Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Leader of Your Class?

I am not sure what the purpose of the new class halls in legion will be.  I am not sure if it will be fun.  I am not sure if it will be useful.  It is way to early to even form an opinion one way or the other honestly and I would not want to hazard any guesses with making an opinion with the little bit of information we have.  But there is one thing I do know.  I am not the leader of my class, and neither are you.

I had no problem with the story of warlords putting me in the position of being the leader of the war effort on Draenor, even if there were millions of other people on Draenor.  The reason for that is because when I was in my garrison I was alone, everyone there refereed to me and treated me as their leader. 

Even if I invited other people to my garrison it was with me as the leader of the group.  If they came for a garrison invasion, I was the leader and it was my garrison that was under attack.  If they came for a garrison raid boss, I was the leader and it was my garrison that was under attack.  If they came to my garrison to use the pet battle, my enchanters hut, the the weekly vendor whatever it may be, it was cool, because they were coming to my garrison and I was the leader.  So I could except the role play that I was the single lead commander of the war efforts.

Class halls however are a horse of a different color.  It will be filled with dozens, perhaps even hundreds on a packed server near release, of people that are the same class as I am.  Yet the role play blizzard wants us to play is that we are the leader of our class?  Wouldn't that be a little hard if there are also a hundred other people there all claiming to be the leader as well?

I do not get it.  Sure I will be wielding an artifact of extraordinary power.  Sure I will go though trials and tribulations while empowering it to get stronger and stronger.  But to say I am the class leader because I have that artifact when I look around and see those dozens or perhaps even hundreds of other people that are the same class as I am and wielding the same exact weapon as I do, even if skinned differently, it takes away from the feeling.

I do not need to "wait to see how it feels" as some people might suggest.  I know how I would feel because I know that none of those other hunters walking around are the leader of my class and I know that I am not the leader of my class.  I also know that even if I tried to "play" leader it will be hard to feel like the leader of my class when standing with so many other people that have the exact same weapon I do, even with a different skin.  I can't consider myself their leader because I have this powerful and rare weapon that makes me the leader because it is not rare at all when everyone has one.

Nope, sorry, I will not be able to feel that.  Not with everyone else around me.  It was a different world in my garrison, it was easy enough to feel as if I were the commander of all the war efforts on Draenor because there were no other people running around and on the few occasions there were, they were there because I invited them, as their leader (of the group at least).  But with the class hall and everyone coming and going as they please, it would not feel right to pretend you are the leader of your class.

I can not pass any judgement on class halls and I will not even try to format an early guess on if they will be cool or not, because I don't know enough yet.  They could be awesome, they could suck.  It is way too early in the information release process to know.  We do not know enough about them to even guess what they might be like.  But we do know one thing, we know we are supposed to be the leader, and that, I will pass judgement on.

I don't think I should be the leader of my class, I don't think you should be the leader of your class, I do not believe random hunter in guild number 682 on my server should be the leader of my class and I sure as hell do not believe that someones alt that they never log into after they hit max level should be the leader of my class.

I hope blizzard ditches this storyline were we are the leader of our class hall.  It just does not fit like being the leader of our garrison did.  Unless blizzard has found a way to make everyone else in the game listen to everything I say, then I am not their leader.  If I am going to be sharing space with these people, and I do not lead them, I do not want the story to play it off as if I am their leader, because it would not feel as if I were.  The leader of a small pack of underlings, sure, but not the leader of my class.

I believe that all class halls should have a leader.  I believe it should be a neutral NPC so both horde and alliance can speak with them.  I believe they should treat us as a high ranking assistant, maybe a right hand man if you will or a teacher showing the new people of our class the ropes.  They will send us on our tasks with quests, they will let us assign duties to the underlings assigned to us in the form of our followers, but over all they will be the leader of our class.  Now that, my friends, sounds about right and how it should be if you ask me.

That NPC should be the leader of the class hall.  Not me, not you, not random hunter in guild 682.  That just does not feel right.   It is still really early in development and I hope it can be changed, but I really think if blizzard insists on telling every player of every class that they are the most important, skilled and qualified to lead their entire class and everyone that practices it, and then puts them in a room with dozens if not hundreds of other people they told the same thing, it will just be a failure, at least in the sense of how it feels.  Because how can you say we are that great and then we see all those others that are basically all told the same exact thing we were?  It works in a private space to make one person the be all end all, but not in public space, which the class halls will be.

