Thursday, August 6, 2015

Now We Need A Personal Toy Box

Who here does not love the toy box addition to the game?  If you just said you don't I have to ask, "What the hell, are you crazy?"

The toy box was a great addition to the game.  It freed up countless spaces in my bags and allowed me to throw away countless more items I had kept on alts but now only one character needs to have things to add them and the other can throw them away.

Sure there are some changes I would like to see made to the toy box we already have. 

First of which would be that things that should be considered toys be labeled as toys from the get go.  How many new things were added in T2 that were not labeled as toys to begin with that completely fit the toy design?  A lot.  So I would like them to be a little better at assigning the toy label to items. 

The other thing I would like to see is them give all toys a sell price.  I know it is no big deal but if I got a toy on my hunter and then do the same quest on my druid and pick up the toy I really do hate having to throw it out of my bag and type delete.  The least they can do is give it a 1 copper sell price.  I know, first world problems, but it would be a nice quality of life change to the toys either way.

But that is not what this post is about.  This post is about the toys that are toys but they do not fix in the toy box design because they are "power" items.  Things like the feather.  It gives power to a character so they do not want it shared.  I can understand that.  They do not want my main to run around getting all the things that grant power and my alts taking advantage of it.  As nice as that would be, I can get on board with that and understand their reasoning.

But that is where my personal toy box desire comes in.

I want a second toy box for the toys they do not want us to share like the feather.  That toy box would not be account wide, it would only be for your character and your character alone.

I was looking through my bags the other day crying silently to myself how I have no space.  Then when I thought about it, I have space, lots of it actually, but it is just taken up by this items I carry around "just in case" I might want to use them.  Yes, I know it is a personal problem but quiet down, you will ruin the flow of my idea here.

Things like the dalaran ring, the timeless island trinket, the previously mentioned feather, the master hunter piece from T2, my hearthstone, the garrison hearthstone, the admirals compass, and many items like those that could be considered power items that I can not put in a toy box but could basically be called toys.

I would love a personal toy box for these things, one that is not shared, because they do not want it shared, but one that still takes the stuff out of my bags and frees up space.  I think I counted all these non-toy type toy things and came up with 25 in my bags.  My engineer would have had even more with all the different wormhole generators, jeeves, my mailbox, the two blings and other such power toys.

So you see how much possible bag space they could give us by allowing us to put personal toys in a personal toy box.  Don't get me wrong, I love the shared toy box, it is one of the best additions of warlords, but having a personal toy box to go along with it would be absolute heaven for the bag space situation.

And while we are at the wishful thinking stage, maybe a tabard collection too.  Even if it is not shared, so I could put all my tabards in there including the ones that have uses like the argent tournament one and the stormwind one.  Yeah, that would be pretty cool even if they tied it to the personal toy box.

They have been thinking so much of shared quality of life changes like shared mounts, shared pets and shared toys lately that they forgot that sometimes we still want personal quality of life changes as well and boy oh boy would having a place to stash my hearthstone and other personal goodies fit the bill as an awesome quality of life change.