Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Sorry I missed last weeks random thoughts.

- Even if I am taking a break I still like to share random thoughts.

- Because I still have thoughts even when not playing.

- Like when I play something else that has a feature I like.

- I always say, I am sure blizzard could do this better.

- They usually do a bang up job of adding ideas others have used.

- Sometimes they even make them better.

- Two weeks ago I did 10 bosses in normal HFC and 9 in heroic BRF and guess how many tier pieces I got?

- None.

- It is luck like that which keeps me from wanting to play.

- You can only take bad luck for so long before it beats you into submission.

- Can't believe I am still doing BRF to try and get heroic pieces.

- It shows how bad things have been for me in the gear department.

- It sucks on a level I can not even convey.

- It is partly why I am tired with the game.

- Did 11 bosses on HFC this week.

- Guess how many tier pieces I won?

- None of course.

- I am just so tired of losing.

- You would think the addition of flight would make me excited about the game.

- And it does really, I am glad it is coming tomorrow.

- But it is too late.

- I want to fly around and just do the pet battle trainers.

- I want to fly around and do the archeology digs.

- I want to bounce from rare to rare faster with flight.

- I just want the freedom to go where I want, when I want and stop and go as I please.

- Perhaps if flight were added sooner, like on release as it should have been, I would not be taking a break.

- But when all I have is raiding and raiding has not been good to me this expansion in terms of progression or drops, I had nothing.

- So break time it is.

- In the last two weeks I've logged in to raid and that is it.

- Have not even logged into alts to do gold missions.

- That is how blah I am against playing right now.

- Stockpiling gold for next expansion was what was keeping me active and that even bores me now.

- And honestly, if I were not the raid leader and felt as if I had a responsibility to log on to form the raids I would have quit the game.

- Adding flying is awesome.

- But it came to late.

- Hopefully after my break I might decided to come back.

- But really all that depends on is luck.

- Because I don't know how much longer I can raid when even most peoples alts out gear me by 15 item levels.

- It isn't so much about the gear, I still pull my weight pulling over 50 and 60K on many fights single target which is well above and beyond the content we are doing, it is just about the advancement.

- You need to feel as if you are progressing on a personal level to be worth it to keep playing.

- Without gear there is no advancement, which means there is no reason to play.

- You could get "kills" in LFR is killing a boss was all that matters.

- But it is the gear that is the advancement that keeps most playing.

- It is the gear that makes them move from normal to heroic to mythic.

- The slow power creep over time as you get a piece here and there.

- It makes you feel as if you are moving forward and as long as you are moving forward there is reason to keep playing.

- It really is that simple.

- If I just accept the fact that I will never get gear, I am effectively done with the game.

- There needs to be a better way to get gear, so you can feel as if you are constantly advancing even when you do not win things for months on end.

- Or at least I need to feel as if killing all those bosses has some benefit for me.

- Too much work and effort for no advancement just doesn't cut it.

- This why I miss valor gear so much.

- Because at least if my main got stuck in a rut I could do a few dungeons on alts and tada, one of my alts could buy a new piece increasing their power.

- That power boost on alts actually kept me interested in playing my main during gear droughts.

- But now I can't do that any more.

- There are a million types of players and perhaps there are some this design for the game is awesome for, I just do not happen to be one of them.

- I have not been playing other MMOs with this time off.

- Nope, did not jump right over to FF14 even if I could have.

- Even if I should have actually.

- I wanted some time off from other people too.

- So I got my single player game face on and went and played a few games I played before.

- Kind of something I knew I would like, I needed that.

- Played FF7 again and was reminded how much I loved that game once more.

- Sure there were part of it I disliked, like snowboarding, fort condor, and submarine battles, but there was so much I loved.

- No game is perfect, there are always good and bad things in it.

- And playing FF7 reminded me that you just add them all up to decide if you like a game or not.

- I could make a list of at least a dozen things I disliked about FF7 and yet I still call it one of the three best RPGs I ever played.

- Goes to show you that something does not need to be all rainbows and sunshine to be great.

- It just needs to have the good outweigh the bad.

- Another game I played was FF type-0.

- And I quickly remembered why I hate that game.