Blizzard, I am keeping an open mind on class halls and not passing judgement on them.  But please, pretty please with a cherry on top, ditch this idea where I, and everyone else in the entire game, is the leader of their class.  It doesn't work story wise.  If you want it to work, it needs to be in a solo phased area like the garrison.  But in a shared area, we are all equals and should be treated as such, let an NPC be our class leader.  That is the only opinion I have about class halls at the moment, the opinion that no player should be the leader of their class.


  1. "I'm the faction leader and so's my wife".

    When one of the big "features" for Legion has most of us going "huh?" then it's hardly promising.

    *Whispers* why haven't they done Guild Halls....?

    1. Guilds halls might have been a better idea, I just do not think they are quite ready for that yet. I would think for guild halls to work they would need to add it like they added pet battles, something that spanned from the beginning to end so they become a staple of the game. I am glad they did not do them if it was just going to be a one and out thing.

  2. Well here's news that bodes well (From PTR 6.2.2)

    New Timewalking Rewards
    Players now receive a Timewarped Badge when they complete a Timewalking dungeon. These badges can be redeemed at new vendors that appear during a Timewalking bonus event. The new vendors sell new toys, new mounts, in addition to gear that scales up to the character's level at the time of purchase.

    Huh badges that drop from bosses as a fail safe gearing mechanic..... what a new and novel idea!!!!

    1. All I saw so far that you could buy with it are reputation tokens. If they add more stuff it would be cool.

      As far as gear goes, blizzard will probably make it 660 gear or something. They will not make it useful gear. I've lost faith in them to actually do something that people would love like that.

      But maybe if they should add something like 710 gear, a decent reward for those not raiding heroic and maybe even fill ins for those that are that need a few slots filled, and look at how abso-F'N-lutely crazy people go for it and then they will realize that they need to add this "innovated and new" idea to the game. ;)

  3. Perhaps we are all class leaders together.

    The greatest hunters from all of Azeroth come together in a meeting of minds to decide the fate of the world and er... show off their transmog

    1. But then we would be a hunter hall of all hunters, not a hunter hall we me as the leader, or you as the leader, or the guy from guild 682 as the leader, which is the way they painted it in the announcement.

      No leaders, we are just a group of hunters that get together to talk hunter things, show off our mogs, our pets, and basically waste time.

      Kind of like a country club. Now we need a golf course and we can use a crane pet as a caddy. I think cranes would make great caddies.

    2. Yes, a council of elder hunters!

      We are the greatest hunters in the world as proven by our cool *unique* weapons, come join our club and get your own cool unique weapon!

      Hold the crane by it's feet and you could use it as the actual golf club, never mind the caddy!

      (All hunters must bring their own cranes, no sharing)

    3. That would work, we are like "named" mobs. Not just generic hunters in the war but the elder hunters as you mentioned. That I could definitely buy into.

      That would be like the flintstones, using a crane as a golf club. We love our pets, we can not use them as a golf club.

  4. I'm in complete agreement. For one thing, leaders are generals. They decide; they do not do. I'd rather be a captain. Captains "do."

    I'm really going to miss the quiet of my garrison. The first time I see the leader of my garrison who isn't me dancing naked on the hunter throne or whatever, I'm going to want to punch a tree.

    1. ...the leader of my *class* who isn't me...


    2. I am going to miss the quiet of the garrison as well. There might have been a lot I did not like about the garrison but there was a lot good about it too. It showed potential.

    3. honestly, what quiet? Seems there are more people in my garrison than in Storm Wind. Giant trees, pets I cant remove, followers I can't get rid of, guards who really don't guard, people who don't pull their weight, openings in my walls that appear, gates I can't shut, bldgs I can't remove (i.e. pet battle one, mine area, wizard tower with portal to that one town, etc). I really don't spend much time there any more, And on my servers (Rexxar - Misha), Storm Wind is barren, and (crap, cant remember name) Dwarven capitol city is full of people.

      yeah, like I am going to miss that. Sometimes, I want to just up root my garrison and have it float in the sky like Dalaran.

      oh well, time to get Aunty Elm going. she is now 50. 10 more levels and I can fly.


    4. Ironforge and Undercity are seeing more traffic as the heirloom vendors are located there.

    5. @Roo

      So basically is makes it like a real city in a real world. A whole bunch of useless people just standing around doing nothing while it seems like you are the only person that ever actually does anything. Yeap, a garrison is just like real life.

