Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Waiting Game

Many people disliked the idea of giving baggies to tanks, and healers to a much lesser extent, because they felt as if they were being slighted.  These people where DPS of course.  There was a lot of uproar about it but most seemed to miss the real problem.  This was not going to solve anything.

I wrote something about how queue times where back to normal in less then a week.  I had said it would not solve anything.  I was right then and still right now.  Some said that we should give it time and see if it starts to click.  I knew it would not click.  Anyone with enough brain power to tie their shoes knew it would not work.  Of course, we now know that no one at blizzard can tie their shoes.  They must wear loafers.

I decided to do some randoms on my hunter last night and I spent more time in queue (33-41 minutes from the few I did) then I did in the dungeons (not one was over 30 minutes).

The waiting time does not bother me so much.  I would like it to be lower, absolutely, but I can find things to do.  Gather, grind, dailies, read, real life stuff, etc.  It is not horrible but it is still a general annoyance.

What makes it more annoying is the fact that you wait 41 minutes in queue to get into a dungeon that you are done with in 18 minutes.  That is what my first run resulted in.  ZG, 41 minutes waiting, did a ton of dailies while waiting, and 18 minutes from start to end.

Is there something wrong with this picture?  I sure think so.  In the perfect world the time you wait should never be more then 20% the length of the dungeon itself.  This means that for an 18 minute run I should never have to wait in queue for more then 3 minutes and 48 seconds roughly.

I am a realist.  I know that can not happen.  There would need to be a complete redesign of how dungeons work  if anything like that would be capable of happening and even if I have read some decent ideas on how that can be done I don't see it ever happening.

The regular heroics are starting to get more reasonable in terms of wait time but that has absolutely nothing to do with the baggies either.  If blizzard ever tries to spin it that way, do not believe them.  Think back to wrath when there were no baggies and the wait times where like nothing.  Sometimes even 10 minutes or less for DPS.  The reason for that was over gearing.

As we get more gear we can compensate, or over compensate for bad players.  This plays well for the tank and healer population.  The more things get over geared (read: easy) people will be more willing to role in the healing or tanking off spec just for the faster queue as they know the content is a joke to begin with.

See, that is the one true solution to queue time.  Ease.  The easier the content is the more likely someone will be willing to play the role that is needed.  I do not tank randoms because of stupid DPS.  If I did not even need the DPS and I could basically clear it with me and a healer alone then I would be more likely to queue up because if I get stupid DPS it will not really be as much of a problem.  No risk.

Each tier that comes out will make the queue time get shorter as people gear up more and more. 

There is a new twist to the dungeon finder system however with the fact you can get all your runs in for the week in one day if you wanted to.

Tip for the wise.

If you want to blow through your heroics do them on Tuesday.  You will have all the best players in the game wanting to get their heroic runs out of the way as fast as possible.

Doing Zuls on Tuesday you will get a whole slew of 20K+ DPS meaning super fast runs.  Doing Zuls on Sunday, good luck getting even one person that can come close to 12K.  Good thing is you can do them with less if the players are at least smart enough to follow mechanic.  Good luck getting three non retarded DPS in one run late in the week.

The world has changed when it comes to randoms.  You need to do all your randoms on Tuesday.  Sad part for me is that I do not have that type of time.  7 Zuls with an average wait time over 30 minutes and an average run time of about 30 minutes means it will take at the very least 7 hours to knock out all my weekly Zuls on my hunter.  I don't know about you, but I don't have 7 hours to play on a Tuesday.

So I will spread it out over two or three days and watch as the DPS goes down, the tanking ability goes down, and the healing capabilities go down and hope and pray I can finish my week without a wipe fest because of bad players.

Blizzard can fix the waiting game now.  They do not need to wait for us to over gear the content.  Seriously.  Just nerf it to all hell.  You will see tanks and healing flowing in so fast being it will be so easy.  The waiting game will be over.

Do I care if heroics become stupid easy?  Nope.  They are just heroics, they are just part of my weekly grind.  The faster I can get them over with the better.  I would be happy if heroic dungeons for valor points where a one boss thing where you could do it with everyone pulling 1K DPS.  It would make me very very happy.  Go in, shoot once, collect points, move on.

Doing my dungeon for my 70 valor should be on the same level as doing those new quests to click on a pile of dirt 5 times to get a mark of the world.  As simple as it comes.  I would be happy with that.  Hell, I would be happy with anything that doesn't keep me waiting in queue 40 minutes to do something that only needs 20 to do.

I am not a fan of the waiting game but there is one good thing about it.  It gives me time to do my dailies while waiting.  So it is not all bad.  Most of the time at least.

My only qualm is the wait time is longer then it takes to do the dungeon.  That just really annoys me.

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