- Not just dislike, I hate it, I wanted a refund, it was false advertising, this is not a FF game.

- Also played FF8 again, currently playing that one as I write this actually.

- Just started a new save last night.

- Quickly remembered how annoying it was to play.

- On a grand scale of things FF8 is where WoW is to me at the moment.

- I love the franchise, there is some good and bad in it, but I am basically playing it because it is part of a bigger picture that I enjoy.

- It has some parts I really like, some parts I really dislike, but over all it is okay.

- Okay at best really.

- But I do love the card game in it, so that keeps me going.

- Right now I am hoping with all hope that Legion does not turn into a FF type-0 where even if I like the franchise I can not play it.

- WoW needs another FF7 expansion where the good outweighs the bad.

- Wrath was warcrafts FF7.

- Some bad but mostly good.

- If flying, valor and reforging were never removed, I am sure even Warlords might have been saved in my mind.

- Although some more content to do at 100 would have been nice too.

- But with those three things, the good would have outweighed the bad, and really, that is all that matters.

- For a game to be good the good needs to outweigh the bad.

- Still taking some time off so do not plan to post much.

- But you never know when I will have the big to write.

- I mostly post to write because I like to write.

- Heck, that is how and way this blog first started.

- Just as a place to write.

- Might post a few posts I had written up weeks or months or even years ago.

- So they might be dated, who knows.

- Had one I wrote on the day Legion was announced about poor Rogues.

- Really dated now being we know more information, but I might post it just the same.

- Or maybe I will be drawn back in by flight and have some other things to write about.

- Who knows, anything can happen.

- Have a great day.


  1. I hate to say this Grumpy, but you have gotta get some kind of loot distribution system setup for your raid. Master Looter w/ EPGP or Loot Council or DKP or something other than what your raid is using now. This "/roll" stuff has gotta stop or you will never get gear.

    It's not good for a Raid Leader to be so far under geared that he/she is hampering progression due to lack of gear. And while you may not be at the point of hampering progression yet, you will be soon if everyone else is out gearing you and your DPS is suffering because of it. I know you have skills, but skill goes only so far - as you know, you gotta have at least something good in the gear department or you're at a wall (a gear wall).

    Anyways, that's my recommendation and I hope that others in your raid understand it's time for Grumpy to get some gear because I KNOW Protector tokens drop from bosses that drop Tier and with your 4pc T18 set you'll be pulling your weight and those of others - trust me. :-)

    1. Something else would need to be done loot wise, I agree, but I do not have the desire nor energy to add any loot type system now.

      Maybe if I am still around running things next expansion (I hope not), then I will start the next expansion with a new loot system. /roll really is the best, but RNG can kill a person, as it did to me.

    2. Welp, then some rule changes to your existing system might be the ticket. I would recommend in your case that you tell people in raid that if they already have Protector Tier, they're not gonna get it on a /roll, it's going to you. They don't need the chance at an upgrade of their existing tier as much as you need it - since you don't have it at all. You're gonna have to get a little greedy at this point.

      If you have new people... they should know while they are trialing, gear is not guaranteed. No reason you should be giving a new recruit gear unless other long time raiders don't need it. Because if they leave or don't work out or whatever, that's just wasted gear. No reason for that.

      Just my 2 cents. :-)

    3. Grumpy, may I suggest our sponsor and their excellent Guild Gear Distribution tool. It doesn't require anything special on your part other than installing the in-game addon (and maybe a premium account with their site). Then set your raid to master looter and it will tell you WHO should get that awesome new item based on what slot it best fills. This works to your favor as it doesn't simply offer replacements based on ilevel or 'I think this has nice stats', but makes suggestions on who on the team would get the most bang-for-the-buck from this item.

      I am sure that your raid team knew you felt this disgruntled about our serious lack of gear drops, they'd be throwing stuff at you to keep you as guild leader.

    4. Agreed! I like Elkagorasa's suggestion. That way there's no question as to who would receive the most benefit from the piece that dropped. I do know AMR has worked with several of the community theory crafting sites (Icy Veins, Elitist Jerks, MMO-Champion, etc.) to ensure their stat priorities are correct for all the classes and specs - so this would actually help everyone in your raid out. :-)

    5. If you haven't already, check your blog's mailbox.. There's an email with details on getting your premium account enabled..