    6. but it is not required, LOL. Oi, Me thinks me will go take some cooking lessons.

  5. Well. When we read the newest (WoW) lore, we meet there "adventurers" killed this and that boss, unveiled the conspiracy and what not.

    Being a MMO game, it's inevitable that you have to accept some assumptions that "only you" can save Azeroth. Obviously you cannot wrap up within your thouroughly, lore-wise selected guild members throughout the expansion and pretend you're the only heroes there. You farm the same bosses for the rare items which is obivously against any lore. So do many millions of players, week by week. Including toons named "Pffrtskgh", "Stevewarrior" and "Crappantyhose", famous champions of Azeroth, obviously selected by name.

    I like the idea of a class party hub. And there are moments when you just need to accept the perks of WoW being a MMO and let them be. Let your inner kid out, who could find a stick in the road and pretend it was a gun or a sword :)

    1. There is a slight difference between everyone killing the same boss each week and all standing in the same place saying "I am the leader of our class".

      One is an instance that exists outside of the "world" for game play purposes and the other is a place, even if instanced, where they are directly telling you that you are the leader of said group and they are directly telling everyone else there that they are the leader of said group.

      One you can deal with, the other makes no sense. Game play or not. At least in your own garrison, where they directly told you that you are the leader no one else could just walk up and say "no I am the leader".

      To me it would just make more sense to to say we are a bunch of experienced adventures banding together by a common class with our class leader (NPC) giving us assignments. Make more sense to me than me walking up to you saying "I am the leader of all hunters" and you replying "no, I am".

    2. What was perfectly weird was phasing in Garrison or Halfhill. Everyone has got their farm or garrison in one and the same spot, which kept bothering me :) Especially with alts. Imagine how it bothered followers! They don't know whether they're at the tavern drinking hard or they're at a raid, or they're killing hippos. What ilvl armor they have - millions of options! For this "commander" I'm 645 and 650, ok, now for this "commander" I'm 670 and 603...

      Now it makes sense at least. Well, it is at least possible, as you're all interacting in one place with same characters. And roleplay comes to mind too. If some guy in the IRL office suddenly will step out and shout: "I'm the boss of all bosses!" does it make him a boss? No. So you could easily think of your toon as the real one, and the others as lunatics :)

    3. I thought of it that as they were all in the same place, that none of the others actually existed. Only mine did. Because when I go to mine I see only mine. Maybe yours was in an alternate reality, but in my reality only mine was there because, as we all know, two things can not occupy the same place. So my followers were mine and mine alone. No confusion for them, as they only see me and I only see them, not multiple versions of them.

      I thought seeing 20 people running around with the same bodyguard was annoying, but that is about it. I also think that is why only your body guard was named, all the others you were were just generic. So they did a good job with that. So we were not all with Delvar, so to speak. I would be with him, you would just be with some stormshield death knight.

      I already think of everyone else that plays the game as a lunatic. I don't need class halls for that. :P

  6. I think class halls make a sense thematically for some classes but others are just odd to me. And again, why do we want to hang out with others of our class? I guess I'm not against it, but what is the appeal?

    If there are class-only quests I guess that is something. But it still just seems weird to me.

    Fully agree about the leadership thing. And again, some classes it makes sense to have a leader (paladins and priests make sense and so do a few others) but hunters and warlocks seem strange to me.

    We'll see what comes of it I guess.

    1. I am guessing there will be class only quests. I know they wanted to give more of a sense of individual class identity and that is why they are doing it.

      Hunters would seem the type to look up to someone, but they seem more loners, not group type people. At least to me.

  7. I have yet to grasp the purpose of the class halls, but the idea that every hunter on the server is the Head Honcho Hunter is beyond stupid. It's possible Blizz has some game mechanics they tied into garrisons that they cannot easily back out of, so class halls are the solution in Legion. But they need to spend more than a couple minutes at the staff happy hour coming up with a decent story line for them.

    Right now, I have this mental image of me dashing in to the class hall to conduct whatever required business I have there, then leaving as quickly as elfly possible. All the while trying not to notice the non-stop "choo-choo" emotes and hunter-only version of trade chat, and the inevitable non-stop "my pet is bigger and badder than your pet" contests.

    I am someone with an excellent imagination, and I cannot imagine the fun aspects of these class halls, but as you say, we know almost nothing about them yet.

    1. I have no clue really either other than to make us feel like we have a clubhouse with a group of people who are the same as us, in terms of class at least.

