Sunday, August 9, 2015

I Need to Take Cooking Classes

This post isn't so much about warcraft as it is a post about a blog about warcraft, this one.  Over the course of the years I have had a lot of rude replies from people who had a different opinion than I did about some subject or another.

Some of them I would rather not repeat.  Others were the simple "move out of the basement" insults that people often throw around to make themselves feel better about their own personal situations.  Then there is the "you don't understand because you are an elitist" while in the same post I had someone else tell me "you don't understand because you are a scrub".  How I can be both bad and good is interesting, but actually fits perfectly because I have always called myself the average player.

I've had a fair deal of disagreements over the years and usually they end up with a debate where I am too bullheaded to change my mind and the other person is just the same and we agree to disagree.  Sometimes I have been wrong and admitted it, sometimes I was right and did not gloat.  Either way, it is the conversation that always fueled my passion to respond to the people that post here.  For better or worse, this is a tiny little community of its own here in grumpyland.

Bottom line is that anyone who disagrees with your opinion and does not want to exchange intelligent conversation about it is going to come up with some sort of way to make themselves feel better and usually that is done with an insult.  Insults do not need to be true, they just need to be said in a way that the person intends for them to be hurtful to another.  They throw those insults because for some odd reason me stating an opinion that differs from their own is taken as an insult to them and they feel the need to fire back because my post insulted them by disagreeing with their opinion.

As I am the "grumpy" elf I make it a habit of writing posts that play to my character, grumpy, and as such a lot of those topics end up pissing in someones cheerios.  Like the topics with flying that had a lot of anger flowing in some replies.  So people disagreeing with my opinion is not anything out of the ordinary.

But in all my years of writing this blog, and the many years before it writing other things online, never has anyone said something that actually make me laugh that I am sure was intended to insult me.  I was told I need to take cooking classes because they disagreed with my opinion.  Not exactly sure how "you should take a cooking class" is an insult, but it was funny.

Now please tell me I am not the only one that finds that to be funny?


  1. well, I truly hope anything I have said over the years has not been disrespectful. Sometimes I do throw that "elitist" badge (but you are as you see things from a raiders point of view 99% of the time) out :) And a damned good raider too, I must add. And one of the best players I know, well, read about anyway.

    Between you, Anon your former guild leader, Jaeger, Tig, and a host of others, I can see your viewpoints, and I do learn. Hell, it seems I am having to re-learn every other day, but that is besides the point.

    From the title I thought you were yakking about a super duper new way of leveling one's cooking from 0 to 700

    -roo I can make toast!

    1. Classifications get thrown around all the time. It is almost natural. Anyone more advanced than you is an elitist, anyone less advanced is bad. It is just the nature of the game.

      Cooking, like everything now this expansion, is easy to level. Just get crescent saberfish and go from one to 600 and then mix and match stuff to 700. They ruined all professions this expansion.

  2. Wouldn't have you any other way Grumpy :)

  3. Oh, the community of dungeon finder suprises me each time! I'm the commenter back from the post where you mentioned your old once-raider friend. Due to me playing either tank or healer (I'm a glutton for punishment, obviously.) and being a bit slow, I have received some really spectacular insults ranging from "You tank like a chick." (But... I AM a chick.) to "Go milk a cow." which just left me baffled.

    My favourite one has to be the guy who, after I asked him to please stop pulling everything, told me that my mother's money was well-spent because I sure do speak English better than I tank. Thank you?

    1. I got a laugh out of the "you tank like a chick" one. You should have said, thank you. lol

      Some people come up with weird things intended to insult. Go milk a cow is a good one, that has to be up there with the get cooking lessons for being really confusing.

  4. my things have been like "how in the hell did you get silver", "You suck", and my favorite was "why did you guys rush thru this, you locked out Tamhais who is better than all of us!" (ROTLK, in one of the first dungeons, where you run this long path and when you activate the boss, a web goes up all around, not letting you leave or anyone in) (they all the died so when we did it a 2nd time, I was there and we all lived. go figure)

    1. Have to love those tanks that pull everything super fast and do not let people catch up. When I heal and see a tank like that I tell them, I stop to loot. If you run ahead without me and die, that is your problem, not mine.