.  Admittedly they are not the type of DPS you would even invite to a level 60 throwback raid at 85 because they are that bad, but any help is still help right?

Note:  Do damage while you can but remember, for the achievement the most important thing is that you do not get hit.  The NPC will do most of the work for you in the long run if you let them.  Just avoid the crap on the ground.

Cinderweb Queen - This one is really easy.  You can start moving while she is casting or you can just keep moving the entire fight like I did.  Either way, if you are moving you will never be hit by the web so avoiding it is really a non issue.  Move all the time or at least move when you see it start to be cast. 

Ancient Charscale - This one is really easy as well.  he throws a spear, do not get hit by it.  After the spear lands fire erupts from the area it landed.  Are you still near where the spear landed?  You best not be if you want this part of the achievement.  Little dots on the ground again show where the fire that erupted will be landing.

The other thing he does is send out a line of fire on the ground.  If he is facing you, move.  Simple as that, whenever he turns to you, you move away from being face to face with him.  The line of fire will always go the way he is facing.

Ancient Firelord - He has two abilities that are simple to avoid.  He puts a flame circle on the ground, move from it and he does a spinning fire spew.   Stay attached to his right arm.  He spins counterclockwise when he is doing it.  If you are beating the crap out of his right arm the whole time you will never even get close to being touched by it.

Note: For the directionally impaired.  His right arm means his right arm, not the arm that is on your right while looking at him, that is his left arm, got it? ;)

Ancient Smoldering Behemoth - Oh joy, didn't we just solo his little brother for the flawless victory achievement and his other little brother as part of the achievement at the roost?  This fight is basically the same as those two with one change. 

Instead of just doing a bolder at ranged he does a rain of fire at ranged.  It has a huge range.  Interrupt it if you are able or run your butt as fast as you can to avoid being hit by it.  Not going to just side step this one like you did with the bolder throw.

Devout Harbinger -  I saved this one for last being it seems as if this one is currently bugged.  I attempted it four or five times before I figured out how to do it and how I did it was surely not as intended.

The devout will throw a fire pillar on the ground.  Move from it.  Then he will throw a creeping inferno on you that will follow you.  Keep moving and never get hit by it.  If you never get the debuff from the creeping inferno you get the achievement.

Really easy in theory but as I said, it seems bugged right now.  I did it a few times and never got the debuff on me and still did not get the achievement.  When patched, you can skip ahead if you like, for now I'll share how I did it.

Note: Your pet getting the debuff will make the achievement fail, dismiss your pets.

How I did it:
After a few tries I got it because I decided to do some old style hunter skills that I use while soloing.  When things get bad, FD and let them finish off your pet.  I did not have a pet but I had a huge tree tanking for me.  I walked in, took a few shots, FDed, and watched as the tree took 4 minutes to beat the guy.  I was targeted by the flames but being I was not in combat the debuff never hit my faking dead body and I got the achievement.
I do hope the bug is fixed soon that counts pets as you and counts you as getting hit even if you never got the debuff.

After you do all that stuff you will get this meta achievement that comes with the title the flamebreaker which sounds kind of decent. 

Congratulations on your new meta achievement and your new title.


  1. Thanks for this! I'd been wondering about a couple of these but was too lazy to do any "proper" research on them, so having a handy guide show up on my blog roll just like that was convenient. ;)

  2. Hope it helps some.

    I am an achievement whore so I always try to get the ones I can solo as soon as they come out.

    Guess that means I learn a lot of this otherwise useless information early on.

  3. Nice guide, thanks for taking the time on it. I guildie of mine, another hunter, found a lovley little trick for the master of the molten flow acheivement. You need to be playing a class that can drop aggro (F/D for me, I presume vanish, invisability etc would work also) If the Hunter doesnt start casting barrage at the beginning of the fight, drop aggro and start again...repeat as needed.

    A combo of icetraps and F/D worked wonders :)

  4. I did that raffles, had to when I went through as the timer for hunters was horrible as I was the only person in there but now that there are so many people there the respawn timers are near instant, even on a low pop server like mine.

    For that one, the best is to get the hunter that is in the cave. Aggro him, when he starts throwing, let the pet beat on him and run outside of the cave.

    Line of sight works for him too. He will still be able to target you, but there seems to be much less of them if you are out of LOS.

  5. I don't know when this happened, but they nerfed the grindiness of "Death from Above". Now, when you do the bombing run, three of the six firelords will be up at the same time. All will be accessible from whatever the day's bombing run flight path is. That's right, with a touch of luck, you can be done with that achievement in two days, not six.

  6. Also, on Death from Above, if you abandon the quest instead of turning it in, it WILL be the daily the next day as well. It'll cost you a couple marks, but I think it's worth it just to get the achievement over with.

  7. FlameWARD Hippogryph*

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