Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hunters (pet classes) Need a Buff

I am not sure about anyone else but it seems like my pet likes to die a lot in firelands.  Trash, run in and dead.  Boss, run in and dead.  Put him on passive, sometimes he still finds a way to die.

Pets seem to be dying way to quickly every step you take in firelands.  Either they need to patch in a fix to stop that from happening or they are going to need to fix pet classes to compensate for fights that unfairly gimp them by killing off their pet almost instantly.

Having a buff that the hunter gets when their pet is killed in combat seems to be the best way to handle it.  For specs like MM and SV the hunter they would get a buff of 15% increase to all damage done which would last until the pet ir rezzed or another pet is called.  For BM it would have to be a 50% buff.

Same could be done for other pet classes.  It would make sure not to completely gimp the DPS of pet classes.  BM is completely useless in firelands if the pet keeps dying.  Even MM and SV are taking a hit with a dead pet.

Pets are counted into the total of the class DPS.  If there are mechanics that kill pets outright then you are effectively losing a percentage of your DPS making all pet classes less raid viable. 

My pet can easily do 3K DPS on many fights.  If I lose my pet I go from quality DPS to just another also ran.  Why have a hunter in a raid knowing that they will be doing 3K less then they normally do because their pet will die when you could bring another class that does similar DPS but will do all their potential and not have a mechanic built in that effectively gimps them.

Warlocks are the same.  There is a lock in my guild that says his pet is a huge part of his DPS.  Not the small 12% mine usually is.  He said his pet is usually 30% of his damage.  Being he does roughly 19K that means he will be losing 5700 DPS.  Sorry, you are a valued guild member, but if you are going to be doing almost 6K less then you normally do I am going to have to ask you to sit out until we have stuff on farm and can carry a sub par DPS.

Sub par?  I could understand why he would be livid if I said something like that.  It is not his fault that he is going to be sub par.  It is bad game design.

Adding a buff that would give the player roughly what they would lose if their pet dies in combat would fix this problem.

My hunters DPS would not drop 3K because I do not have a pet to use.  The warlocks DPS would not drop almost 6K because they do not have a pet to use.

Fix the pets dying when they shouldn't be dying or make a buff to cover the lost DPS of them dying.

Blizzard has all the numbers they need, they know the average output percentage wise that a pet does for its class and spec.  They could add it as something you get when you choose your spec.  MM gets the hunters rage buff of 12% when their pet dies.  SV gets the hunters rage buff of 15% when their pet dies.  BM gets the hunters rage buff of 50% when their pet dies.  Something like that.

Or how about a better solution.  Just fix the fights to not kill the pets.  Oh my god, I didn't.  I ask them to fix something.  How dare I.

While you are at it, fix defensive stance.  It has not worked since you removed aggressive.  How does removing aggressive break defensive?  I swear, only blizzard could figure out whys to screw up like that.


  1. Xayíde@GurubashiJuly 12, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    That's weird, I'm a Warlock and my pet has only died once in Firelands these past two weeks. On top of that, Warlocks have a skill that permanently redirects 20% of all damage we take to our pet, 25% with the glyph (which I do use). My guild raids 20h a week, except these two weeks in which we actually raided more than that for faster progression, so it wasn't lack of opportunity; we are currently 1/7 Heroic and trying Rhyolith since last Thursday.
    I found my pet dead in the previous tier much much more frequently.

    Are there specific fights in which you are having this problem?

  2. Anything with AoE kills my pet. As if the pet is not AoE immune to 90% like it usually is. I don't think my pet died even once in the last tier that was not explainable. None of the damage it receives is from direct damage.

    My guild only raids 1 night a week for 2-2 1/2 hours so I do not have a lot of experience but my pet dies at least 4 times each night we raid.

    I would love to be in a guild like yours. I hate raiding for progression one night a week but I think I would feel overwhelmed with a 5 night a week thing. Congrats on being 1/7H already, I am sure you will be done by months end, good luck.

    I can't speak personally from the warlock equation, my only lock is only 82. My pet death experience is only from a hunter standpoint.