      We have to wait for more information but outside of handing out some class specific quests I am not sure what else they can do. Can't wait to see what they come up with, maybe they will pull off something interesting.

      I am thinking the same thing. Unlike garrisons, I think these places will be places people do not want to hang out. It will be like a daily hub. Come, send your followers out, get the hell out of there as fast as you can.

  8. I've always thought hunters were far too anarchistic for leadership. The wild can be our leader. I hated being treated as a commander in WoD. It's one of the biggest reasons I despise garrisons. I want to be a hero, not a random military officer. People should respect me because of my great deeds, not because some chump underling yells out "attention soldiers, comander delirium passing through".

    Anyhow, since anyone in their right mind can see that having players be leaders of their class is a terrible idea... It is fun to think about who would be the leader of the hunters. I imagine we'd have to have a leader of each spec. Since two of the windrunner sisters are firmly alliance and horde (Vareesa and Sylvanas, respectively) and Alleria is coming back, it'd be amazing to have her in charge of the new ranger spec. Though Sylvanas might be the only archetype for a melee SV (I always thought of her as a rogue/hunter hybrid, so I guess she could emphasize her poisoned daggers. Rexxar of course, despite being melee seems like the king of BM hunters.

    You know who I'd really love to see? Swamplord Musel'ek. He's the forsaken looking draenei in the Underbog who had managed to tame a druid in bear form. I think he should definitely be in charge of the hunter's hall. I mean, I've been trying for years and years and years, still haven't managed to tame a druid.

    1. I agree, hunters do seem the actions speak louder than words type. I always felt more as if I were a loner fighting the good fight, helping others where I could, but never actually a part of the system itself.

      Hemet Nessingwary would be the leader that would get my vote for many reasons but the best, in this case, is that he is neutral. But also he is a pure hunter. He hunts for the thrill of the hunt which I am sure you would agree is a pretty big part of who we are as hunters.

      I have, what I believe, a post coming up that I have been wanting to post for a while about Hemet that might be insightful, fun and maybe a little heavy on the tin foil hat wearing. Maybe I should add my vote for him as leader of the hunters when I do it.

      He think he and the druid are just really close friends. It just appeared as he tamed him but he really didn't. He was just a bear that was hit in the head a few too many times so he acted more like a pet.

    2. I've never been a huge fan of hemet, only because he reminds me too much of IRL sport hunters. I like the rexxar archetype much more than the hemet. Though I can certainly recognize that hemet and the dwarf-style rifle hunter is certainly a big part of a lot of wow hunter's experience.

      I want to be a hunter the way a tiger is a hunter, stalking my prey. I don't want to be a hunter the way Billy-bob is a hunter, drinking cheap beer in a tree blind, waiting for an unexpecting animal to happen by.

      Maybe you can change my mind with your bit on Hemet, though. I should admit that I don't really know that much about him, except that I generally like his quest areas, even if I feel a little bit guilty about it.

    3. The Hemet post is not about him as a hunter really, just uses him as a central point of a much larger story. His importance to the warcraft universe that goes unnoticed.

      I am more the stalker type hunter myself in game, not the game type hunter and Hemet most definitely is a game type hunter.

    4. @ Del I - and what is wrong with Billy Bob? You a southerneracist? Why didn't you call your beer swilling, blind using hunter "Ted Nugent"? At least Billy Bob's of the world drive around at night poach (oops), I mean, blasting things at night whether in a pickup truck or walking the field with a light.

      @ GE Too bad that hunters really can't stalk. Camouflage should not be timed, but available until firing. Never understood why we can't be "prowling".

      Also, I bet that is "Hemet" in the opening of WoW with the bear, when he was young. :)

      -roo "naner, naner"

      and incase it is missed - gotcha!

    5. Well, my huntress is the orc who is mogged in mix of jet black and red/gold leather, proudly wearing Horde tabard. I think of her as a firebat with a solid cannon. One of those who would be the defence line against enemies, in a stationary post on a wall or in a bunker. One of those you can rely on. No stinking pets, only powder, only harcore.

    6. @Roo

      The did not want it to be stealth. It is bad enough that hunters and rogues seem so similar in many ways to begin with they did not want to add more of a connection between the two.

      It could have been Hemet. Never know.


      Yours seems more like a sharpshooter model of hunter then.

    7. don't forget to put druids in there as feral. All classes seem the same to a point.