  2. My random bit of info for the day: I've decided to start my free trial for FF14 in September. I have house guests for a week or so to start the month and I'll need something to do to unwind thereafter. I've been reading a lot about the game and the more I read, the more I like the sound of the game. Hoping for the best.

    1. It is very much like warcraft so it will not take much getting used to. It also has a lot of things warcraft is missing, stuff they used to have that some people liked but they removed. So I can surely see how it can woo some people in. If you like the franchise, than bonus points for the game right there. They have a lot of throwbacks to the old games in it. Hope you like it, good luck.

  3. nah, Grumpy made his bed of kimchee and now he is gotta lay in it. That's for all the gnome jokes you made, mu-hahahahaha, bad luck forever!!!!

    Fluffyfists of the Gnome Angels

  4. argh I jus not whot to do with the crazy gnome. She keeps gettin' on GE, sorry, mate


    1. I think fluffy fists has a think for me. That is what it is.

    2. dang it GE, don't encourage her!


  5. -I've been playing The Witcher 3 a lot lately instead of WoW.

    -I still log in every other day or so to do auctions and garrisons, but that's about it.

    -I'm having a ton of fun in TW3, such an awesome game.

    -I've never actually played any of the FF games...

    -I finished the ring so I'm done with LFR other than killing Archimonde (Blizz better put those LFR nerfs in soon...).

    -Nothing much else to talk about so I'll rant about LFR Archimonde for a bit.

    -I attempted it last Wednesday night.

    -Over an hour long queue as dps so not off to a good start...

    -Got into a fresh group.

    -Had two adequately geared tanks and they generally seemed to be OK.

    -The DPS was abysmal though. 3 people doing >20k, the rest doing 16k or less...

    -3 of the healers were ok, pulling over 20k hps.

    -People tried to explain the fight and after about 6 pulls we really started to progress. Part of that was the stacks of determination but part was also people starting to pay attention and kill adds...

    -Our 12th pull was our best, we got to 9%. Yes, 12th pull in LFR...

    -We started having too much churn though so the next two pulls digressed.

    -At this point it had been 2.5hrs and I was exhausted, so I left and went to bed...

    -2.5hrs on one boss in LFR... I've never spent that much time in one sitting wiping to a boss.

    -Even when I did heroic raids in Cata, we'd call it a night after 2 hours of wipes because we'd just start making even more mistakes due to exhaustion.

    -There are way too many mechanics in Archimonde LFR for a random group to handle.

    -Shadowfel Burst is really hard for a random group. Always too many people getting thrown up and then if you try to catch them, you die...

    -Getting a good 5 man group to go into the Nether realm in LFR is absurd. It'd always be a tank and maybe a dps or a healer. The tank has to run out to get the void zone out of the group, but that means they run away from the players who need to go down with them...

    -I'd try to go down each time and keep the tank alive by killing the adds, but then when I got back it was always a clusterfuck in the main area...

    -I don't know how the tanks are supposed to separate the Infernals at the end. There'd be 3 or 4 Infernals and they'd always just wipe out the few remaining players that were still alive.

    -Add on the fire, the pillars, all the crazy adds that need to be priority killed and interrupted, the Chaos beams, the Shackles, etc... it's just a recipe for disaster.

    -Blizz said LFR was supposed to be tourist mode... LFR Archimonde is like a vacation to hell...

    1. 2.5 hours on one boss in LFR is too much. I do not even raid that much on our normal raid nights most times. Maybe once in a blue moon if everyone is on when I start to assemble we might do 2.5 hours and we get down (depending on the raid) 6-10 bosses on normal or heroic in 2.5 hours. And we are not a great guild by any measure. So 2.5 hours in LFR for one boss, +1 hour wait time, it just out of line. A one boss LFR should never be more than 30 minutes and that includes the wait time. Completely out of line. I'd bet it took most guilds less time to down the boss on normal or heroic (depending on what they normally raid) the first time they saw it.

      People said Mano had too many mechanics and archie has 3 times as many. That alone show you that there is something wrong with it for LFR purposes.