      It is really horrible blizzard, imho, is making all classes with the variations of each, able to fill tank, dps, or healing. No class is just one thing, except hunters.

      lets see -
      range - lockys, mages, priests, hunters.
      melee - druid, warrior, pally, dk, monk
      healing, priests, pally, druid, monk
      tank - warrior, pally, druid, dk, monk

      any ones I have forgotten? or changes?

      but with what you said about hunters and rogues being so close, why not just give rogues trap ability to put down traps and leave SV alone? But, I really believe hunters, maybe MM should have the ability to go prowling. Can we say 'sniper", I knew we could, LOL.
      But if SV goes melee and still have traps? Seems to me they would time out faster and delivery system. Weird.

    8. Rogue, mages and locks are the last of the pure classes with hunters switching to be able to play two roles, even if both are dps, make no mistake, mdps and rdps are two different roles.

      I agree, if they wanted to play around with changing one melee class, change rogues, they are crying for it. They can use some differences between their specs, so instead of making survival a rogue type spec, without combo points, just make a rogue a rogue type spec without combo points and leave survival alone. I am sure there would be less lash back if one rogue spec changed. At least it would still be filling the same role unlike hunters who are being forced to change.

  9. I honestly don't care, fo all I know the other players in that hall could just be NPC so insignificant that they don't take order from me but from the NPC I give order to.

    I really don't care what other players are doing and where they are, except the team I'm raiding with.

    1. That is probably the way blizzard wants us to think about it. They say it is to create a social area but we all know what it will become. A place we go to do what we have to do and once we are done we leave. Anyone else there will either be one of two things, an annoyance that gets in our way, or an NPC we walk right past and never notice.

    2. And not sure what blizzard can do about htat, every time they tried to promote social interaction it blew up in their face

    3. I agree, social interaction or lack of it, is on us, the players. All they can do is give us the tools to do it, we have to do something about it ourselves.

    4. or Night Elves bringing in their stable of exotic gnome ladies to dance on the table tops!

      just saying. seems to be a lot of that type of social interaction.

    5. Gnomes can be Hunters now?

      Rauxis, chosen of CAT

    6. Nope, Gnomes, female ones it seems, can be table dancers for hunters. I wonder why they only dance for hunters however.

    7. well, that's because GE is always putting down gnomes, that I think secretly he has a thang for them.

      And instead of animals he keeps gnome females in his "stable", so to speak. Dang and here I have to explain what seems so oblivious....

    8. I never put down gnomes, they are already down to begin with. As in, hey, look down there, its a gnome.

    9. hey look up there, its a night elf sucking up all the O2, LOL

      (I no have mu glasses and I am drunk, so I cant type correctly).


  10. When I first saw that announcement - especially the line "YOU are the leader" - I immediately went "whaaaaaaat????". But with those capital letters who am I to doubt Blizz. I'm really excited how they are going to combine those two conflicting features.

    On a more serious matter - while social interaction is responsibility of the players, Blizz owns the environment which can be either encouraging for player/player interaction - or not. And ever since TBC Blizz has failed in that area, furthering a more and more hostile environment.

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

    1. Blizzard seems to be trying to give the console game feeling in an MMO more and more. Not exactly sure if that is a good or bad things however. Some things it could really work well with, but I am not sure making me the leader of you or you the leader of me is a good idea.

      Agreed. Social interaction is on us, but they need to give us the place, the tools, and the reason to interact.

    2. YOU collectively, not YOU singularly.

    3. I understand where you are coming from, but it was not presented that way. It was presented as "you" are their leader. Not speaking of "you" as a group of leaders of your class as the leaders.

  11. As long as the class hall is just a quest hub and easy to get to I'm fine with it.

    Sadly Blizz have shown a tendency to double down and double down again when they start running with a new idea. As long as they don't bolt loads of stuff on to them like they did with Garrisons they'll be okay.

    I really don't want to hang out with others of my class though. I want to hang out with my friends, my fellow Guildies, even if it's just somewhere like the Shrine steps like we did in MoP. I'm sure we'll find our own space in Dalaran for that.

    1. I think that is all it is going to be. A place we go to send our followers out, but with more people there, and a place we go to pick up class related quests.

      You raise a good point with your concern. Originally garrisons were supposed to be nothing more than an advanced farm and they ended up being the be all end all of the entire expansion. As long as they do not do that again it should be fine.

      I think the new dalaran will be a great place for people to meet and greet and hang out. There is no need to break people up by class. If we wanted to do that we would do it ourselves.

    2. possibly CRZ AH and trading there?

    3. I doubt a CRZ AH will come, at least not yet. Maybe some time in the future, but for now they want to keep AHs realm specific.

    4. like flying in WoD :) You need cooking classes, mu-hahahahaha

  12. I do agree that the class hall concept will have to evolve before it goes official, but what I think they are trying to do is bring our Garrison to Broken Isles. Are we more accepting being demoted from General of the Garrison, to grunt of the warlocks? Or sharing our space with the rest of our class, all vying to be the boss of the place? What's the middle ground?

    Craig Amai, one of the game designers at Blizz, recently posted a question on twitter asking for 'what do you want in your class hall?' Got tons of responses, a LOT of them saying "we want class specific questing". Several people saying they want trophy cases or boss' heads mounted to walls, even one crazy warlock saying he wanted a fel-cookie pot permanently there, but no one called Craig out on "who's the boss?"

    In part, I think the reason they announced at GamesCon is to help them flesh out the details. "Hey we have this idea, Warcraft community, what do you think? You're the boss of a CLASS HALL" See how it's received, modify the idea, then present again at Blizzcon on what they changed it to.

    I bet by Blizzcon, they have a Hunter hall that's founded by (who didn't die in the initial onslaught?) Rexxar, Hemmet and (some panda who could be considered neutral to both factions) hunter, to represent the three spec's of Hunters. They'll each have a wing of the hunter hall, with a common area in the middle containing vendors, class trainers, etc..

    1. The middle ground is do not call us a leader. I am just one "known" hunter among many, you are just one "known" lock among many. Just that one chance would make it acceptable to me.

      It actually does make sense that they give us so little info about it because they wanted to see what we want so they have an idea what to add. That does make a great deal of sense.

      I like your idea, it would be like the DK one where they have one ledaer (trainer) for each spec in it. I could go for that idea. As long as I am not their boss.

  13. as long as I don't have to spend gold or resources or anything on this silly idea. Nor do I want to have to find followers or have stupid pets and giant tress wandering all over it. Also, no begging of gold or silly ass dancing toons dancing for money and NO DAMNED DUELING. Dueling should be in a special arena outside the main gates of Iron Forge only or Undead City. And mounts allowed. And NO PVP.


    Build it in

    1. They mentioned something about followers and missions but that they would be very different and much fewer. So it remains to be seen how this will be implemented.

  14. seeing all this talk about "I'm the boss" brings back memories of this (copyrighted by whomever, used under Fair Use Act) -

    Well, so take us through a day in the life of, "The Boss".
    Well the first thing I do is--

    Talk to corporate (like a boss)
    Approve memos (like a boss)
    Lead a workshop (like a boss)
    Remember birthdays (like a boss)
    Direct work-flow (like a boss)
    My own bathroom (like a boss)
    Micro-manage (like a boss)
    Promote synergy (like a boss)

    Hit on Deborah (like a boss)
    Get rejected (like a boss)
    Swallow sadness (like a boss)
    Send some faxes (like a boss)
    Call a sex line (like a boss)
    Cry deeply (like a boss)
    Demand a refund (like a boss)
    Eat a bagel (like a boss)

    Harassment Lawsuit (like a boss)
    No Promotion (like a boss)
    5th of vodka (like a boss)
    Shit on Deborah's desk (like a boss)
    Buy a gun (like a boss)
    In my mouth (like a boss)
    Oh fuck man, I can't fucking do it, shit!

    Pussy out (like a boss)
    Puke on Deborah's desk (like a boss)
    Jump out the windows (like a boss)
    Suck a dude's dick (like a boss)
    Score some coke (like a boss)
    Crash my car (like a boss)
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    Eat some chicken strips (like a boss)

    Chop my balls off (like a boss)
    Black out in the sewer (like a boss)
    Meet a giant fish (like a boss)
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    Bomb the Russians (like a boss)
    Crash into the Sun (like a boss)
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    Uh huh. So that's an... average day for you then.
    No doubt.
    You chopped your balls off and died.
    Hell yeah.
    And I think at one point there you said something about sucking your own dick?
    Actually, I'm pretty sure you did.
    Nah, that ain't me.
    OK, well this has been eye-opening for me.
    I'm the boss.
    Ya, I know, I got that. You said it about 400 times.
    I'm the boss.
    Ya, ya, I got it.
    I'm the boss.
    No, I heard you, see you later!
    (like a boss)